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  1. Oak Hill's defacto club basketball team

    I understand where everyone is coming from, but the three kids have lived in the school district for many years. They grew up playing multiple sports with their Oak Hill teammates. Is it "recruitment" when you simply play high school sports in accordance to the IHSAA rules in the community you live in?
  2. CIC Pick Em Championship

    Final standings. Congrats @Gonzoron Gonzoron 77 Old Bruin 76 ED78 75 franktonite4life 74 djbowzz 74 Giantbeareagle80 72 PantherPride 71 Blitzkrieg 70 Indiansfootball2013 61 Jrlittleman 60 RiverRat99 59 CIC Football 59 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 58 ArgyllNation 53
  3. CIC Pick Em Championship

    State Championship Games ***Each game worth 2 points... Pioneer vs. Eastern Greene Woodlan vs. Southridge Evansville Memorial vs. Brebeuf Lowell vs. East Central Columbus East vs. Kokomo Penn vs. Ben Davis Season standings.. Old Bruin 68 ED78 67 Gonzoron 67 franktonite4life 66 PantherPride 65 Giantbeareagle80 64 djbowzz 64 Indiansfootball2013 61 Jrlittleman 60 Blitzkrieg 60 RiverRat99 59 CIC Football 59 ArgyllNation 53 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 48 Bittergymteacher 47
  4. CIC Pick Em Semi-State Week

    Eastern Greene is playing in the 1A Semi-State and isn't involved in a pick em game this week. The pick em game is Southridge vs. Indianapolis Scecina.
  5. CIC Pick Em Semi-State Week

    This week's games..... Woodlan at Eastbrook *CIC Game worth 2 points* Penn at Carmel (6A) Michigan City at Kokomo (5A) Greenwood at East Central (4A) Lowell at Fort Wayne Dwenger (4A) Southridge at Indianpolis Scecina (2A) Season Standings (anyone under 45 points was dropped) Old Bruin 66 ED78 65 PantherPride 63 Gonzoron 63 Giantbeareagle80 62 franktonite4life 62 Indiansfootball2013 61 Jrlittleman 60 djbowzz 60 RiverRat99 59 Blitzkrieg 58 CIC Football 57 ArgyllNation 53 Bittergymteacher 47 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 46
  6. CIC Pick Em Regional Week

    Regional Championship games.... Mississinewa at Greenwood *CIC game, worth 2 points Eastbrook at Lapel *CIC game, worth 2 points Evansville Central at East Central Woodlan at North Newton Southwood at Monroe Central Season leaders through Sectionals (dropped anyone under 40 points) Old Bruin 60 ED78 59 Giantbeareagle80 59 PantherPride 57 Gonzoron 57 franktonite4life 57 Jrlittleman 57 Indiansfootball2013 56 RiverRat99 55 djbowzz 54 Blitzkrieg 53 ArgyllNation 53 CIC Football 52 Bittergymteacher 47 silvertone1696 42 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 40
  7. CIC Sectional Finals

    Pick em games this week Western @ Mississinewa *Worth 2 points Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook *Worth 2 points Jimtown @ Mishawaka Marian (3A) Lapel @ Shenandoah (2A) Monroe Central @ Sheridan (1A)
  8. CIC Pick Em Sectional Championship

    Sectional Championship Week Games Western @ Mississinewa *Worth 2 points Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook *Worth 2 points Jimtown @ Mishawaka Marian (3A) Lapel @ Shenandoah (2A) Monroe Central @ Sheridan (1A) Season Leaders Old Bruin 55 PantherPride 54 Gonzoron 54 ED78 54 franktonite4life 53 Jrlittleman 52 Indiansfootball2013 51 CIC Football 50 RiverRat99 50 Blitzkrieg 48 ArgyllNation 48 djbowzz 48 Giantbeareagle80 45 silvertone1696 42 Bittergymteacher 41 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 37 Olemissdad 36 Fballfan15 36 WCGrad92 32
  9. CIC Sectional Week

    Week 2 Pick em games (be checking the Pick em thread) Marion at Mississinewa * Game of the Week (worth 2 points) Brebeuf Jesuit at Blackford Eastbrook at Rennselaer Central Alexandria at Lapel Shenandoah at Frankton Pendleton Heights at Western
  10. CIC Sectional Week 2

    Week 2 games..... Marion at Mississinewa * Game of the Week (worth 2 points) Brebeuf Jesuit at Blackford Eastbrook at Rennselaer Central Alexandria at Lapel Shenandoah at Frankton Pendleton Heights at Western Season standings... PantherPride 49 Old Bruin 48 Gonzoron 48 franktonite4life 47 ED78 47 Jrlittleman 47 CIC Football 45 Indiansfootball2013 45 Blitzkrieg 43 ArgyllNation 43 RiverRat99 43 djbowzz 42 silvertone1696 42 Giantbeareagle80 42 Bittergymteacher 37 Olemissdad 36 Fballfan15 36 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 33 WCGrad92 32
  11. CIC Sectional Round 1

    FYI that the pick'em will continue throughout the playoffs with a minimum of 6 games to pick each round.
  12. CIC Sectional Round 1

    Sectional Round 1 Games.... Alexandria at Elwood ** Game of the week, worth 2 points Mississinewa at Frankfort Blackford at Northwestern Eastbrook at Eastern (Greentown) Oak Hill at Delphi Frankton at Madison-Grant Standings through Week 9.... PantherPride 43 Old Bruin 43 Gonzoron 42 franktonite4life 41 ED78 41 CIC Football 41 Jrlittleman 41 Blitzkrieg 39 Indiansfootball2013 38 ArgyllNation 37 RiverRat99 37 djbowzz 36 silvertone1696 36 Giantbeareagle80 36 Olemissdad 36 Fballfan15 32 WCGrad92 32 Bittergymteacher 31 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 30
  13. CIC Week 9

    Week 9 Games.... Oak Hill at Frankton **Game of the week (worth 2 points) Eastbrook at Blackford Elwood at Madison Grant Mississinewa at Alexandria Standings through Week 8.... PantherPride 38 Old Bruin 38 Gonzoron 37 franktonite4life 36 ED78 36 djbowzz 36 CIC Football 36 Jrlittleman 36 Blitzkrieg 34 ArgyllNation 33 Indiansfootball2013 33 silvertone1696 33 Fballfan15 32 WCGrad92 32 RiverRat99 32 Giantbeareagle80 31 Olemissdad 31 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 27 Bittergymteacher 26 halfbackpass 22
  14. CIC WEEK 8

    Eastbrook showed they are solid in week 1, not for the first time against Alex. How would you have called the offense differently for Alex? So your saying that the two teams have similar talent, but the difference was the coaching and players feelings?
  15. CIC WEEK 8

    They've won one conference championship over the past few decades and you're ready to success-factor them to a different conference?