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  1. It's amazing, playing man-to-man with kids, how many things slip through the seams just like you are playing zone.
  2. 40-Second Play Clock

    As a fan, I loved it and noticed it ... probably though because I was aware of it and looking for the possible changes. I could see the argument from a cost perspective of adopting it, but from a purely function aspect to the game, I like it. Wouldn't that impact your JV quarters?
  3. Peebles to Cathedral

    So is "excrement."
  4. Peebles to Cathedral

    I'm going to have to call BS on you here. Your quote was: Peebles has a reputation as a builder. There's nothing to build at Cathedral. It's a maintenance job at best. I am sure he will do well, but there were greater rewards and more personal satisfaction to be gained by seeing the job thru at Lawrence Central. I feel bad for those LC people. They've been jilted, after making a major investment. Rightfully, they escorted him off the premises immediately after he delivered the news. Now, maybe you "jumped to a conclusion" and hit post before inserting the words, "In my opinion" or perhaps inserting the words "should have" in front of "escorted", but you didn't.
  5. 2017 1A All-State

    Needs to be one of these added to the up/down votes:
  6. I could see some drawbacks. Whoop!
  7. Peebles to Cathedral

    Will you please make up your mind? In one of your threads you are insinuating that: 1. PP Coaching Jobs Major exodus over the past few seasons, including both retirements and PP coaches leaving for Public jobs. Is it the perceived bias of the Success Factor? Low pay? Declining numbers? Poor facilities? Diocesen financial woes? A combination of all? Not a good trend for the future of PP high school football. 5. PP Hegemony Only 1 state champ in 2017. Coaches leaving by the bundle. Numbers declining. Bobby Cox's Success Factor has put a governor on the PP engine. Are the PP Glory Days over in Indiana? And now, Cathedral is the "easy" state championship? State championships are accomplishments in and of themselves no matter where they come from. That's why there's only one in each class each year. Coach Peebles doesn't even have his first at Cathedral and you've already taken to seeing if you can make it less of an accomplishment than it would be. As for maintaining legacy, my guess is that PLENTY of the Cathedral coaches will tell you that maintaining Cathedral's legacy is no cakewalk, so I don't see Peebles as "hiding" or "vacationing" at Cathedral. Good luck Coach Peebles!
  8. "I'd got to a banquet in honor of those Somali pirates if they served bacon-wrapped shrimp." ... Can't argue with the man.
  9. DRINK! ... Oh, nevermind, it's not OOB.

    A win is a win ... no points for being pretty. Anyway, how can you argue with four Caddies? Especially from the man who'd just as soon pick against his own team as he would steal a Wagonmaster out of a starving kid's mouth.
  11. Agreed. I ended up watching four, or parts of four, of the games in total. Three on Friday and then the last half of Ben Davis-Penn. Saturday was consumed with Purdue-IU and some of the other college games. Really only had a true interest in the Pioneer game as I wanted to see Kiser's performance again ... but still ended up watching a total of three and a half games. If it wasn't for the TV component, I would have likely read about it in the paper the next day, but there's certainly not antipathy towards football on my part. I coach it, my son plays it, I go to the home games of the local high school team to watch the kids that I've coached, and I'm typically camped out on Saturdays flipping from game to game to game. Not as big a fan of NFL ball, but that's been for a while as I've found much more involvement in youth/high school ball and college ball. Right, wrong, or otherwise, there's a "purism" that I find in watching those levels of play. Like you, I'd be VERY interested in what the online/TV viewership is ... not just for the finals, but also for regular season games. The fact that weekly during the season here on GID, one of the biggest questions on Thursday and early Friday is, "Anyone know if this game is going to be streamed?" suggests that looking at the fans in the stands is not necessarily a way of determining total interest. Another phenomena that I've also noticed in the stands is folks on their mobile devices at one high school game tuned in to another high school game while they are watching a game live.
  12. I can't speak for the rest of the NCC ... maybe there are some folks on here who can speak to the impact/influence/welcoming of the Lafayette Big Three into that conference. I haven't heard any complaints from the Big Three side about travel, etc. Heck, when you get shots to pick up additional wins when you used to have few, my guess is that the miles are easier to take. In terms of rivalries, I think the Big Three still tend to "rival" amongst each other more than with the rest of the conference at this point. That might change given that Kokomo knocked out McCutcheon and Harrison in back-to-back weeks in sectionals after both of those teams had beaten Kokomo in the regular season by two or more TDs.
  13. Energy's been here even a few years back ... what's lacked on some fronts has been focus and notice ... the Big Three move to the NCC from HCC has helped with both.
  14. Most folks mistakenly believe that playing indoors means "playing easy." Folks always seemed to be surprised by the amount of cramping in LOS that takes place during high school games there. Experience, especially for teams that have been there more than a couple of times, weighs heavy in the scales.