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  1. Jeff's looking better the past couple of seasons than they have in the past decade or so, but West Lafayette is just on a different level right now with all cylinders clicking the past couple of years. The answer on Jeff will be based on how they perform against Western this week and McCutcheon the following. Also, West Lafayette plays McCutcheon this weekend, so it will be a nice additional data point for analysis.
  2. I don't believe that they are a by-product and again, the numbers, outside of one weekend, don't support the premise that you are putting forth. Let me ask it a different way, how can an upsurge in poor coaching be leading to the shutouts when the average number of shutouts in the time when there's been this increase in poor coaching has been going down? There may well be poor coaching, but the topic of shutouts and poor coaching isn't anywhere close to causation. If there was, then the last seven years should be higher than the 24 year average ... and it isn't. There are shutouts and there's poor coaching, but the two are not heavily tied to each other. Correlation does not specifically indicate causation ... and in this case, there isn't really any correlation. Also, with regard to numbers and poor teams, there were certainly some poor teams that got shut out this past weekend. There were also, in that mix, almost a third of the teams that had tied or winning seasons in at least one of the last two seasons, including two LOS participants from last season and a former state champion from four years ago.
  3. No the numbers don't tell the whole story, but you have alluded to the idea that, because of massive turnover, there are a lot of people running around that don't know what they are doing and, when that occurs on the offensive side of the ball it contributes greatly to shutouts because defensive coaching is easy in high school ball ... your sentiment, not mine. All I did was point out that if all of this turnover produces all of these folks who don't know what they are doing, it is not upheld by the average number of shutouts as the average number of shutouts in the past seven years, which would be two of your turnover cycles, is less than it was in the late 20th century and early 21st century and is lower than the average over the past 24 years.
  4. For his lunch? He's on the wrestling team.
  5. The numbers say you are wrong. From the history of the data about the shutout issue as tied to turnover and folks not knowing what they are doing. Looking at the whole set of data provided, back to 1994, the average number of shutouts is 28.68 per year. The average for the 2015-2017 seasons, plus the first weekend of 2018 is 27.21 per year. Take it back to 2011, through this past weekend, and you find that the average annual shutouts drop to 25.8. Now compare that to the first 10 years of this century, 2001-2010 and you see that the average shutouts per year was 29.39. Take it back to the start of the dataset through the end of the 20th century, 1994-2000, and you see that the annual shutout rate was 30.73. The last seven years plus one weekend have produced the lowest average shutout rate across the datapoints. Apparently all those guys on offense who have no clue what they are doing, which represents two of those drastic turnover periods that you state, are doing a better job against all of those "charlatans" coaching defense.
  6. There were 165 games played this weekend ... six were played on Saturday. If the idea is that teams that are bad leave and the 159 reflects the idea of contraction ... which it actually doesn't seem to given the sample size and potential variance along with Saturday's schedule, then wouldn't the numbers bear out LESS shutouts with more bad teams gone and better supposed competition? ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
  7. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 2

    1 Point Games Elwood @ Tipton Guerin Catholic @ Lafayette Central Catholic Hamilton Heights @ North Montgomery Lafayette Jeff @ Western Maconoquah @ Lewis Cass 2 Point Games Seeger @ Benton Central Twin Lakes @ Northwestern Carroll @ Delphi Attica @ Clinton Prairie North Newton @ Rensselaer 3 Point Games West Lafayette @ McCutcheon
  8. Last season, their 5th/6th grade team disbanded in mid-season due to numbers/injuries. Some of the kids finished out the season playing on the Klondike team in Little Gridiron that feeds into Harrison. This season, they didn't get enough numbers to field a 3rd/4th grade team although they will have a 5th/6th grade team. Apparently someone started a fall baseball program in the area and it drew too many kids away from football to be able to field a 3rd/4th team.
  9. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em

    Just baiting you Coach. Waiting for you to let your guard down in Week 5.
  10. IndyStar is running a 3-month for $3 special online right now. You can get a month of Sunday/Thursday for under $5 online. In a slightly different vein, being a Booster might give the idea more consideration.
  11. Adams has to get the Iron Man Award for the state this week. On cramped legs, scrambles at the end of the game to make it a two-score game. WL looks good to maybe return to LOS out of the north. Really gritty performance by the defense to keep them in this game until they could will themselves into a lead and then turn back any attempt to regain the lead by Jeff. Saw a score on MaxPreps of Tri-West 31 - LCC 28 Friday Night Frenzy reported the score as 27-24. I'd like to see some highlights as I ended up staying home tonight, but looks like LCC is not planning to let last season linger.
  12. Week 1 Scores

    West Lafayette in victory formation ... going to take the game from Lafayette Jeff. Teams on the field now shaking hands with 20 seconds left. West Lafayette 38 - Lafayette Jeff 29 ... final Haven't verified this yet, but looks like 1A LCC drops its opener against 3A Tri-West 31-28. WLFI Friday Night Frenzy reports LCC dropping the opener 27-24.
  13. Week 1 Scores

    Could be the defining moment ... WL recovers a Jeff fumble inside Jeff territory with 4:37 left in 4Q and a 38-29 lead.
  14. Week 1 Scores

    Adams, in and out with cramps, flushed out of the pocket and rambles for a TD and collapses into the endzone with cramps. Limps off of field from opposite side. Backup hold retrieves a low snap and WL gets the PAT. West Lafayette 38 - Lafayette Jeff 29 with 5:00 left in 4Q.
  15. Week 1 Scores

    You know it's a physically tough game when there's a timeout for referee cramping. Still 31-29 West Lafayette over Jeff with 6:08 left in 4Q.
  16. Week 1 Scores

    West Lafayette takes the lead on a 36-yard field goal. West Lafayette 31 - Lafayette Jeff 29 WL QB Adams should get Iron Man award for coming in and out with cramps to spur the team on.
  17. Week 1 Scores

    West Lafayette answer back strong. Scores with starting QB, Adams, on the sideline stretching out cramps. Lafayette Jeff 29 - West Lafayette 28 ... 3:15 left in 3Q
  18. Week 1 Scores

    Lafayette Jeff 29 - West Lafayette 21 5:58 left in 3Q
  19. Week 1 Scores

    Lafayette Jeff 22 - West Lafayette 21 at the half
  20. Of interest though, in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area is that the public schools with less middle schools / junior highs tend to have the stronger football teams or, tend to be no worse than those with more. 6A Jeff just has the one intermediate school, Tecumseh. 5A McCutcheon and 5A Harrison both have three middle schools each. 3A West Lafayette only has the one junior high. On the p/p side, 1A LCC has the single junior high. 1A Faith Christian also has a single 6/7/8 option, but doesn't field a football team.
  21. That suggests a net loss in existing kids or in the incoming freshman class since the numbers from last year showed roughly 208 with the 8th grade class, this year's 9th grade class, at around 57. If the high school has less than 200 now, that's a net drop of over 12% from last year.
  22. https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/enrollment.aspx?type=school&id=9137 Assuming a 50/50 split, last year, they would have had the following: 9th - 28.5 10th - 27.5 11th - 27 12th - 21 They've had girls that have played in their youth football program, but I'm not sure if any have/will continue through to the high school level.
  23. Hammond Bishop Noll

    Plenary indulgences?
  24. I would too. My son's first sport was soccer when he was roughly four or five years old. He switched over to football when he was in 3rd grade and played football over soccer for the last four seasons. We only let our kids play one sport at a time so that they aren't robbing Peter to pay Paul and dropping the ball on one or both teams. This season, in 7th grade, he's going back to soccer instead of football, although when he gets the chance, he comes out and helps with coaching youth football. As to your assertion that teams with basketball possibly getting more focus, does basketball get that much negative impact from soccer? Would switching soccer in the spring possibly have a similar impact on baseball if it has a negative impact on basketball?