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  1. Here's one that pretty traditionalist from 30+ years ago and has, as head coaches Ditka and Stallings.
  2. Fake Kneeldown

    Does this fall into that category of intentionally deceptive plays, assuming the QB tells the ref that they are taking a knee? The whole idea of TELLING the ref you are taking a knee seems to be to avoid the kind of unnecessary injuries that come in at the end of the game/half.
  3. I think Thieneman also has a younger brother who also went to Guerin who plays for Purdue too ... I think he plays safety as well.
  4. When I played ball back in the 70s, I recall that our warmups had six neck-focus exercises ... rolls to the left and right for general loosening and then forward neck rocks, back neck rocks, and left-side/right-side resistance against a teammates knee for strengthening. Don't see that much attention paid to necks like back then except for the neck rolls for stretching.
  5. Merry Christmas

    Play this scene for my kids every Christmas when they come down the stairs and before they open gifts. The oldest is now 19 and she still looks forward to this scene to kick off Christmas morning. May peace be with all at this time of the year and in the next.
  6. Not to Pretty cool for the city to do this.
  7. Has something changed? When the 2017 game was announced back in 2016, it was announced as a four-game series. http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/high-school/2016/09/07/central-catholic-jeff-start-football-series/89950766/
  8. 6A and three competitive 3As likely in the first month? New coach is gonna have his work cut out for him.
  9. Thought this was odd: CLASS SECTIONAL JOHN HARRELL'S INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RECENT SEASONS 1A 42 E-MAIL CORRECTIONS MAP TO SCHOOL 0-0 TOURNAMENT HISTORY LAFAYETTE CENTRAL CATHOLIC KNIGHTS Coach: , 0-0 in 1st year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Sep. 7 at West Lafayette {3A}� 7:30 pm Sep. 21 Rensselaer Central {2A}� 8:00 pm �HOOSIER CONFERENCE GAME Typically, LCC has played WL at the end of the season or close to the very end. Going to come really early in 2018. With Jeff and Guerin at the front of the season, most likely, LCC will end up with a very tough front end again.
  10. Saw this article in Sports Illustrated. Of interest are the discussions about other reduction injuries such as helmet to knee, etc. https://www.si.com/edge/2016/08/30/guardian-cap-helmet-protection-football-georgia-tech-georgia-state-tennessee
  11. Looks like NFHS said that it would permit the use.
  12. 2018 1A

    LCC's probably a few years out from being back in the mix for outright taking 1A north, but they will still be someone to watch who'll be capable of ending a team's season come tourney time. Next year's freshman class is a bit small ... size and numbers as is next year's 8th grade. Plenty of talent lost this season, but still some good talent will be around next season including Dienhart, Schwartz, Schrader, Roach, Kennedy, Rogers, and Suppinger. Up and comers to watch will be Hensley, Joyce, and Puskar. LCC will also be looking for a kicker. The last three have come from other sports ... Bouggy from tennis and Millazzo and Taylor from soccer. Soccer team finished with back-to-back sectional titles the past two years, so I'm sure there's a good leg over there somewhere. Next year's 7th grade class looks strong ... size and numbers. Decent building foundation coming through. Trick in the short-term, and long-term, will be picking up a coach that buys in and motivates. The right coach could certainly speed things up a bit.
  13. Is it something tied to the economies of scale or something beyond that? I was at Jeff's open house for incoming freshman last night and the principal mentioned that the experience at Jeff offered things that only Jeff could offer of the area's schools. I got the impression that he wasn't doing it from a "we're like a family" qualitative standpoint, but that he was talking very quantitative types of things. As an example, they teach Japanese, Chinese, and Russian in their foreign language curriculum in addition to the more traditional offerings of French, Spanish, and German. I will probably follow up with the principal at a later time to get clarification, but I found it to be an interesting statement, especially if it's quantitative as opposed to "touchy feely" since the Lafayette area also has, in addition to 6A Jeff, two 5A schools, McCutcheon and Harrison and I'd be interested what's driving that specific idea of the only place to get the experiences if he was indeed referring to quantitative aspects.
  14. That's how you take steps to make it happen!
  15. It's amazing, playing man-to-man with kids, how many things slip through the seams just like you are playing zone.
  16. 40-Second Play Clock

    As a fan, I loved it and noticed it ... probably though because I was aware of it and looking for the possible changes. I could see the argument from a cost perspective of adopting it, but from a purely function aspect to the game, I like it. Wouldn't that impact your JV quarters?
  17. Peebles to Cathedral

    So is "excrement."
  18. Peebles to Cathedral

    I'm going to have to call BS on you here. Your quote was: Peebles has a reputation as a builder. There's nothing to build at Cathedral. It's a maintenance job at best. I am sure he will do well, but there were greater rewards and more personal satisfaction to be gained by seeing the job thru at Lawrence Central. I feel bad for those LC people. They've been jilted, after making a major investment. Rightfully, they escorted him off the premises immediately after he delivered the news. Now, maybe you "jumped to a conclusion" and hit post before inserting the words, "In my opinion" or perhaps inserting the words "should have" in front of "escorted", but you didn't.
  19. 2017 1A All-State

    Needs to be one of these added to the up/down votes:
  20. I could see some drawbacks. Whoop!
  21. Peebles to Cathedral

    Will you please make up your mind? In one of your threads you are insinuating that: 1. PP Coaching Jobs Major exodus over the past few seasons, including both retirements and PP coaches leaving for Public jobs. Is it the perceived bias of the Success Factor? Low pay? Declining numbers? Poor facilities? Diocesen financial woes? A combination of all? Not a good trend for the future of PP high school football. 5. PP Hegemony Only 1 state champ in 2017. Coaches leaving by the bundle. Numbers declining. Bobby Cox's Success Factor has put a governor on the PP engine. Are the PP Glory Days over in Indiana? And now, Cathedral is the "easy" state championship? State championships are accomplishments in and of themselves no matter where they come from. That's why there's only one in each class each year. Coach Peebles doesn't even have his first at Cathedral and you've already taken to seeing if you can make it less of an accomplishment than it would be. As for maintaining legacy, my guess is that PLENTY of the Cathedral coaches will tell you that maintaining Cathedral's legacy is no cakewalk, so I don't see Peebles as "hiding" or "vacationing" at Cathedral. Good luck Coach Peebles!
  22. "I'd got to a banquet in honor of those Somali pirates if they served bacon-wrapped shrimp." ... Can't argue with the man.
  23. DRINK! ... Oh, nevermind, it's not OOB.