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  1. School Fight Songs

    I think my alma mater's ... Cypress Creek in Houston ... is original; however, I don't think we actually had one for almost two decades. We were a brand new school and I don't recall a fight song during the first four years of the school. Found a copy of the sheet music online and it shows a 1996 copyright. The school was founded in 1977 as the third high school in the Cypress-Fairbanks School District, which currently has 13 high schools, and filled with just 8th, 9th, and 10th grade its first year. The school did have an alma mater, "Blue and Silver Years," from the launching of the school.
  2. A little grist for the mill: https://www.cleveland.com/datacentral/index.ssf/2016/09/which_states_produce_the_most.html In 2016, Indiana ranked 24th, tied with Oklahoma, for high school players in the pros. Minnesota was ranked 22rd, Maryland was ranked 17th, and Massachusetts was ranked 37th. From your above post: Jeff football is in a better place now, and the success at Purdue has put wind in the football sails of the entire Lafayette metro area. I am keeping up ... you just seem to have trouble remembering what side of the argument you tend to be on.
  3. Yet, according to one of your posts in another thread, Purdue's recent upswing performance is responsible for the increased performance in Lafayette-area programs. Kind of starting to get whiplash trying to keep up with the directional changes.
  4. Unfortunately, there was a lot of hype surrounding them, but most are starting to come back down to Earth as they understand what the research concepts are grounded in.
  5. Yes, everyone in Lafayette and most of the state knows that with regard to the Big 3. Why did you originally try to tag it to Purdue's recent success?
  6. In general yes, but Purdue's success in 2017 wouldn't be seen in the local schools until AFTER the 2017 season. So Jeff's recent success has nothing to do with Purdue did in the 2017 season. Also, the Greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area has done well over the past decade while Purdue hasn't. 2008 - Purdue goes 4-8. West Lafayette goes 11-1 dropping a sectional championship to Yorktown. LCC goes 9-2 dropping a 6-point decision to eventual state runner-up Sheridan. 2009 - Purdue goes 5-7. West Lafayette goes 15-0 en route to a blue ring. LCC goes 14-0 en route to a blue ring and the start of a 4-peat run. 2010 - Purdue goes 4-8. West Lafayette goes 10-4 with a regional loss. LCC goes undefeated en route to another blue ring. 2011 - Purdue puts up a winning season, 7-6 and wins the Little Caesar's Bowl beating perennial power Western Michigan. West Lafayette goes 11-2 losing in semi-state to red ring St. Joe SB. LCC finishes its third consecutive season undefeated en route to another blue ring. 2012 - Purdue returns to losing seasons 6-7 and blown out in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. West Lafayette struggles at 6-4 while LCC posts a 14-1 season en route to completing its four-peat run at LaRocca South. 2013 - Purdue goes 1-11. LCC enters 2A play going 9-2 and losing a sectional to eventual 2A runner-up Tipton. West Lafayette goes 12-2 dropping semi-state to Andrean. 2014 - Purdue goes 3-9. West Lafayette goes 7-3 while LCC goes 10-4 in 2A dropping a pair to eventual 2A state champ RCHS. 2015 - Purdue goes 2-10. West Lafayette (13-2) and LCC (15-0) share a bus down to LOS. LCC returns with blue rings and WL returns with red. 2016 - Purdue goes 3-9. West Lafayette goes 10-3 with a regional loss. LCC goes 12-1 dropping a 1-point decision to eventual state runner-up Pioneer. 2017 - Purdue goes 7-6 with a win in the Foster Farms Bowl over Arizona. West Lafayette goes 12-2 with a regional loss while LCC is knee-capped at 4-8. LCC and West Lafayette combine for seven trips to LOS during the decade with six blue rings. For comparison to Purdue, the other three Lafayette schools posted W/L/T records of: Jeff - 4 winning, 6 losing. Best finish was making it to second sectional. Harrison - 3 winning, 6 losing, 1 tie. Best finish was making it to third game of sections. McCutcheon - 4 winning, 6 losing. Best finish was making it to third game of sections. In essence, all of the Lafayette schools have had a better winning/losing season records than Purdue ... 2-8 ... has over the past decade. Yes, having a winning Purdue program certainly can add to the success of the local teams, but the last decade shows that the Lafayette-area schools have done OK without that rising tide floating the boats. And, even if the rising tide contributes, again, the EARLIEST that Purdue's newly-found winning ways would be seen in influence MIGHT be the 2018 season. Time zone probably wouldn't be much of an issue. RCHS and @Coach Nowlin handle it without any problem in the Hoosier Conference. Speaking of RCHS and the HC, I think you'd be hard-pressed to convince RCHS to bolt the HC. They've had pretty good success and a nice mix of teams to play to get them ready for post season.
  7. I was reading a great book on the principles of gravity the other day. I kept putting it down ... pretty heavy concepts man.
  8. Coaching changes

    I'm pretty sure they did given that Jeff's coach is coming from Bryant High in Alabama. That's one heck of a commute if they didn't.
  9. Can't help you with the brain hemorrhage, but this'll help with the kidney stones.
  10. Classic Muda ... no one said that they are equal. You argued that the BSA involvement didn't have risks that could be persistent years into the future and I merely pointed out that your reasoning was incomplete. Sure, you can talk about all of those things if you wish. As many on this board have pointed out risk is everywhere in all things ... from going to school, to going to church, to being coached in sports, to driving cars, and just about everything else. Also, as others have pointed out, it's a question of measuring and looking at those.
  11. I would venture a guess that some of the Scouts involved in the sex abuse scandals might take issue with that line of reasoning.
  12. Have always been surprised during football season by the number of kids that end up missing games based on injury/illness not related to the sport. Have lost more kids to injuries at school and home than the field. Most unique one that I recall was a kid playing Frisbee with his brother with a paint can lid ... sliced his forehead open and couldn't wear a helmet until the stitches healed. Had another one that didn't result in the kid not being able to play, but one day a kid came to practice with bruises that we know didn't come from practice. We asked him what happened and he said his older brother had his girlfriend over and the little brother was hiding under the table while they were making out. His older brother caught him.
  13. Where's 09er when you need him? Lord, I apologize for that.
  14. Because high school transfers are supposed to be for non-athletic reasons?
  15. Could potentially also put the school in a deeper liability position.
  16. Need to head over and visit the soccer team again ... maybe tennis.
  17. In baseball, they hold a 14-5 edge against HHC teams for the past three seasons, so there's a benefit there ... not surprising as Delphi has tended to be stronger in baseball. By contrast, they have a 6-12 deficit in men's basketball across the same three years. Like baseball, women's basketball is a bright spot with a 15-5 split. Softball also provides a better outlook at 11-7 vs. HHC in last three seasons. Volleyball struggles heavily at 3-21 vs. HHC. Men's soccer is 6-5-3 and women's clocks in at 2-6-1.
  18. Delphi is 2-6 in three seasons against HHC football and 1-5 for the last two seasons. Games played so far were against Carroll, Tri-Central, Tri-County, Clinton Prairie, and Taylor.
  19. Well at least the tennis courts are playable. Lord, I apologize for that.
  20. Competitive Drills

    We kind of temper it based on the kid. Some kids can handle it without any problem, while others might get down on themselves. For the kids that might get down on themselves, we ask them to "self evaluate." It might be something like, "You were winning that battle, but then what did you forget to do?" And the kid will often know or at least guess somewhere in the right ballpark ... "I forgot to keep my legs moving" or "Instead of short, choppy steps I tried to do long strides" or "I didn't get out low enough." We will sometimes word it differently ... instead of saying something like, "What did Jimmy do wrong?" we might word it as "How could Jimmy have done better?" ... or "What's one thing that Jimmy did well and how could he get better?" It takes a bit more to read the kids, but different kids respond differently and that ability to click with a kid is often worth figuring out what motivates him/her.
  21. Competitive Drills

    We do chute drills for competition with the kids. We also do some team relay drills for handoffs too. I like those ideas of having the kids call out their peers on technique, stance, etc. We do that with the chute drills and often ask "Why did Player X win that matchup even though he's smaller than Player Y?" Hearing the kids talk about things like good stances lead to being the first one off the ball or getting low and under the pads or kept the feet moving or he just had more heart are so much more effective than them listening to me saying it. I hope more folks weigh in as I'm getting some good ideas to try to make practice much more exciting for the kids.
  22. Wish the same thing could be said about young kids. My oldest son is soon to be twelve and has been outside playing hard with his friends. He gets inside and that "boy smell" is quite pronounced when he "thaws out." I'm quite dreading his high school sports years. May just have to burn the house and move.