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  1. 1A South Semi-state Eastern Greene @ Indy Lutheran

    Kiser is only a JR.
  2. Regional scores

    Monroe Central 28 Southwood 21 Final
  3. Regional scores

    Southwood Vs Monroe Central update?
  4. Game broadcasts 2017

    Any listing for tonight?
  5. Week 8 scores

    Pioneer 48 Culver 7 3min Left 3Q
  6. Week 8 scores

    Lafayette Jeff 44 Logansport 0 Halftime
  7. Week #6 Scores

    Pioneer 62 Triton 8 Final Unofficial Radio stats: Total yards Pioneer:564 Triton: 197 Rushing yards Pioneer:29 carries 525yds (9 ball carriers) Triton: 27 carries 99yds Passing yards Pioneer: 39yds Triton:98yds
  8. Week #6 Scores

    Pioneer 62 Triton 8 5:22 Remaining
  9. Week #6 Scores

    Yep. Gave up a TD pass with abt 8 min left in the 2nd. Not sure exactly how close they were. But I know they had driven somewhere inside The Pioneer 30. Radio broadcast is pretty iffy.
  10. Week #6 Scores

    Pioneer 48 Triton 8 Halftime
  11. * Week Four Scores *

    Final North Miami 38 Southwood 26
  12. * Week Four Scores *

    Final Pioneer 62 Caston 0
  13. HNAC Week #5 Picks

    More than likely they are probably 3rd in the Conference. Winamac, whom they play Fri. is likely battling them for that 3rd place spot. NJ has yet to play the 2 I would place above them.
  14. HNAC Week #5 Picks

    Simply acknowledging the quality, or how one team compares to another is hardly insulting (unless you MAKE IT insulting). Do I think Pioneer is a better quality team than Laville or North Judson? Yes, I do. Doesn't mean however that NJ is of NO QUALITY, which I feel like you were implying. If you ask me, being top 3 in the HNAC will almost always put you in the top half of 1A. So lighten up big man. The Jays are 4-0, and people are starting to notice.
  15. * Week Four Scores/Highlights *

    Pioneer 70 Caston 0 Final.