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  1. IHSAA deems field unplayable

    Who staffs these venues?
  2. Arctic Blast on Friday

    Agree, football is better when there is s chill in the air.
  3. Some cold air moving in. Just in time for regionals.
  4. I don't know about this. Skyrat is very blunt. He gets right to the point, if he see's something he doesn't like he will call it out. He will also praise his team when praise is earned. Jimtown is not living up to his past, he doesn't lie what is happening, he is critical. I can not fault the guy.
  5. Sounds like a similar summary of Bremen. My complaint is that we try to run an offense that doesn't fit the talent that we had. Bremen put a lot of pressure on a 1st year quarterback. We had a team that was more geared toward running the ball, and at times we just abandoned it.
  6. Best Fan base on GID: GIBSON SOUTHERN

    Just got internet down there? I kid I kid. All are welcome.
  7. If a coach is not up to par, and is a hindrance to the program, he or she should be asked to step down.
  8. Sectional 41- HNAC Best of the Rest

    I think Triton is going to be a bit much for LV. There offense is clicking. I am impressed though with the young talent for LV, I figured they would take a few steps back with what that graduated. The young guys stepped in nicely and have improved as the year went on. Both teams have great coaching staffs, I was really impressed with the way Coach Brown demands excellence from his players. It was evident from watching his staff on the sidelines against Bremen. (I watched on youtube). Both programs long strong going forward.
  9. Sectional 41- HNAC Best of the Rest

    Hell of some games for you guys. Tough loss Knox, you guys have good coach. I expect good things from the Redskins going forward. Heck of a comeback by LV, those are the games you talk about in 40 years with your Grandkids. Triton, tip my cap. Pioneer, another step up the ladder.
  10. Post Your Scores Sectionals Rd2

    Triton 48 Winamac 29 F Southwood 51 Eastside 19 F
  11. Post Your Scores Sectionals Rd2

    Penn 13 Valpo 0 F LaPorte 40 Adams 19 F
  12. Post Your Scores Sectionals Rd2

    New Prairie 42 Mishawaka 21 F
  13. Post Your Scores Sectionals Rd2

    Triton 48 Winamac 29 -------- Marian 17 Knox 13 F