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  1. Clinton Prairie's Michael Clevenger will be taking over Shelbyville Football after the retirement of Pat Parks. http://www.shelbynews.com/sports/sports.php?ID=1394
  2. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    I would be surprised if they did not get out of their sectional. They were a Junior/Sophomore heavy team. They play Center Grove early next year and that game will be very telling on where they stand. I have a hard time doubting a Coach Ralph led team in any game.
  3. Indiana Crossroads Conference State Finals

    Ben Davis Columbus East Lowell Brebeuf Jesuit Southridge Pioneer
  4. After 23 years with Shelbyville High School, Pat Parks is stepping down. Awesome guy, great coach and mentor. Good luck with what's next, coach!
  5. Southridge at Nap Town Scecina

    Their OC of the past, Kyle Padgett, has taken a 1-10 Centerville team to 8-3 in just 2 years. I don't think 1 coach has made that much of a difference quite honestly. Having played them twice.... their offense is pretty easy to predict and adjust to. Heavy tendencies based on formations. The Ritter of this year was certainly not the Ritter of last year. Scecina is just solid. They are not flashy, while they are certainly talented they are not heads and shoulders above in talent a la Cathedral, they do not have a fancy offensive/defensive scheme. They are just a very solid ball club that does not make very many mistakes. They do the small things it requires to win games. Any lack of execution you have, they will exploit.
  6. Indiana Crossroads Conference Regional Championship Rd

    Scecina Lutheran
  7. 5A - 2017

    Seriously doubt they would. They dressed less than 50 kids friday night, while Zionsville had over 100 kids on their roster. Playing teams that platoon is a fairly big disadvantage to a team that plays 3-ways. Coach Ralph and his crew certainly arent afraid to play anyone, but I have a hard time seeing them stay up in 5a.
  8. As far as this game is concerned, I haven't seen much of WeBo, but from what I have heard and observed from a far they seem like a solid team. What type of offense do they run? What are their strengths/weaknesses on defense? Scecina has the ability to play and win both a track meet and slug it out physical type of game. Their QB is accurate and is able to find wide receivers. #4 is a stud WR and WeBo will need to be aware of where he is at all times. Their run game features a lot of straight ahead iso out of the I. They do have quite a few strong tendecies on O, but their kids go out and execute. The key to their success is that they can be patient, and don't try to go for the homerun every play. Defensively, they have a ton of team speed. They swarm to the ball and are very disciplined in their approach. They primarily are in a 4-front, but can shift into a 5-2 look in short yardage situations. The kids play well as a unit, communicate, and prevent big plays. Will be a great game to watch IMO.
  9. We play in a conference with 4 P/P, Lutheran, Park Tudor, Ritter, and Scecina. It has forced us to step up our game in order to compete at that level and we have done just that. WIth the voucher system, I have no issues with kids playing where they want. The "recruiting" excuse is just that. An excuse, and a bad one at that. No one seems to care or talk about the p/p debate until they win something. Sure, Scecina has talent, but they are a well coached ball club who plays hard and minimizes mistakes. They don't turn the ball over often, have very few penalties, and do a lot of the intangibles that lead to a winning season. I would like to think we challenged them last night, losing a game 14-0 to them, and we were without 3 key starters on both sides of the ball. I think any team they play the rest of the tourney will present plenty of challenges for them. They may be the favorite to win state, but I can make the case why that is with examples on the field rather than a lame, worn out, poor example of an excuse such as, "they recruit."

    Covenant Christian, Traders Point, Shortridge, Indiana School for the Deaf, Tindley, Arlington, and Howe to name a few Didn't know Fairland, IN was a large metropolitan area.
  11. Illegal Motion vs. False Start

    Thanks all! Fortunately, this call didn't change the outcome of the game, but it certainly could have. Definitely cause me more stress than needed!
  12. Illegal Motion vs. False Start

    I was able to get it on youtube... here is the clip: https://youtu.be/czlsuXcb_bM
  13. Illegal Motion vs. False Start

    In our game Friday, the opposing teams WR went in motion but started moving towards the line of scrimmage. A flag was thrown, but the play was not blown dead. It was then decided that a false start had occurred and not illegal motion meaning the down had to be replayed. When we asked why wasn't the whistle blown since false start is a dead ball foul, the explanation was, "I thought it was illegal motion, but it was a false start." This was at the end of the game, and it was 4th down for the opposing team. By calling it a false start instead of illegal motion, it gave them another play to run. So, all that to ask, at what point is it illegal motion vs. false start? I have a video clip of the play in question if needed, but it is too large to attach to the forum. Thanks!
  14. ICC Pick'em Sectional Rd 2

    Ritter Triton Central Scecina Park Tudor Lutheran