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  1. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    It wasn't fired due to it being the playoffs.
  2. Changed mind

    Same things were thought of by Northwood and Culver fans...
  3. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    I forgot WC is no longer in the HNAC which still means 6 of the 8 competitors in sectional 41 were HNAC schools with the other 2 being West Central and South Central. Neither of those stood a chance at winning the sectional.
  4. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    Actually it means that Pioneer is where they were expected and the 6 other HNAC schools were put into the same sectional where the odds were overwhelmingly in the HNAC's favor to win it.
  5. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    Great game last night between 2 great teams. Every player on that field gave everything they had. Unfortunately my Eagles came up short. We had 2 crucial turnovers, one inside the red zone, and a blocked FG. Penalties really hurt us too. We made too many mistakes to beat a very good Angola team. Roddy is a great QB. Throws were spot on and he was a great leader for that team. Angola is well coached and didn't make many mistakes. Good luck to the Hornets, they will be a tough out.
  6. Sectional Championship Scores

    Angola 31 CMA 30 Final
  7. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 24 Angola 24 overtime
  8. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 24 Angola 24 3:33 left
  9. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 24 Angola 21 10:12 left in game
  10. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 17 Angola 21 start 4th
  11. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 17 Angola 14 6:28 left in 3rd
  12. Sectional Championship Scores

    CMA 10 Angola 14 half
  13. Sectional Championship Scores

    Angola 14 CMA 3. End 1st
  14. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    The game can also be heard online at https://max983.net/ or on www.wlki.com I sure like some of the predictions for tonight and beyond, but I'm not sold on getting past Angola yet. I like our chances but you just never know...
  15. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    Well, just like the 2 weeks before us, I think this could go either way as well. NR and NW were my early favorites to win this sectional. We have to keep up the intensity from the last 2 weeks and not let up. If we do that we will be fine. If we lose focus for just a minute, Angola will make us pay for that. Excited for this game and hoping the Eagles can make it to regionals. One game at a time though.