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  1. Penn/Carmel

    . . . I saw on the list of enrollments that Carmel and Ben Davis have now topped 5000 in enrollment (9-12 grade)..Warren Central also increased some from 3600. . btw, I wonder where the officiating crew for this Penn @ Carmel game is from. .
  2. Michigan City at Kokomo

    . . and right by the Shoreline Brewery/Restaurant :)
  3. Michigan City at Kokomo

    . . LOVE this video!
  4. Absolutely right. . well said.. A LOT of people biotching about that.. If not downtown, it's lining the far north side and far west side, (where many people working downtown live) with lavish road construction and other things. . While the rest of the city is pretty much neglected. .
  5. The biggest problem I see, and know for a fact is a big problem, is the parking situation. . The north boundary is St Joe Center Rd, which is extremely busy all day and all night, especially on Friday nights. Very congested, across that street is a middle school, and that would have to be where the added parking would have to go, cutting out the athletic/playground for the middle school. .To the south is an apartment complex, to the west is a residential neighborhood, and to the east is Clinton St, which is a divided highway and then a residential neighborhood. .
  6. . . That was very nice of that family to donate that turf practice field for Dwenger. . Would also be nice if others in the Dwenger and Concordia community find a way to turf Zollner Stadium. . Seeing Dwenger already has a turf practice /JV/Freshmen facility. . Concordia (all levels) and Dwenger Varsity share Zollner.. It would make sense that Dwenger's Varsity should play their home games on field turf as well as their lower level teams . Both schools have excellent football programs that are likely to run deep into the playoffs for years to come.. Both schools have access to a stadium that has a large seating capacity (approx 6000), perfect location, and would go very well with the renovations recently made.. a Corporate sponsor such as a sports medicine group would be icing on the cake. . And they don't have FWCS to block that move. .
  7. . . . There needs to be an "angry" emoticon for this post. . 2nd largest and wealthiest city in the state and we can't get at least one public school turfed. . because a few big shots downtown say so despite the interest of the public/high school sports fans would love to have..and to be up to date like any other major metro area in the state.. Just like everything else in this city, we have a hand full of big shots downtown that do what they want in their own special interests, and to hell with what 90% of the public wants. . Disgusting!. We can talk till we are blue in the face, and it all falls on closed minds and deaf ears downtown. .They jack the price of games up a dollar, no pass outs, no this, no that, generic concessions, but pay raises for the superintendent and their clique. . All the while, all the other major metro areas and many small towns around us will install field turf..
  8. . . I can remember my father being transferred from Homewood ,IL. when I went to Homewood-Flossmoor HS, to Ft Wayne, IN back in the mid '70s. . My father wanted to make sure we moved into a school district that had all the academic and sports cultures we were looking for. . Ft Wayne is a city that has many people relocating in and out of. . I thank him for loving me enough to do this, not to mention he enjoys being part of a community that really cares about maintaining a high standard of success on and off the field.. and beyond school. . If I was being relocated to Ft Wayne, with kids still in school, Snider is where I'd want to send my children. .I'm sure there are others out there that feel the same..
  9. SAC Showdown

    Penn was able to find solutions vs Snider as game went on, with speed being one issue. . Schemes on offense and defense being others. . Penn has smart coaches and player that made the right adjustments. ..I believe Snider's coaches and players are also capable of figuring out what adjustments have to be made to increase their chances of pulling off the next opportunity if it presents itself. One HUGE thing they will HAVE to change is the PENALTY issue. . Although Luers found a way to win vs Wayne, Wayne has made improvement and tweaks in their game as the season went on. . Wayne has made a statement, and Snider has heard it loud and clear. .It was the ultimate wakeup call. .
  10. Cathedral @ Center Grove

    Sorry I unfortunately interjected CE and Carmel in this thread out of the blue.
  11. Cathedral @ Center Grove

    I would like to see Columbus East vs Carmel.
  12. SAC Week 8

    Oh, slightly off topic, LaSalle who beat Dwenger 28-7,( with Dwenger missing an opportunity to score 7 more points, and giving up 7 off a turnover just before the half), beat Moeller , Ohio's #1 rated Div. I team last Friday 34-9.. LaSalle is now #1 in Ohio, 31 nation, #25 Xcellent 25. . . Next week, Concordia plays Brebeuf. .Brebeuf plays Chicago Brother Rice this week. . Brother Rice is #201 Nation, #12 Illinois, and is from The Chicago Catholic League Blue Division. . is 5-1, That conference also features Mt Carmel, Joliet Catholic, Providence (New Lenox), Loyola Academy, and St. Laurence. . This is one of the toughest HS football conferences in the nation. . I noticed there was no thread or mention of this match up on The GID . .( kind of wondered why Brebeuf fans or anybody never posted a thread or mentioned anything about this game being played @ Brebeuf tonight, 7:30) . .
  13. I don''t know if Wisconsin does right now or not, When I lived up thee, they had a P/P State Playoff . (don't know the format details yet).
  14. Two of the wealthiest (demographically speaking) schools in northern Indiana, Dwenger and Concordia, sharing same field, located in an area that gets some of the worst weather in the state most often, and they won't install FieldTurf. . .Mind boggling. . I don't care what excuse they use. . Same with FWCS with Spuller Stadium.(FWCS) . .They ignore the maintenance cost ussue. .I don't buy their excuses either. .Homestead (SWAC) just reinstalled new FieldTurf AND installed FieldTurf for Their Band to practice on too, with full markings and everything! . .
  15. Were there a lot of judgement calls? (like personal fouls, clips, and holds) Was it the same crew that worked the Luers/Leo game?