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  1. Then, it's not the right coach. I get that some coaches do this essentially for a job and their life is built on it (they typically have proxy jobs like substitute teacher or truancy officer because they can't be employed under the position "football coach"). For a not as successful school, teachers should be coaches that don't have their life dedicated to football. They must teach the athletes important lessons about hard work and dedication even in the face of defeat.
  2. You simply work harder, install a better game plan, make your players stronger, and make your players believe they can win. The majority of games are won by those with more heart and a greater will to win. Even if you don't win, football is more than winning/losing. Football has an impact on lives and has many important lessons to teach. Success shouldn't be as big a factor. Play an all JV schedule if you have to. This will encourage more people to come out and cause significantly less injuries. St this level, the focus is learning the game, not winning. In this case, players can work on their technique and form. This will also lead to less injuries when the player knows the proper motions and form. Again, a JV only schedule will encourage more people to come out. Advertise more. Have callout meetings at your local junior highs/middle schools and talk about the things you do and the benefits (material or not). Do it during their school day and have the coaches present. The New Prairie coaches do this every year and I remember being in 8th grade, having a rough couple seasons in middle school and questioning whether to play the next year. After that meeting, I was set on playing the next year. As for this question (GID stopped letting me quote things), fundraisers are great. For two years now, we have done a drive-a-thon in which people signed their names and took a quick survey before test driving a Buick. We received a set amount of money from each signature and brought in enough money for plenty of things (I probably shouldn't disclose the amount). Always fundraiser in one way or another. Resort to bake sales and cold calling if you have to. For your next question, a supportive community is great, but they have to get excited about something. You don't need a community. If football is a niche thing at your school, that's totally fine. Not everybody does swimming and it doesn't draw as big a crowd, but they're still around, aren't they? Again, a JV only schedule may be your only option. There'll be less injuries and they'll be of low severity. Insurance costs will be minimal. You don't need many coaches. As long as they're instilling the ideas of hard work and dedication into these kids, I see no reason to replace them. You simply have to keep tabs and make sure they're not doing anything illegal/wrong, especially involving the kids. Things like ethnic trends are beyond your control. You can convince them, draw them to your sport. If you are talking about basketball and such, that's out of season. You can do spring soccer and maybe attract more interest. This is what many schools do to attract interest to football.
  3. Let's say that you're at New Prairie and involved in the football program. You are beating conference competition year in and year out. It does not currently look like the NIC is looking to make a change. You are either divisional champion or runner up every single year. Your toughest competition is La Porte and Andrean in the first three weeks. You don't even get three because the NIC demands you do a crossover game week 2. You then go into the tournament playing your first actual competition since the first week. You have a great season and you go off to track that spring. In track, you wonder where all of that dominance went. Every meet is a battle, especially the conference meet towards the end. Not many of your runners/field athletes play football and typically your runner kids do cross country in the fall. It's good competition and you typically make it to regional and semi state. Situations like ours are why I think certain sports should go independent. Imagine Notre Dame where every other sport participates in the ACC but football is independent. You can get much greater games this way and your other programs that need conference competition and fit well in it can stay. More successful programs that do not fit well in the conference that have a much different culture can go independent and we can play teams like Valpo, Hobart and Griffith. We can then be just as successful in the postseason as our track and cross country programs. This would apply to a lot of schools with the same problem.
  4. This is why I think schools should be able to go the ND route and have some sports in conferences and others not. It really depends on the talent available for each sport. Kids going out for football might not do wrestling or vice versa.
  5. It really depends on your priorities and who is the tougher team between the team you play this week and the team you predict you'll play next week.
  6. How would any of this translate to being a club sport? You get blown out, you get blown out. There are good teams and bad teams. We already went over this, just because you're not successful doesn't mean you should shut it down. The politics surrounding contraction are ridiculous and it should only happen if you're shutting the school down. Football isn't meant for clubs. It's only financially plausible when it's actually a sport offered by a school.
  7. I've brought this up many times. I'm not really happy with our strength of schedule. We came to the NIC being told that we'll be a mid-sized program with much tougher competition. We have lost a total of 3 conference games in the years since then. There has beeen no tougher competition. In a state where the regular season means nothing other than conference games, you might as well take a tough conference or just go independent and load your schedule with very good teams. I honestly think we would thrive as an independent school. I don't think we'll ever really fit perfectly in any conference. I view us a a good playoff team capable of making it to regionals and beyond. A tough schedule would allow us to dominate in the tournament.
  8. Circus at Evansville Central

    I've always hated showboating or other unsportsmanlike conduct in games. Whenever I get a sack/force a fumble/whatever, I just jog back to the line and hand the ball to the official if I have to. One major appeal of football is the modesty involved. The lack of individuality works in the sport's favor. Uniforms where it's hard to see the player's face work. Players feel more like a team instead of feeling like they are individuals. Teamwork is not as prominent in any sport as football. Victory requires 100% cooperation from each and every player. What would you do without a line or DBs? Modesty is important in football. You play the game, you win. That's how you show off, not a 10 minute touchdown dance.
  9. What it we scrapped the tournament and just had a bowl season lasting 2-3 weeks? Most matchups would be predetermined by the conference standings so it would prevent facoritism. Week 1 Week one will consist of the majority of bowl games, being based on records, locations, conference standings, and so forth. For instance, NIC runner up and NLC runner up for this first week would be a fun game. It would be stat based games and they are typically the lower bowls. The first week would be Holiday Bowl level games. They are mostly teams that just qualified without doing much spectacular. The bowl games would be at a neutral site for the most part. They would be a reasonable distance, usually not far from either team. They would be sponsored by local businesses. Some local ones may have random teams to get them a bowl game when they qualified. This is like a bye week for the teams who went 9-0 or 8-1 or 7-2. Week 2 - Solution 1 Week two will consist of interconference games between the champions of each conference. Conference champs will still be decided in the regular season. Conferences will agree with each other beforehand which tie ins will occur. For example, the NIC champion could play the Duneland champion if both conferences agree to do so. This tie in would apply to every conference in the state and it can change year by year as long as the IHSAA is notified and schedules it. It would be exciting to watch Penn square off against Crown Point or Valpo. Week 2 - Solution 2 In this scenario, week 2 will be a conference championship week. Each divisional champion will play the champion of the other division so there are no more ties and shared trophies. Maybe a bigger venue would be in order. These games may receive Channel 46, FOX Indiana, WSBT coverage, and so forth. This satisfies me because conference ties are my pet peeve. Week 3 Week three will be the state championship week. The number 1 and 2 teams from each class will play. We can base this off of the sagarin ratings (we could probably base some earlier bowls on it for that matter) to ensure there is no bias. There will still be the same schedule as far as games go. They will still be played in Lucas Oil Stadium with very little changing at the state level other than the fact it'll be played in late October other than late November.
  10. Agreed. There are places (some are mentioned in DrivenT's list) where you really don't know what the athletes or the community would be doing without football. Football has taught me more about life off of the field than it has taught me about football itself. I have learned a lot of great things from my coaches and teammates and am a better person because of it. This happens everywhere. In some places, football is a kid's only way out of poverty and their coaches and teammates can make them be better people. If it doesn't get them out, it shows them how and motivates them to work to a better life. It teaches athletes to be the best they can be and that they can be part of something greater. Taking football away is a terrible thing to do to these young student athletes.
  11. Does anyone else realize that this thread is a regurgitated and reworded version of the exact same topic DrivenT brought up last week? Does anyone remember his commentary of "When the time comes to pull the plug"?
  12. We have a high tempo offense and rarely use the huddle save for timeouts. After every play, the linemen are immediately on the line and call their techniques for a play. The linemen basically call the offense. The quarterback then repeats it loudly and begins his cadence. It tires some teams out and that's why it's good to have the stamina to do this for four quarters. In conclusion, it's a fine trend when used for a fast high tempo offense. If it's slow, it becomes incredibly irritating. This type of play calling is made for fast offenses and it should stay that way. Slow and methodical offenses can stick to a huddle or a similar method.
  13. Game announcing

    This isn't an accurate statement. I was simply throwing an example of what he was saying out there and not what we actually did for obvious reasons.
  14. I always thought 3A was odd. The majority are fairly distant schools I've never heard before. In 4A, it appears they just stuffed all of the NIC teams into one sectional. For instance, Jimtown to Maconaquah. They should rearrange the sectionals to move some farther away teams into sectionals with closer schools and perhaps make less wear down in the early weeks. You can move Andrean and Wheeler into sectional 27 and swap with Peru and Tippecanoe Valley for instance.
  15. The majority of them would be predetermined like NIC champ vs. Duneland champ or Indianapolis champ vs. Circle City champ. There would be a few substitutes lined up if the first team moved up to a bigger bowl. It encourages strength of schedule, a decent record, encourages schools to stay in conferences, and you're done in mid October instead of dragging the season into late November. It hits all of the points addressed by the various people in this thread. There may be a few voted ones with the threat of bias but those are minimal with predetermined matchups based on regular season happenings/circumstances.