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  1. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Minus cathedrals rb and Center Nvm just Center forgot stepp is going to ND
  2. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Penn has a Saftey being looked at by notre dame and a great defense overall. They will make it a good one.
  3. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Yes, everyone thought Carmel would roll them because of penns lack of game "competition". I say close game taking penn 21-14. reply meant for bittersweet lol

    I honestly don’t see them coming close to losing next week
  5. I just wanna say wow. This team is good. Wait no not good GREAT. Would not be suprised to see the them bring that trophy and all of the rings to Lowell. Best of luck next week guys!!!
  6. I was commending Lowell defense for stopping our offense....
  7. They didn't back off lol, we just threw into the holes in the coverages I could see it if jusevitch is actually in pass coverage instead of run commit.
  8. Top 32 Teams

    The teams are fine where they are. It is based on enrollment and tournament success. They will be moved up if they get the certain amount of points to move up a class.
  9. Go to new prairie sports and find the Lowell VS. np replay it works for me
  10. Look on broadcastsport.net tell me if it works. Lowell is a solid all around team it should go down to the wire if that helps you with anything.
  11. Both teams actually pass pretty well :P And Lowell's running game is pretty good
  12. We had the chance but couldn't capitalize on lowells mistakes. If we did We would still be playing but hey, it is what it is
  13. Yes! I watched the Andrean and tri west game before the La Porte and Cathedral game.
  14. Penn/Carmel

    Is the game at penn or Carmel
  15. With dwenger and Lowell battling it out on Friday does the north have a shot at winning state this year. With roncalli, new Palestine, and Columbus east in 5a the south seems To be weaker than previous years. Have not seen East Central or Greenwood but they are probably both really good teams.