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  1. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Without being inside his head, obviously, he got an opportunity to coach Bloomington South along with a job in the school that wasn't teaching. I'm not sure what the actual title was, but it was something that wouldn't have him int he classroom (or gym/classroom as was the case at Lowell) all day. Plus, the chance to work at a 5a school. Personally, i always thought Lowell was the perfect setting for him. I never thought his ways would work at a 5a program, especially one like Bloomington South. Never should have left Lowell, in my humble opinion. But to each his own.
  2. Lowell vs East Central!

    I'm a tad older than you. I have fond memories of watching Mike Pickett break the first play from scrimmage for an 80 yard TD against mighty Hobart for Lowell's first regional win under Kennedy. If you really wanted to watch an electric Lowell TB, you should have seen Matt Pernick. Everyone kind of forgets him as one of Lowell's past great backs, probably because he took the starting job right as Lowell joined the Northwest Hoosier conference for five years in the mid/late 90's and started whooping the likes of North Newton, KV, Lake Station, River Forest, and North Judson (although NJSP did win two out of the five meetings). Pernick went on to walk on at Purdue as a wide receiver and was actually in line to start Brees' Junior year, but "things happened" and he was dismissed from the team before the season started. Might be one of the best pure athletes to come out of Lowell. Personally, I'm partial to a lightly touted #6: Mike French. But that's only cause i played with the guy. Very quick back, who wasn't going to break many long runs, but could weave and cut his way through traffic for a 8-10 yard gain almost at will.
  3. Lowell vs East Central!

    Their DC is a guy named Derek Thompson. A former Lowell player from the early Kennedy days. Was on their first Regional championship team in '94, I believe. Spent some time with Merrillville early in his career as the DLine coach when they were making routine deep playoff runs under Zak Wells before going to Lowell as the DC when Kilmer became head coach.
  4. I think this is actually much more a function of them trying to spread the ball around and open up the offense. Obviously it's been a work in progress through the last two years to feature more spread looks and get the ball into more hands than just that one feature back. They were also force feeding Justevich at tailback a bit, which doesn't really seem to be his wheel house. Much better at jet type plays and working in space, not so much in between the tackles on a routine basis. Once they started featuring Wildman more, he has actually done quite well. He didn't get a full share of carries until the KV game, which was game four or five, I believe. Since then he's posted solid numbers.
  5. I can dig it. You both make solid points. I think we all know a kid or two who doesn't really get the recognition they've earned/deserve. Appreciate the perspective.
  6. Penn/Carmel

    It feels like, outside of a few programs, this could be said of most teams in Indiana (the country?) anymore. I went to a ton of games in the 90's and the stands were always full. Even bad games with predictable outcomes would pack a crowd. These days, it takes a huge rivalry game (not just the rivalry itself, but the game actually meaning something) or a championship on the line to get the classmates and casual fans to come out to the game. Vary sad.
  7. While I would never talk badly about a high school player, as someone has done about Tyler Wildman, I'm curious why you keep touting Cashetta. You've mentioned him on numerous other boards as a player to watch for Lowell this year. I'm sure he's a good kid, and a good football player in general, but he's done pretty much nothing for Lowell. He's played a little tailback in their goal line, power I formation for a few games and got a couple TD's. Other than that, he's played almost exclusively on special teams and late in games when they start rolling in their JV guys. Watching the last two games(and arguably most important games because they were for championships?) he didn't touch the ball on offense against Griffith until late in the third quarter when that game was well in hand and got zero carries against New Prairie. Just curious, with all the guys who do so much for this Lowell team, why he's the one you keep pointing out.