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  1. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Well said. I do love this debate. Much more heated "back in the day" before the success factor. Was the Chief part of the banter back in the day? It would be great to have all of us get together and have an annual "bump up the P/P" GID Conference. Dead serious. Maybe have it downtown Indy before one of the state finals (pick the sport) Think of the people we could invite - Muda69, DrivinT, Warren05, Olympian06, Impartial Observer, Footballking16, PhjIndy; Lysander, Chief Flying Bear,- add to the list. We can have Bobref and Coach Nowlin keep order. I can have a side discussion with Footballking16 and PHJIndy about the advantages that Cathedral has over Roncalli :). And here I thought we all agree back in the day that it was social-economic conditions that was the main reason for success. Like there is no way a team from Kokomo could beat a team from Zionsville right? Median average income city of $104K will always beat a team with an average income of $36K. https://www.homesnacks.net/richest-places-in-indiana-126056/ Or maybe it is just how good is the Program. Yea, that was my argument back in the day. Might need to go with that one. Or could it be more than just one reason? I mean let's look at one school and try and determine their success in one sport verses another. Pick Cathedral for example. How many State Titles in Football verses Basketball? Exactly how many Sectionals has Cathedral won in boys basketball the last 15 years? I think none (PHJindy will correct me if I am wrong). Program, Program.
  2. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Hey Chief Flying Bear Crap, if the P/P schools have such an advantage why are none playing this coming weekend in 4A,5A or 6A. Love that you would "let them play" against public schools but only in the regular season. How nice of you.
  3. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    All good Olympian06. Coach: I miss those "Holy War" days!
  4. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Paypal donation of $50 just sent off on behalf of Olympian06.
  5. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I have been wrong many times in my life. But this has to be a top 5! What the heck happened to the Irish. Congrats to East, certainly the beat $50 I ever lost. Olympian06 and all of CE congrats. Olympian PM me your home address. Best of luck at State.
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I was about to say the same thing. Maybe a denotion to our favorite charity by the winner. Again, you should be commended as you are having me pull for the Irish tonight. I am actually ashamed of myself. I am all in on that Coach!
  7. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Took me 5 seconds. Nice shot at my Rebels. Let's close this out, I will give you the 21 points that I said the Irish will win by for $50. You win, I will send you a Visa Gift Card for $50. Congrats, for the first time in 20 years you have me rooting for the Irish.
  8. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Classic! You are absolutely a waste of breath!
  9. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Tell me when I have backed down? Not going to give you 21 points. Want to bet the game straight up, lets go.
  10. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I think the best Linebacker core in the State.
  11. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    That would be incorrect. I have seen them both play. I said last year after watching the kid play as a Freshman that he might be the best Freshman QB I have seen in 15 years. Wont give you 21 on a bet, but your so confident, how about straight up bet?
  12. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    LOL. Cathedral wins by at least 21. See you next week at this same time.
  13. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    Care to share? What is plenty. Let's go! Could not have said it better. Let's see what reply you may get.
  14. Cathedral vs Roncalli

    I call it spot on! Would not change one word.