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  1. Cathedral's Rick Streiff Retiring

    Could not happen at a worse time for us at HSE....makes going after the top coach a little tougher
  2. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Speaking of big players.....we need some! Both HSE and Fishers have skilled kids but it is hard to go up against Warren, BD, CG, etc, without some D and O line beef. My guess is that new coach will come from within.......not saying I agree with that but it seems to be the mind set. Status Quo..... We have wasted some real talent in the last decade. That's why we lose players to schools like BC, HC and Cathedral. We also have an open enrollment system now......so any kid can choose to go to Fishers or HSE. It has caused some athletes to change schools but we aren't in a full on recruiting war yet
  3. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Thanks -- I didn't know that. I did hear there was a bit of a QB controversy earlier in the year which made me wonder why they didn't try the other kid. So on D they might be OK (they usually are with linebackers) but the O-line was all seniors? 6-4 320 lb kids don't just drop out of the sky. Emil will be hard to replace.
  4. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Your comments about injuries earlier in the season is something that has always made me think about Cathedral's schedule. There is no doubt that playing the competition like they do out of state makes them better...but at what cost. I think at least 6 or 7 of their top players were out at some point (between banged up for a couple of games and out for the season). I want my guys healthy for the tournament. I would used those games to get more experience for my backups and use top starters sparingly. To the point you made earlier about the sophomores that played well in this game.....maybe players like Hall, Elliott, and the back-up QB (Orin?) should have played in those games more. Then they have some varsity seasoning on them come playoff time.
  5. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Agree - Purcell pulled the ball and ran several times when he had open receivers and plenty of time. He wants to run first. (maybe because he can't throw) And yes - Stepp just didn't "have it" after the first half. At least they know in Hall they have something for the future. I think 5 or 6 sophomores played? So I would look to Cathedral being at the top again. Two kids are supposed to be with us at HSE....would love to get them back. Good Luck to CE this week.
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    You could see losing Emil affected team emotionally but O-line still played well. -- Tex Elliott is a big sophomore tackle that started several games and shifted to LT -- but when Blake Kaufman went down that really shifted things. In the end QB Purcell made some really bad plays that had nothing to do with line. Agree - I just posted the same earlier. All things considered the O-line was fine. Two guys down with knees make you wonder what was going on in the trenches
  7. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I'll weigh in too...I have watched a few games and based on what I have seen the O-line and running game are the advantage. They have had 8,9, and even 10 in the box and still have collected over 900 yards rushing in last three playoff games. I saw somewhere that the CE D-line was an average 240? Cathedral must be closer to 280. They have the Alabama recruit at center (320lbs), LT is like 6'6" 285, and the RT is just a sophomore and already 6''4" 270. I don't think it matters who is running the ball. Cathedral by 14.
  8. Saturday Playoff Games

    Another vote for Big Hoffa's...one of the better BBQ places here. Not big on atmosphere but the food makes up for it
  9. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Cathedral is always broadcast on WNDE too
  10. Hard to disagree with that....we all want football to be stronger. IMO when Cathedral plays out of sate they are being an ambassador for Indiana football.....hopefully they represent us well.
  11. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    This comment is dead on.......They have run the ball for almost 700 yds the last two weeks. Not only is the D1 Alabama kid at CENTER but the LT is 6'6 280ish and the RT is a sophomore 6'4 270ish...bigger than most seniors! They just pound away running the ball 30, 40, 50 times. Those guys deserve credit.
  12. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    He throws better than the Jersey kid but is not as big and not as effective running RO