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  1. I think a larger college site would be great. But, if you've ever had a kid play in a club baseball tournament on a college field, you already know what the rental fee would look like.
  2. Win or lose, that's always good to hear. Thank you.
  3. All's well that ends well. I don't think Robert Faulkens took it upon himself to inspect the site of a 1A regional. However, that visit may have been a blessing in disguise. That, combined with the loss of home soccer/track events, provided a sense of urgency for the crowdsourcing for the facility upgrade. So, thanks are due to... whomever.
  4. I don't think turf was the objective. Admittedly, LuHi field was in awful shape. Faulkens visited at request of FC, and immediately made arrangements for LuHi to rent Franklin Central's field, which also isn't field turf. Once LuHi got involved, arrangements were made with Beech Grove.
  5. Greene County Sports Network will be streaming at www.gcsn.rocks.
  6. LuHi is very familiar with that process.
  7. LuHi hosted big crowds from Scecina and Hagerstown this year. Pretty confident anyone who wants to sit will have a seat.
  8. Good reminder, Howe. Parking will be in short supply. Those who don't make it early should plan on parking at Arlington Elementary School (5814 Arlington Ave.), then ride a shuttle bus to the gate. LuHi will have three shuttle buses running before and after the game to accommodate overflow parking.
  9. That was Tyler Johnson (#83). He graduated last year, and is now playing football for Anderson University.
  10. Lutheran HS 5555 S. Arlington Ave.
  11. Transferred to Franklin Central for their senior season. Other OL you mention were on the roster last season, just weren't starters.
  12. Regional scores

    Lutheran 50 Arlington 15 Final
  13. Regional scores

    Lutheran 22 Arlington 7 Halftime
  14. Here's how it works in the other direction (more often than you think) in larger urban areas: Scenario 1 (most common): 1A/2A p/p kid gets varsity time in a sport as frosh/soph and does well. Buddies/parents from offseason club team convince parents that if he wants to play after high school, he needs to join them at 5A/6A public school. 1A/2A p/p varsity becomes de facto JV for this type of player. No involvement needed by receiving coaches, so no violations, just individual choice. Scenario 2 (less common, but definitely happens): 1A/2A p/p kid gets varsity time, maybe even all conference/county/state in the p/p program. Assistant coaches from local 5A/6A school convince him no colleges above D3 will notice him if he plays his final 1-2 seasons at the small school level, but if he joins them to play "big boy" football, they can get him exposure. The more unscrupulous might even guarantee offers. In theory, the p/p school could claim undue influence, but even if the case could be established and the IHSAA could be convinced (HUGE hurdle), the most likely penalty harms the player more than the offending staff. Doesn't seem worth it. Here's an idea: How about we just focus on two good football teams trying to earn a matchup with Eastbrook? I like Scecina's chances with a balanced run/pass attack on offense.
  15. S46 Hagerstown 6 Lutheran 12 Halftime