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  1. Exciting times in the Wabash River Conference! Welcome back Coach Moore! WRC has gained a couple of big time coaches in the last year with this plus South Vermillion hiring Barrett last Spring.
  2. Rockville coach resigns

    Less of this..... More like this......
  3. Rockville coach resigns

    This should be a great gig for someone. Loads of talent coming through the pipeline in North Central Parke county. Rockville's jr. high team lost only one game this year I believe (albeit badly to North Vermillion), and Turkey Run's current freshman class dominated everyone when they were in jr. high the previous two years. Studs all over the place for sure. Also, this job is as "open" as Chick-fil-A on Sunday afternoon. Save your stamp, there are no chicken sandwiches to be found. Folks in Parke county should be excited. Word on the street is they are getting a future hall of famer.
  4. WRC 2018

    Average at best. There's a new wood fired place, but I haven't tried it yet. I live on the hard scrabble, wind swept prairie of Interstate 74. We have Overpass Pizza within 10 minutes, so that is our go to. The smoke of their oven takes it to the next level, never mind the french dressing. Overpass is on a different level, even if it's in Fountain County. I'd swim across the Wabash for that pizza.
  5. ZINGGGG!!! Troll game on fleek, Bro!!
  6. WRC 2018

    Is it too early to talk some WRC football and pizza? I'm curious about opinions on who has the best Pizza King in the WRC? Attica, Fountain Central, or Rockville? My personal ranking would go 1. Attica 2. Rockville 3. Fountain Central
  7. Playing time, or lack there of, is the ultimate motivator.
  8. 40-Second Play Clock

    I would hate to go back to the 25 second clock. It would be like trading a sports car for a mini-van. I LOVE the 40 second clock. Good point. On the other side of it, as a coach, I love being able to bleed the 40 second play clock down in those situations. It is has also been used in my area for kind of a "stall ball" game plan with some success.
  9. DrivenT, think of it this way. You taking over the program is the only way to be certain there will be no development of "bro" culture for the Trojans.
  10. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    1. I bet Pioneer coaches their defensive linemen to play the cut block though. That's what I was talking about. 2. It would be nice to be able to cut block outside of the free blocking zone in NFHS. The service academies make a living with that on the edge. But anyway, if it's legal, it's legal in my mind. Different strokes for different folks I guess.