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Greenwood at East central

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3 hours ago, southend said:

railsplitters? who ya got? in this game?

I guess i never made a prediction , but Im EC all the way through , my guess before the game was a 10 pt EC win. 

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It ended up 27- 14  EC Bad boys.  Great game Greenwood. Solid team but from what I saw EC was to much to handle in the trenches. They did a great job keeping Greenwoods QB in check who actually looked pretty impressive, just not tonight. Most of there passing yardage came in the end of the game when EC was using prevent which I hate. 


One of ECs dbs got kicked out of the game for a supposive head to head, I hope he does not have to sit out next week. Not sure how the rules works. I had the luxury of watching that replay 10 times so I understand its hard to call,  a bang bang play, but ECs db and greenwoods WR went up for the ball, Greenwoods WR touched the Ball and then right on Q EC db  hit him ball came out and there was no head to head, not even close. It was textbook defense , shouldn't of been any penalty. But When ECs known for big hits I guess the other team will always get the benefit of the doubt.




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Kudos to East Central.  3 straight Semistates.  2 out of the last 3 years at LOS.  No one ever seems to give them any credit or even know they exist.  Part of being from Southeast Indiana, I guess.

As to Greenwood (for my Southeast Indiana brethren), they had an incredible season and are almost entirely overlooked every year in comparison to their Center Grove and Roncalli neighbors.  They had a GREAT season.  That 99 yard drive was incredible in the game, btw. Total respect for what Greenwood has done.  I can't give them enough credit.

East Central....they just do what they do.  Just need to finish...

Maybe someone will know Southeast Indiana exists at that point.

GO TROJANS! (Feels good saying that at this late date).

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