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  2. Wonder how long it will take before Trump stops visiting Manafort in jail. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/13/politics/paul-manafort-robert-mueller/index.html FTA: Paul Manafort "intentionally" lied to special counsel Robert Mueller's office, breaking the plea agreement that made him the star cooperator in the Russia probe, a federal judge found on Wednesday. Manafort "made multiple false statements to the FBI, the OSC and the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the investigation," including his contacts with his Russian associate during the campaign and later, Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote on Wednesday. ... Manafort is still bound by what he agreed to in the plea, so he will not be able to retract his guilty pleas. But the finding frees Mueller's office from its contractual obligations in the plea, like asking for a reduced sentence for him because of his cooperation. Word on the street, is that Manafort's looking at 19-24 years and that prosecutors have indicated to the judge that they see no reasons for special consideration in sentencing including issues of Manafort's age or health. In other words, prosecutors are not likely to be going to bat for a reduced sentence. You have to wonder if these folks are just mentally-impaired or plain old arrogant. AMI's Pecker is also going to possibly be facing a situation where he cut a deal with the feds and then violated the terms. With guys like Stone still in the wings, I have to imagine this may not be the last time we see something like this. Assuming Trump gets out of it all with no jailtime, he's going to be spending an awfully long time visiting a lot of his buddies in jail.
  3. I've said it before, but I'm not sure Corporate America really needed much help with that Tax Act. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/amazon-taxes-zero-180337770.html FTA: While some people have received some surprise tax bills when filing their returns, corporations continue to avoid paying tax — thanks to a cocktail of tax credits, loopholes, and exemptions. According to a report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), Amazon (AMZN) will pay nothing in federal income taxes for the second year in a row. Thanks to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Amazon’s federal tax responsibility is 21% (down from 35% in previous years). But with the help of tax breaks, Amazon won’t be paying a dime to Uncle Sam despite posting more than $11 billion in profits in 2018. Gotta imagine Bezos is contemplating sending Trump a thank you card just to rub it in. Waiting to see what the revenue generation/shortfall numbers for the government looks like this year. This is an election commercial in the making with a side-by-side of a middle-class family writing that "surprise" check at tax time and Bezos with the below picture while flashing the revenue shortfall number coupled with the deficit/debt numbers:
  4. Between stuff like this, cutting polling stations in some states, etc., I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging you for parking your car in the lot where you vote. You'd think for something that is considered a cornerstone of American society, we'd find ways to get a lot more folks involved in it from all angles.
  5. Yeah, when it happened, it was news for one day ... it didn't get new legs until folks started trying to discredit the story. It could certainly be a guy trying to give his character new life on a show where the character was likely to be cut, but like I said, I look at that sentencing of that guy who killed a person with a sword because he wanted to start a race war and I figure it's better off giving a wide berth on the story until more details become available. If he's manufacturing a story, then he should be held accountable with charges. At the same time, given that this kind of thing happens far to frequently, I'm reticent to write it off quickly as fictitious without more details from investigating officials. Incidentally, did you see the line in the article where the killer's lawyer addresses, indirectly, one of the memes posted on GID? Recall the one about Trump not being a racist aka "worst racist ever" because of all of the things he'd apparently done for minorities? Of course it didn't address his birther stuff or his Central Park Five activity or his housing discrimination suits, etc. In that article I posted above, Jackson's lawyer says that his client had marched with family members to protest racial injustice, had served honorably alongside Blacks in the military, and had never committed a crime before. Kind of makes that, "I can't be a racist because I have Black friends thing" fly by the wayside.
  6. https://www.wthr.com/article/state-senate-rejects-bill-making-it-easier-3rd-parties-get-ballot
  7. DannEllenwood

    South Decatur

    Agreed. Sadly though, it’s not just small schools.
  8. Not really a meme, but this poor dog doesn't get enough love at home.
  9. I hadn't even heard about it until I saw it on here. Evidently the conjecture about it being a hoax appears more important than the actual story. At least on certain Fake News media outlets.
  10. When I saw the headline, I actually thought Ann Coulter was the author.
  11. I've not read enough about Mr. Smollett's case ... I'd only read a couple of articles prior to this posting ... to render a specific decision as to whether this happened, was staged, or solely made up. The part that makes me wonder is, oddly enough, the Hollywood angle. I have no doubt in my mind that this kind of action, as stated by Mr. Smollett, happens; especially to LGBTQ folks as well as Blacks. The statement in another article about rumors of Smollett's character possibly being written off the show and then the tie in of one of the brothers as an extra on the show, if he's actually tied to this event, makes one wonder. @gonzoron article though, saying that the men were released without charges, seems to place it back in the court of, "it's definitely possible that it happened." I must say that, this story wasn't on a front burner for me as much as another story with a similar storyline that was fully-vetted and just concluded this week: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/James-Jackson-Sword-Killing-White-Supremacist-Sentencing-505766751.html. FTA: Jackson, who said he was bent on purging the Earth of black people, had been charged with plunging a sword into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman on a Manhattan street in 2017 simply because Caughman was black. Caughman stumbled around bleeding for some time before he collapsed and died. Last month Jackson pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in furtherance of an act of terrorism, second-degree murder as a crime of terrorism, second-degree murder as a hate crime and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, the DA's office said. He spoke in a calm and collected manner as Judge Laura Ward questioned him in Manhattan criminal court, saying "that's true" when asked whether he was armed with a sword and two knives when he began hunting black people on the streets of Midtown. The plea came several weeks after Ward ruled that jurors would hear Jackson's detailed confession if the case had gone to trial. Jackson's attorneys said he pleaded guilty against their advice, aware he would face a mandatory life sentence.
  12. Excuse me....I ordered this WITHOUT anchovies.
  13. I hear the experience sticks with you for a lifetime!
  14. ...were taught by Mr. Beal.
  15. JustRules

    South Decatur

    I heard a sports psychologist speak once (targeted to a group of parents) and his best advice was there are 4 major roles in any sporting event: players, coaches, officials and parents. Each group has a distinct job to do and nobody should do more than 1 of them. It makes so much sense! Of course as an official we have to worry about everyone else trying to do our job too.
  16. A Weak and Rambling President Declares a Fake National Emergency https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/a-weak-and-rambling-president-declares-a-fake-national-emergency?fbclid=IwAR3FeIxf2DdhTHpyJ_rAw3i5tdq3MZ6HAhA7UJwmiz8YuU5AfqKoq8wBEpU
  17. Irishman

    Carmel wins the MIC

    Congrats to the Greyhounds on the win. Still a great year for my alma mater, with just 2 losses. I was shocked to see Coach Beyers’ postgame comments about his team. There is a line you do not cross in coaching,; ripping your kids in public. And we are still talking about kids here, and again, kids with just two losses. It happens, kids have off nights. Rally your team for the next one and the road ahead. I am afraid these comments made publicly may have the opposite effect. I hope not. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/02/15/indiana-hs-basketball-carmel-tops-warren-central-mic-title/2857604002/ FTA: “There is no leadership on this team,” Beyers said. “There’s no one willing to take over and say, ‘This is what we need to do.’ There’s no leadership on the floor. We have eight seniors and they lead by example, but there is no vocal leadership on the team. Much different from last year. You don’t want to compare teams, but this team doesn’t have the fire.”
  18. In case anyone was wondering where I got my posting style.
  19. Just one question...is this how capitalism is supposed to work? https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/02/15/amazon-pays-no-2018-federal-income-tax-report-says/2886639002/
  20. RedwoodCowTippers

    South Decatur

    Parents should focus on parenting and leave the coaching to coaches. Maybe, juusssttt maybe, some young good coaches would stay around these small schools if politics and agendas of parents and school boards would stay out of it..... just my thoughts on the situation....
  21. At least it's now home to a nanny government prison. Sorry that you are so salty that desolate northern Hamilton county and it's government school didn't get all that juicy DoD cash like the Maconaquah government school corporation used to get. At least you have all those rich farmers, staying fat and happy off of those Farm Bill checks. My M-I-L was a UPS driver for decades, her route was mostly southern Tipton and northern Hamilton counties. I'm not too bent out of shape concerning Grissom. Defense is a legitimate function of the federal government per the Constitution, but we spend WAY to much on the military. And frankly once the cold war was effectively over having Grissom as an active duty SAC base made no financial sense.
  22. DumfriesYMCA

    SW Indiana football 2019

    From what I’ve seen it looks like he has most of his spring and summer planned out already too. Elite11, the opening, combines, 7on7s...probably will attend a few team camps also. Someone mentioned on here he is keeping his basketball skills up to par (whatever par is for him lol) just in case but from what I have gathered he is training 365 days a year to be an absolute superstar QB for high school and presumably the college level. I know rivals.com already stated he looks like he should be starting on a college team. sky is the limit for the kid, but you really have to admire the amount of dedication and commitment he is putting in at such a young age
  23. If we are being honest here, all this proposal does is make heritage Hills and GS play in the big 8 under the PAC banner. And the rest of the PAC gets to play schools much closer to their size.
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