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  2. So language would fall under “unsportsmanlike conduct”?
  3. Sadly, they don't play for the Chief anymore because #feelings...
  4. You can’t get a personal foul penalty for “something they said.” Contact is required for a personal foul (except for fighting, where a swing and a miss is still a foul).
  5. Kings obviously have no chance against the superior panthers
  6. With the advance in camera technology I asked about using a camera for training of new officials and was told very plain and blunt NO!
  7. I feel like match ups like this, worry the ones who aren't even going to watch it more than the coaches and players who play it.
  8. Better late than never.... Just want to say thank you TS to your years of work in our little county. Your dedication and enthusiasm for the kids and their sports was always noticed, welcomed, and respected. Best wishes for you in the capital. Don't be a stranger around here.
  9. Not much we can say, we cried about Cathedral beating our heads in years ago, and loved when they got bumped up to better competition. Now it’s our turn. I don’t hear much from CE fans at games complaining. They have earned the right to play at the 6A level against teams like CG. Do I hope we win the game? Absolutley. Do I know most people are going to say CG is going to win easily? Yep. Just part of it. CE is the little school out of Columbus. Lol
  10. How do the CE people feel about getting bumped around from class to class?
  11. They are now 5A by enrollment but they are a small 5A school. Bumped from 4A to 5A due to SF, a year after they bumped up they hit the enrollment by like 75 students, then they bumped up to 6A this year due to SF again.
  12. This is one of the reasons I am not a fan of the SF. Have no clue what class they should be in 4A? 5A? 6A? WTF!
  13. after going to the freshman game and standing right next the field i agree that are disciplined in the way they play, but they are undisciplined in they way they act at times and run their mouths. They got 3 PF calls on them 2 for something they said and could have got a few more and one was a very cheap shot. Yes I know they are young men and some times stuff happens but after watching the game Friday might and today their might be a problem
  14. SF.. they are about 600 students less than the next smallest 6A school lol.. CE joins Cathedral as the only other school to bump up 2 classes due to success factor.. They have fallen from where they began, but still 187th nationally isn’t bad,. CG - CE games have been lowing scoring the last 2 times they played. I expect the same this game as well.
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  16. Competitive balance is the NFL, where every team is around .500+/- and bores the hell out of me.
  17. That being said, conferences don’t exist just for football. South Newton, for instance, has a very good baseball program, and their golf team is pretty good, too. As for basketball, I do know that Coach Sammons is a tremendous talent.
  18. I also think the HHC does it right. Schools should not be penalized for greatness...or even badness!!!
  19. AD told us last night the have scheduled a charter and leaving early afternoon. Tough drive for parents and fans, hopefully a large contingent makes the trip.
  20. So 2 weeks on this thread. Over/under 5 pages. BTW, Pickerington Central is ranked #17 in Ohio, #187 nationally. Keep this game low scoring (in the teens) if you want to win. If CG score 20+ it will be hard to overcome.
  21. I saw how it ended and it looked like Wisconsin did their best Purdue impression: 3rd and 5 with less than three minutes to go and you pass? It’s important to know Jonathan Taylor, one of the best running backs in the history of Western Civilization is a Badger, and you pass? Needless to say, it’s picked off be Illinois, who subsequently drive into field goal range for the game winner. That being said, is Wisconsin now a winnable game?
  22. I69 is a game changer. For us, cruise set at 85, no traffic, no police, and you better have plenty of gas when you get on, not many exits either.
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