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  2. Moonshiners

    SIAC Week 6

    I have a friend that use to work at Lee's Famous Recipe there on St. Joe and he would hook me up with free fried chicken all the time. It was awesome...but sometimes he would try to pass off those thighs and legs on me, and I would be like I don't think so man. I'm not eating that rubbish. I'm a breast and wing kind of guy.
  3. BDGiant93

    Warren Central at Pike

    They have to get out of their own way.
  4. BDGiant93


    As a kid growing up in Wayne Township, last year's BD team was a blast, but I still think that 2014 run was my favorite. So many comebacks, and I was so happy for Coach Kirschner to get his first State Championship. I did not particularly like those early 00's Warren teams, but it was hard not to respect them. I do like this Warren team. I like Coach West and Mr. Clayton. That doesn't mean I don't hope the Giants don't somehow sneak up and beat them in the Sectional, but I do appreciate this current group. Bell-Elliott-George is quite a 1-2-3 punch.
  5. crimsonace1

    playing both ways in 6a

    It's even rare in 5A (for true 5A schools, at least). 4A schools, you'll see a handful of players going both ways. By the time you get to 2A/1A, you'll find more than half the players on both teams going both ways.
  6. Until he chased away one of our own. Couldn't stand some of the guy from Kokomo's stuff. Monica Denny? Aging myself. I beat Jim!
  7. MHSTiger91

    SIAC Week 6

    FWIW, I have a friend from EVV who lives in Indy and has seen both Chatard and Memorial (v. Mater Dei) play. He thinks Chatard is probably the better team. But rankings don’t mean anything.
  8. WarrenGrad12


    I can't disagree with any of that. The only thing I'd even consider grading differently is North Central. An A+ has to be a strong consideration at this point. I'm usually not into the "transitive property of football" comparison, but I think it's worth pointing out that North Central took Fishers to the cleaners and Fishers just gave Brownsburg all they could handle. I'm not saying it means anything other than North Central is going to be a real problem for anyone other than Warren. Speaking of Warren, as a kid growing up in Warren township, I got to see and be proud of those great Warren teams in the early to mid 2000s. I got to see them win a title as a student and as an alumnus. Lots of great players and lots of great teams. I'm not sure any of them have been as much fun as this current group. Just my two cents.
  9. MasonHAsher

    2018 Boilermakers

    Well, they always say you have to wait til year 3 of a rebuild...I think this is year 1 since Brohm has only had one class in.
  10. Titan20

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    GS 7th grade up 30-0 over Southridge at half. Running clock 2nd half....game ends 30-0. 7th graders go to 4-1 GS 8th grade up 46-6 at half over Southridge. Running clock 2nd half....game ends 60-6. 8th grade stands at 4-1.
  11. Today
  12. Indiansfootball2013

    CIC Week 6

    The Sectional will be interesting as 3 teams have been or are ranked in the Top 10 in one of the polls. Marion is fast. I think Coach Adamson said it best about Skeens the Friday night before Eastbrook played Mississinewa "At least we know where Skeens will be but what's scary is Skeens will touch the ball every snap and we have no idea what he is going to do with it." Mississinewa is faster this year than last year as well.
  13. Yes. They have Dawson Witte, Seth Delong & Brady Allen as QB’s. Allen is good. You can tell he will be a great QB & put up huge stats. But right now, he isn’t very accurate and is scared in the pocket. If HH can get to him even a little, they wil win. They will, and they will.
  14. takkle4

    HNAC Week 6

    Knox 24 over LaVille 20 - I'm hearing Knox will be ditching the PAT kick and that will be the difference in this one. North Miami 32 over Caston 6 - Caston is having to play linemen as DBs and that's never a good idea unless it's Khalil Mack. Pioneer over Triton - I won't put a score on this one, but the Triton coach has stated that they get to play in their "State Championship" this Friday. Expect the Panthers to bring their A game, especially playing an opponent with a winning record for the 1st time this year. The boys are excited to play 48 minutes. Culver 35 over Winamac 6 - Saw the Triton/Culver game film and honestly Culver dominated the game but didn't finish. The T backfield will finish this week, especially since the Warriors don't have the deep strike offense that saved the Trojans last Friday. NJ 52 over West Central 19 - Judson keeps rolling thru the mid season schedule.
  15. bucksfan

    depth to be defined as a punter

    Where do you coach and we are we safe to assume this is how you punt?
  16. MasonHAsher

    2018 Gridiron Digest Weekly Poll

    Great, that makes two! Just looking to get some discussion going once we get to the season.
  17. Didn't I read in the PAC thread before the season that Gibson Southern had 3 quarterbacks in their starting offense ?? Heritage Hills has the same with 2016 starting qb Carter and 2017 starter Jones both starting at running back.
  18. bucksfan

    13 on field on TD play

    Fans at Mooresville vs Decatur say that DC had 13 on offense officials dropped flag then waved it off after DC TD. Sounds fishy, all the way around, but wondered if anyone had any insight. Fans said Gillian could have been ejected for going crazy over it.
  19. For the most part, No. Some Conferences do though employ an "assignor" to fill out their schedules. This is an issue is some ways in some parts of the state, as by doing so, those Conferences actually 'lost' the ability to employ those crews which they deemed 'exceptional' because the contracts that were agreed upon were voided when the assignor became employed.
  20. takkle4

    HNAC Week 5

    Oh, dang, knew it was too good to be true that you would "log off" for good. So your buddy made Oleballcoach and then TDGesas... got us on that one! You are a sneaky dude! I wish you the best KH, and I hope these rough Warrior seasons don't make you quit rootin them on. They need you more now than ever, but man it's gotta be tough to watch!
  21. TigerFan20

    SIAC Week 6

    Looks like Reitz at Memorial is the gaming of the week
  22. National Championships? How do teams win those?
  23. Thanks. Pretty cool to have 1 coach on there.
  24. Yesterday
  25. BTF

    SAC week 6

    Dwenger 31, Concordia 21 - I think Concordia will be in this game throughout Homestead 49, North 14 - Homestead recovers from last week and brings the Legends back down to earth Wayne 28 Snider 27 - Just when we think the Panthers are back on track, Wayne shows us just how vulnerable they are Northrop 42, Luers 38 - The Bruins prove they are for real Carroll 63, South 14 - Carroll will score at will
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