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    I don't see any reason nor do I see anything that would be even close to "locking" threads. Nobody is name calling, nobody is being disrespectful. People have opinions on their teams, nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with Lutheran wanting to play LCC for the chance to knock off a big time program, those are statement type games that any competitor wants to get themselves into. I will say though, LCC is all that and a bag a chips, it would be criminal if this year team or even worse yet next years team would be in 1a, but that is long way to go before any of that is decided. Again, I like Howe and Lutheran thus far in sectional 46. But its week 2. LONG WAY TO GO. I would be more inclined to continue to talk about those who are playing in 1a this year rather than spitting out the woulda coulda's of yesteryears because it is just pointless. LCC is now in 2a, competing just fine and then some. There are a host of other teams worth the pages of this 1a progress thread who currently play in 1a, so let focus on those teams and their opponents. Again that makes a lot of sense to me.
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    Mr. Mills, Best of luck to the Knights this season. Tell your other brother a Hillsdale alum will be rooting for him and the rest of the Chargers this fall. Surely we can agree on that. But, seriously, no white kid from Lafayette has ever "dropped the mic." Mr. Reid
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    Some people just take their internet communications way too seriously.
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    As much as I respect LCC, we are talking about 1A this year correct? Can we go back to this?
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    Coach Nowlin .... Unless it's pouring rain, I report my games from the sidelines. I walk right along with coaches and players. After the third one, a coach called out to one of two deep backs ... "Did you count?" ..... Player replied, "Yea, I counted 11." .... Coach asked, "Did you count yourself?" Player, "Oh. No." True story. Love kids. Bill B.
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    This has pretty big implications for where TRI-Central could rank by the end of the year among the states best teams. If WL can get the win. Then McCutcheon and Zionsville win later in the season, we could probably find a way to string together some common opponents to get TRI-Cental into the top 10.
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    lets just hope they have qualified stripes!!! As in those Fruit Stripes gum!!! yummy Sorry couldn't resist!!
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    True Nowlin Story: Circa 1992, Scene, Nowlin Family Living Room: Time: DINNER ITEM: Jacks Frozen 4 Cheese Pizza (Jack's was a staple in the family) Momma Nowlin: "Its Hot, wait a minute before you tear into it" Young 11 year old prepubescent knows it all Coach Nowlin: "Whatver Ma" So I take a bite, and boom here comes all 4 cheeses off the crust and of course the scolding hot sauce right with it. It slams onto my face/chin for a real scorcher!! I immediately grab said cheese from chin and throw it on my plate. I said to myself, wow self, Ma wasn't kidding on it being hot. I let it cool for another 30 secs or so, you know patience is not something that 11 year old had at the time. This time I pick up my plate and blow on the cheese pile I had plus the rest of the pizza. I continue my eating pleasure until Ma comes into the living and goes " WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR CHIN????" I respond with the typical ..NOTHING why?? Well seems as if there was about a size of quarter chunk of skin completely missing from the left corner of the ole chin. Now if you made it this far of Nowlin true story time: you might ask yourself, Well, where did that skin go?? Doesn't take a detective to find out that said skin was removed from chin an intertwined with big clump of cheese, which of course went into my mouth. I view it today as some extra protein ya know!!! That is my Jacks' Frozen Pizza story. Still fond of the bacon cheeseburger!!
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    He knows not of what he speaks.
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    I'm glad some of you have a sense of humor still lol good luck this week.
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    I got a kick out of those two bantering back and forth. I like that all of the coaches are raising heck on this topic now.
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    Folks: You fine people understand that Coach Sailors and Coach Durham are family correct?? I know they didn't add the little emotion con thingy or anything, maybe the family feud theme wasn't quite clear enough. Leave it to Durham to reference a trophy/plaque to raise the internet intensity of the red headed step child of their Daddy Hoosier Conf!!! (clearly having some fun)
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    I'm really not sure what is going on here. Only shots taken were by myself on myself about defense?
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    Fairfield will not give you a test. JMHO.
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    Raider D looked very good as expected , Offense was very sloppy , 5 turnovers , 4 on bad snaps , it seemed our D was on the field the whole first half, they would get a stop and the offense would turn it back over, Hopefully gets cleaned up . have a great weekend
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    Columbia City 33 Warsaw 21 It was 33-14 before Warsaw scored a late TD. If City is "a The worst team in 4A," where does that leave Warsaw? In all honesty, City played a tremendous game and Warsaw was pretty lethargic. The Tigers have some nice talent at the skill positions, but their QB really needs to come along if the spread is going to work for Warsaw. City, if they can run the ball to set up the pass like they did this evening, has a shot to put together a decent season in the NHC. Brett Fox may just be the guy to truly build a program in CC.
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    I would agree with most of what you said, except the coaching. I know a few people who have coached at IPS --- on this board for example, TW and Coach Ashworth. I think anyone in Indiana would be lucky to have either coach on their staff.
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