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    I'd take a second to mention Linton's presence on the GID, but they'll be here shortly to remind you.
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    Southwood Scouting Report Here are some observations from their recent game with Northfield. Offense: Southwood runs a no huddle spread offense that they can operate at various tempos. All plays were run from shotgun with 3 to 4 receivers involved. They do an excellent job of working the middle of the field with their passing game. Primary Formations/Trends: In terms of formations they used core spread sets 3x1/1x3 and 2x2. They didn’t utilize motion. In this game they could not establish the run during the better part of the game and ultimately used the pass to setup the rushing attack in the 2nd half. The passing game is varied with quick timing throws, deep routes, screens, and various combination routes. Quarterback: #7 Carson Blair: At this point in the season I would rate Blair as the best pocket passing quarterback in class A. Before the season is over he’ll probably come close to passing for over 2,600 yards and 30 touchdowns. He is an experienced player who is very accurate and intelligent with his attempts. He is great at changing up the tempo of the offense. He was brilliant in shortening the game in the 2nd half by working the play clock and in the last minute of the 1st half he orchestrated the 2 minute offense at breakneck speed. He has outstanding arm talent and can make any throw an offensive coordinator asks of him. This year I feel he has improved his ability to throw on the move, and escape pressure. He feels comfortable in both clean and muddied pockets. He is also stronger this year as he was literally fending off tacklers while positioning himself to pass the ball. Running Back: #5 Gabe Lloyd is a steady presence at running back and as a receiver out of the backfield. He had virtually no room to operate on 70%-85% of the running plays. Southwood is a pass first team and so he is a complimentary piece to the offense. Wide Receivers: The knights definitely have one of the best receiving corps in 1A. #22 Peyton Trexler appeared to be their fastest receiver and one of their top deep threats. #87 Matthew Nose is interesting as he can be a possession receiver and a deep threat. He has pretty good speed and a 6’5 frame that he can use to create separation from the defender. #45 Nathan Riggle seemed to be Blair’s security blanket as he was seemingly in the right place at the right time when Blair was facing a collapsing pocket. As a group, the receivers were effective route runners, have great hands, and broke free from press coverage on a regular basis. Offensive Line: For the offensive line they had a mostly good night. Pass blocking is their overall strength although I felt there was too many times where Blair was forced from the pocket and had to improvise because of breakdowns in protection. Their guard #74 Jackson Miller and tackle/guard #67 Aidan Ortega (they shifted him right tackle to left guard) are the strongest points for the line. Ortega seemed more suited for the guard position as the speed of the Northfield defensive ends bothered him on passing plays. When he and Miller manned the guard spots that seemed to spark the rush game a bit in the 2nd half. The other players who played at the tackle position will need to improve their ability to handle both the speed and bull rush. Defense: Going against Northfield’s option attack they essentially played a 4-4 defense. They could easily switch to a 4-2-5 or 4-3 if need be. Throughout the game they bent a few times, but they never broke against the run as Northfield scored their only touchdown on a play action pass. Defensive Line: Defending against the triple option is no easy task but I felt the defensive line did a very good limiting the full back dive on the option. As a group they played with good leverage and pressured the quarterback frequently as they had at least 2 sacks in the first half alone. #58 Filip and #60 Crabtree were effective pass rushers from their defensive end positions and Miller and Ortega did a great job of clogging up the A and B gaps for the better part of the game from their defensive tackle positions. They have a little bit of depth at both defensive end and tackle. *They had another player get significant time at defensive end but he was not listed on the roster sheet. Linebackers: Like their defensive line counterparts they did an above average job of limiting the option attack of Northfield. #87 Matthew Nose is not only one of their best wide outs but I graded him as the team’s best middle linebacker. He is very fast in diagnosing a play and pursuing the ball carrier. He has good sideline to sideline range capabilities as he seemed to be everywhere on the field. He sacked the quarterback, made tackles on the full back, quarterback, and pitch man on the option. He is also strong enough to play on the defensive line. #22 Trexler and #45 Riggle played outside linebacker in this game although both are listed as defensive backs on the roster sheet. They were focused on limiting the qb keep and pitch on the option. Each of them adds a speed element to the defense and has the physical talent to line up at the corner spot if Southwood were to face a spread passing attack. Defensive Backs: It’s always tough to properly elevate defensive backs when they are defending against a triple option offense that rarely passes the ball. The only true negative I observed is that they got caught looking into the backfield at least two to three times which resulted in NHS receivers being open by 5-10 yards. Northfield’s only touchdown was on a play action pass where the receiver was open by a mile. Southwood lucked out to a certain extent as Northfield was not able to cash in on the other free receiver chances presented to them. Their coverage in obvious pass situations was pretty good and they provided decent run support on the qb keep and option pitch. #7 Carson Blair and #21 Jackson Simons played at cornerback and freshmen #28 Elijah Sutton played safety. Blair had a crucial interception near the goal line, but when you consider how much they depend on him to run the offense I feel its incredibly risky to play him on the defensive side of the ball. Special Teams: #11 Parker Mays is an outstanding specialist and could be the best kicker/punter in class A. His punts have tremendous hang time and distance. He has field goal range of up to 50 yards, and he can force touchbacks on kickoffs. He is definitely a weapon most teams at the class A level do not have. #22 Trexler has the potential to be a good kick and punt returner. The coverage on kickoffs was mostly good although Northfield had a few good returns going up the middle. Overall: Southwood should finish the season at 8-1. With their loss to North Miami they will most likely finish 2nd in the south division in the three rivers conference. It is hard to say what their chances are in sectional 43 because it is absolutely loaded. Churubusco, and South Adams, loom large in this sectional. This sectional also includes Adams Central, Northfield, and Eastside. Offensively the play of the tackles must improve and the ground game has to produce more to keep teams from teeing off on Blair. They have a unique advantage on special teams which should put them in a good spot with regards to field position. Sheridan Scouting Report Here are some observations from their recent game against Carroll (Flora) Offense: Sheridan is a run based offense that utilizes wing motion on virtually every play. In this game they were able to gain a sizable advantage in time of possession especially in the 3rd quarter. A persistent negative I charted is the amount of penalties called on the offense. The last drive of the first half and two crucial drives in the 2nd half were stalled due to penalties. Formations and Tendencies: Once Sheridan established the running game they essentially stayed in one formation throughout the game. Double wing, 1x1 receivers, with a single back lined up behind the quarterback who was under center. They will move their tackles to different positions from time to time which created an unbalanced type look, but most of the time they stayed true to their primary set. As noted above they employ wing motion on virtually play. They use three types of motion. Depending on the motion type the wing player can be the pitch man or receiver on the option, a runner on the jet sweep or a lead blocker on interior running plays. Callahan is the bell cow for the offense but the wing motion is very important to this unit. In their primary formation they run option, power leads, toss sweeps, counter, and play action pass. Running Back/Wing Backs: #30 Joe Callahan is endurance and toughness personified. He doesn’t have breakaway speed, but he can hammer away at a defense. I can’t emphasize enough how tough of a runner he is. #2 Williams and #25 Burnell are the primary wing backs although they have a few players who can rotate at the wing spot. Both backs are pretty good blockers. Williams has good speed and is an important ball carrier on the counter and wing reverse plays and Burnell is a reliable receiver on the option pass. Offensive Line: This group has good size and take off on the snap of the ball. Both sets of guards and tackles are good pull blockers on the counter plays. The pass protection by and large has improved from last year. The offensive line is incredibly physical and can wear down an opposing defense. #62 Swindle who I graded out as hawk’s best overall lineman is a good athlete and he is a terrific at blocking downfield and he can play at the tight end spot if needed. #75 Pence, #67 Whaley, and #71 Starks are all good power drive blockers. Sheridan was able to run the ball effectively on both sides of the line although I thought they were most productive running to the right side. This is definitely one of the best o-lines that Sheridan has had in a while. Quarterback: #5 Drake Delph: Drake does a good job of running the option whether he keeps it, pitches the ball, or passes the ball on the rpo plays. He displayed an ability to elude tacklers on the option keep and pass plays, and he has become a better ball carrier. In regards to passing the ball I’ve seen him throw the ball effectively in past games, but during this game he struggled mightily with accuracy and his mechanics. He was able to complete some short passes but he wasn’t able to connect on almost all of his intermediate and deep routes. The play calls by the coaches were spot on and he had receivers open at times, but he simply couldn’t deliver an accurate pass as he has a habit of under throwing his passes. Wide Receivers: Sheridan has three receivers who have the potential to be play makers for the offense. #13 Ange Gnamkey appears to be the most dangerous pass receiver in terms of making plays downfield with his speed. He is still very new to the game of football so developing his route running skills will be key for him. #12 Cole Cummings and #3 Caine Spencer have potential to be play makers in the pass game. The receivers and wing players are very solid for the offense. Defense: Sheridan plays a 4-3 defense but has the personnel to switch to a 3-4 if need be. Defending against the run and the short/intermediate passing game are strengths for this group. The greatest weakness this game exposed was the ability to consistently defend against deep pass patterns. Defending the trips set seemed to be an issue for the defense in the first half of the game. Once Carroll became one dimensional the entire defensive performance picked up. Defensive Line: As a group they shut down the cougar running game with the exception of Carroll’s first drive of the game and a few stray plays during the game. They made life very difficult on Carroll’s primary backs and quarterback in the run game. #75 Pence and #71 Starks did a great job of stuffing the running plays up the gut. #30 Callahan and #62 Swindle are the defensive ends who could drop in coverage or to a linebacker spot. I thought both of them were effective rushing the passer. The defensive line put some heat on the quarterback and was able to force some rushed throws in the 2nd half. Linebackers: The backers helped to limit the run game of Carroll and by the 2nd half made their mark assisting in pass coverage and pressuring the quarterback. Outside linebacker #12 Cummings did a great job throughout the night making plays in the running game, blitzing off the edge, and helping out in coverage. He seemed to be the most athletic of the linebackers. #50 Kolb is a run stopper and a decent blitzer from his outside linebacker spot. #25 Burnell is the middle linebacker and was heavily involved in a number of plays. He also has the ability to drop back to a safety position. For good measure he picked off a pass in the 2nd half. As a group I didn’t chart any missed tackles and they have a good mixture of speed and instincts. Defensive Backs: It was the classic tale of 2 halves for this group. In the first half Carroll had at least 4 plays where a receiver was open by 1.5 steps or more. They connected on three of those chances. One of the plays resulted in a direct touchdown and on the other two plays the receiver was tackled in the red zone, and Carroll to their credit cashed in soon thereafter. The defense gave up three touchdowns in the game (all in the first half) and in all three scoring drives a deep pass completion played a major role. In the second quarter of the game they started to play better. For the game they had three interceptions and a fourth one that was called back due to a penalty call. #13 Gnamkey was outstanding as a cover corner and he is someone the coaches feel they can leave on an island. He had two interceptions, one of which clinched the game for Sheridan and one that setup a critical touchdown for the hawks during their comeback. #3 Spencer and #2 Williams were both impressive as well bodying up receivers, and making a play on the ball. The coverage by the linebackers certainly helped but overall after the 1st half their play was much better. In the 2nd half they did a much better job of keeping in contact with the intended target and making plays on the ball. Special Teams: #2 Williams is a very reliable kicker on extra points and most likely has safe range to about 40 yards. On kickoffs he was able to force a touchback. When his kicks were short of the end zone the kick coverage for the most part was great. There are two items of concern for special teams. One the punter #50 Kolb is a little slow getting to his steps and had his first punt blocked which was returned for a touchdown. It should be noted the blocking was lacking on that attempt too. His punts have decent height to them, but they don’t go very far in some cases. The other concern is fielding kicks and punts as there were at least two punts and one kickoff that were mishandled by the returners. If Sheridan can become better at fielding kicks they will have the opportunity to have one of the best overall special teams units in class A. Overall: Sheridan has a chance to have a special season, but its obvious the offensive passing game and pass coverage have to become sharper in terms of execution. They should finish the season no worse than 7-2. The team and pass defense will be stiffly tested by Tipton. The hawks should win the HHC title this year. In terms of sectional 44 they along with Monroe Central are definitely the top two teams in their sectional. If they advance pass sectional 44 they will face the winner of the toughest sectional (number 43) in class A. Although this win didn’t clinch a conference championship or a sectional title this was an important victory in many ways for this team and coaching staff. Carroll Scouting Report Here are some observations from their game with Sheridan. Offense: In the first half Carroll had three scoring drives that literally felt like they happened in a blink of an eye. They feature a spread passing attack that can score from anywhere on the field. They rely heavily on the pass game to move the ball and when the air attack is limited the offense has a tendency to stall. Primary Formations and Tendencies: All formations were in shotgun. Primary sets were 4 receiver sets (2x2 and trips). There most productive formation was trips specifically when trips was set to the right. In the trips set they like to run screen passes or show screen action and throw a pass over the top of the defense. Carroll’s best pass routes were the deep post and go routes. In terms running the ball they like the spread option, draw, and straight dive plays. Quarterback: #6 Trey Filbrun: Filbrun has a strong arm and has an uncanny ability to drive the ball down the field on deep routes. His strength is throwing routes to the middle and right quadrants of the field. Trey has some mobility as well. He is willing to stand in the pocket in the face of pressure and deliver an accurate pass. He does struggle throwing passes to the left quad of the field as two of his interceptions were thrown to that side of the field. In addition his passes don’t appear to have the same zip on them when they are thrown in that direction. Filbrun is a shorter qb in terms of height and so he will get some attempts batted down or tipped at the line of scrimmage. Running backs: #2 Brumett and #4 Ayers were the primary running backs, but they didn’t have much of a chance to show their skills outside of the first drive of the game. Brumett has good speed and displayed that when he was split wide and burned Sheridan on a deep post route. Both he and Ayers did a respectable job of picking up the blitz. Ayers is more of a grid it out type of runner. Offensive Line: The situation with Carroll’s o-line is similar to that of Southwood’s. Their strength is pass protection while the run blocking was mostly below average. Overall they did a pretty good job of giving Filbrun time to set his feet on many of his pass attempts. In the second half they had a harder time containing Sheridan’s defensive ends’ pass rush. #56 Darren Dillon anchors the line from his left tackle spot and has gained the trust of his signal caller to protect his blind side. Both guards and center had their moments run blocking, but the line as a whole must do everything they can in order to improve the production of the run game. Wide Receivers: Along with the running back Brumentt this is an impressive group that will keep every defense that faces them on their collective toes. #8 Devon Anderson is a straight burner who can break open a game at any time with his speed. #9 Veach is a very good receiver as well for the offense. All of their receivers have good hands. Anderson and Veach are one of the best 1-2 receiver combos in class A. Defense: Throughout the game Carroll operated out of a 3-4 base defense. Like most teams they crowded the line of scrimmage in hopes of mitigating Sheridan’s rushing game. Defensive Line: The d-line started off great as they shut Sheridan down during the first part of the opening quarter. During the course of the game they started getting more susceptible to running plays off tackle and in-between the tackles. When Sheridan went to the play action pass they had difficultly creating a pass rush. #56 Dillon anchored the d-line from either the nose or defensive tackle spot. He drew frequent double teams and created piles in the middle of the field and was by far the hardest cougar to block. They certainly got the better of Sheridan on a decent amount of plays, but there were too occasions when Sheridan was able to convert on 3rd down running the ball. Linebackers: As a group they helped to defend the run game of Sheridan. The outside linebackers #13 Guinn and #2 Brumett were the strength of this unit. They did an outstanding job of defending the toss sweep and did a pretty good job of keeping the edge on most plays. The middle backers made several tackles for the defense, but when Sheridan’s oline was able to get to the second level they had trouble shedding blocks. I graded #7 Marley as their best middle linebacker for the defense. Defensive Backs: They weren’t tested a whole lot during the game, but when they were they challenged they made some nice plays on the ball. Their positioning was terrific for the most part and they gave Sheridan small windows of opportunity to complete a pass. #8 Anderson had a huge pass breakup in the 4th quarter. #6 Filbrun overall did a good job in run support from his safety spot. I felt there were too many times when he was needed to make a tackle. Both #3 Carmack and #25 Gaylor provided good coverage for the defense as well. Special Teams: Carroll’s special teams are very good for the most part. They returned a blocked punt for a score which gave Carroll a two touchdown lead in the game. #8 Anderson when given the opportunity and blocking is a dangerous return man. Filbrun and Veach are also capable returning punts or kickoffs. #9 Veach is the field goal kicker and he was 3 out of 4 on extra point attempts. He probably has range of up to 45 yards as he has a strong leg. He can reach the end zone on his kickoffs as well. #56 Dillon is their punter and he is a pretty effective punter with his height and distance on his punts. He had one punt that he skied over the returners. The coverage units were sound too. They nearly recovered a muff punt and in general limited the return yardage on both kicks and punts. Overall: The cougars are an outstanding team and are worthy of being considered one of the best teams in class A. They should finish the regular season at 8-1. They have an explosive offense that will test every team’s secondary and linebackers. They along with LCC are the 2nd best in sectional 42 behind Pioneer who has been incredibly dominant five weeks into the season. The greatest concern for Carroll is defending the run consistently in the A and B gaps. This will be especially relevant come sectional time if they square off with Pioneer who has one of best rushing attacks in the state. It will be important for Carroll to establish the running attack in every game they play going forward. The more balanced their offense is the harder it will be to defend. The other concern is their quarterback appeared to be shaken up two or three times when he was playing safety on defense. It might prove beneficial to have him as a rotation player on defense as opposed to a starter who plays virtually every snap on defense. Having him play reduced snaps on defense would keep him fresher and keep his velocity up on his pass attempts.
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    Watched Plymouth play Wawasee and was not impressed with the Rockies. Wawasee held Plymouth in check in the first half by manhandling Plymouth's O Line. The wheels came off for the Warriors in the second half when they fumbled a punt snap in the endzone and Plymouth recovered for a TD. It was not until the 4th quarter when Wawasee's 8 two way starters were gassed that Plymouth was able to impose their will. The Rockies were up 22 with 6 minutes left and recovered an on side kick they converted into a late TD for the final margin, but the score is deceiving. Wawasee was able to move the ball on the Rockies with a third string freshman QB after the starter was knocked out of the game and was able to rush the ball against the Rockies. I would think Concord would have a clear advantage against the Rockies from what I saw. I think the epic showdown for conference supremacy will happen.
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    Some people will always be looking for an excuse, but they don't own a mirror.
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    You made the naughty list for that one!
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    I truly hope JC replaces Coach Z at the end of the year. Nice guy, sure... but simply cannot get the job done. His teams have not beaten anyone who finished above .500 since 2003, his 2nd season. A .265 winning pct, in 10 years, 60+ pts run up on his teams 7 times, etc, etc... It's way past time to find someone who can sustain some respectability in the program.
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    Of course I'm biased with HH being one of them but in 2000 we had 2 state champions with HH and Mater Dei. I remember watching Mater Dei on Friday in our Hotel since HH didn't play until Saturday. 2001 was pretty good as well with Jasper State Champion and Perry Central State runner-up. for the PAC the best year was 2003 that Year Heritage Hills in 3A, South Spencer in 2A and Tecumseh in 1A all advanced to Semi State.
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    Well said Bob...certainly got a chuckle out of me. It certainly is though a true rivalry and a great game for the fan bases...by far both teams' best attendance draw. Boy you are getting some nice games on your farewell tour...cheers to that
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    I mean other then Mater Dei beating 5 A Castle, the rest of us 2A teams *%#!?*, probably never amount to anything. It would be so nice to be a perennial 3A power like HH.
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    BTW, Notre Dame 38, Michigan State 10 with less than 5 minutes to play.
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    No one is feeling sorry or begging , I'm sure you have experience in both those categories, we simply state facts, the concord. Game will be a very tough test , at concord , that game I feel is a toss up congrats to coach wog and the raiders on a great season so far ,
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    Is it fair that one team's coaches go to top flight clinics? Has better practice facilities? A bigger weight room? A full-time training staff? Etc. Inequalities abound. But unequal doesn't mean unfair.
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    I feel that you guys missed the gist of my post ... Fine Print said that he would enjoy Pioneer getting 9 more shutouts ... I stated that I wouldn't since LCC sits in the same sectional with Pioneer. I would not enjoy seeing Pioneer get 9 shutouts because it means that they would shutout LCC ... which would not be enjoyable for me.
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    Looking at their remains games and who's in their sectional, I think they're looking at a perfect season. . . . . 0-10 Good luck in the Midstate Conference. Maybe they can beat Mooresville or Martinsville.
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    At one point, the Lake Station - River Forest game was referred to by the politically incorrect title of "The Hillbilly Civil War." I believe changes in the demographics over the years have made that title inaccurate, currently. But it's still a real rivalry. And I have the best seat in the house Friday evening.
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    You're misquoting trojan474. Go back and read his original post again please.
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    Of the nine losses under Crabtree, the Falcons have been limited to two scores or less seven times. Of those seven losses, six ended with one score or a shutout of the normally high-powered offense. There are a lot of variables that go into the final result of a football game, but I think the opponents should be given credit. You know NV is well-prepared going into each game, so for this to be somewhat of a trend, the opposition is coming up with a good game plan also.
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    Selfishly I would like to see Knox pull it off. That would give Triton a chance to finish in a first place tie for the HNAC title!
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    Well on the bright the side of all this even with Linton in 2A and LCC being down we still have a team to argue about....but it still involves LCC and Linton. How ironic. Haha.
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    http://www.maxpreps.com/games/football-fall-17/champaign-central-vs-rensselaer-central/9-22-2017-_FMoG5ktXU6B1WYVB3jxdw.htm#tab=box-score&schoolid=6d161a93-4e2e-42d5-9260-173ca6cdf751 Mercy Me it has been a long time since we had a travel Friday like that. Good 2 hours and small change, easy drive, but for the stat, film, and etc guy on Friday's that was a doozy. Doubt anyone from Champaign Central would see this, but if they do, I want to say thanks again to the hospitality shown by all. 1st class operation, great field to play on and facilities in general. Booster club gave our entire entourage, Jetts pizza individual boxes, chips, cookies, gatorades after the game. Nice to get back in the W column after the last week or so, coming off the WL game to finding out one our students died in a horrible accident, all because he decided to stop to help some strangers, our team and some of our sophomores really rallied together with our Seniors and played an outstanding clean game. Proud night to be a Bomber!! NOW, time to prep for BOILERMAKER HOMECOMING!!! Not sure if we can win or not, but they certainly have earned my time, money and attention today, been since early Danny Hope days I believe last time I was in Ross Ade!! Cheers
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    I do its a fun hobby for me, its interesting watching different teams and coaching staffs every week. Hopefully at some point I can be an advanced scout for a team.
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    Really impressed with Tri county and there potential b 8-1 by tourney time. And Jeff having an undefeated record for regular season becoming a strong possibility. Also Frontier having a great year
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    So it's not worth anything?...gotcha.
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