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    Central was flagged NINE times for unsportsmanlike conduct in a 40-17 win over Mater Dei. The game was not as close as the score might indicate. Involved in the hijinks was a number of Central’s stars. Fortunately, head coach Andy Owen stepped up and benched the offenders. Just kidding. Owen benched no one. The only Central player “benched” was an unlucky Bear ejected by referee. Have no fear, Owen’s coaching career is over. He has been PROMOTED to the head of the EVSC althletics program. As a hardworking Vanderburgh county taxpayer, this is a real head scratcher. One can only assume that the EVSC administration desires that Owens’ brand of discipline, leadership, non stop screaming and arm waving is propagated throughout all of the schools and sports programs in vanderburgh county. Shame.
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    Not sure why anyone is surprised. All of his teams have been that way. Does anyone know what the WR Evans was ejected for?
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    Thing that has impressed me the most this year is our offensive play calling. We've been a lot less predictable. Maybe it's because we have a better comfort level with our QBs throwing but in any case I always have felt we were just too heavy run wise on certain downs. Like our playcalling right now I think it's a huge reason we've had the success we've had this year.
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    Since the end of last season, nearly everyone has penciled in the 1A state finals as Pioneer vs Lutheran. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Last night Eastern Greene pulled off the upset of defending 1A champ and now 2A Linton-Stockton 33-12. In my eyes Eastern Greene is now also your MYTHICAL 1A state champion. EG has made the leap from pretender to contender and plays a red hot 8-0 North Central Farmersburg next week. Now for the details. We know that EG is good, but what do they run on offense and defense? Does anyone have a chance of beating them before semi-state?
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    I have no dog in the fight, but the pregame posting was making it appear as though Linton was the unbeatable powerhouse and Eastern Greene was an upstart program with no chance. Gotta be prepared for some pokes when you talk up your team so much. Good luck in the gauntlet...
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    Well Eastbrook showed they are pretty solid. Pass defense is suspect. Alex has some good young athletes future is bright. Alex offense play calling is horendous. This game was all about coaching and kids morale. Mississinewa has a solid team with consistent talent in each grade. Frankton quit just like i thought they would. Frankton is in trouble next few years talent wise. Congrats to Elwood! For what they have gone through with kids quitting. Nice win. What does this say about blackford though wow! Elwood enjoy your talent is gone soon. Oak hill and madison grant. Not much to say here. Oak hill will recover. Madison grant is in trouble. Nothing coming up that will chang this pattern.
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    Save the Date OCTOBER 15th
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    I watched Central play this year. Their talent level is incredible. And what they have coming up is amazing. But I left that game thinking that may be the worst coached top team I have ever seen. Absolutely no discipline and constant complaining to the officials by players on every down. Play calling and time management was horrible. Im not so sure Cental wouldn’t be better if you just rolled the ball out and let them coach their selves
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    Are you surprised? Not me. They run out from a reclaimed jail cell before games. If I'm the AD, or better yet, the coach/AD of EVSC ADs, I would like to think I would at least be smart enough to recognize that given recent history (and police blotters) that isn't the best image to portray for the EVSC... Maybe it's just me though
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    Is that 15-0 with a running clock the 2nd half?
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    RCHS 15 LCC 0 Ran for 319 yards, led by Owens 160, QB had 82, we were snake bitten on a few drives that went from 2nd 2 or 3rd 3 to over 10+ yards taht we didn't convert. LCC defense played well but we established a good line of scrimmage. Our stats had LCC for 82 rushing yards and 15-25 in the air for 163 yards. I have said it all WEEK LONG, LCC will be a tough out in 1a tournament.
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    Brief recap of the Rockville/Riverton game.Riverton came out ready to play tonight and Rockville did not. Talent wise I think if both teams had everyone healthy talent would be about the same and would be a very good game. Rockville was looking for a rematch against turkey run in sectionals but once the injury report comes out it might not be good. White started the game with a bad ankle and you could tell it was still bad when he didn't go out to punt on a 4th down. Few series later and he was done. Looks bad but let's hope he recovers quickly! Cottrell goes in as qb where he had a little success at before against turkey run. Two or three plays and he is out with a knee injury. Hope the best for him also. Bright note is I believe freshman came into the game and had a few nice drives one leading to a TD. Kid is young and will learn and could be a good qb for NCP in the future. Defense for the Rox gave up big plays tonight just like most of the season. Riverton has some speed in the back field and the quarterback can scramble and made some big plays on bad snaps and broken plays. Passing game was ok but their key was running. Was diasspointed with both teams as there were many personal penalties. Cheap shots, punches thrown, blindside hits. Thought both team coaches could of controlled their players better. Lack of discipline? I'm not sure. Key was Riverton has excitement in their program and it shows. Keep the kids playing clean and they can continue to improve. Rockville has no excitement on the field. They have talent on the team but have a few kids that think they are superstars. I guess that's a problem with only having 22-25 kids. They talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Hope all the kids that got hurt tonight heal up fast and it's nothing serious. Still a few weeks left to enjoy the game!
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    Congrats to Knox on a nice win tonight! They controlled the game throughout with a little help from 4 Trojan turnovers. Good luck to the Redskins in the sectional! I hope you kick those 3A heinies! Knox 35 Triton 7
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    The drought is over, the Falcons got their first win tonight vs THN They looked like a completely different team tonight. Not great by any means, but there was great effort by every man on the field
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    I have been hearing great things about this BNL team. Both schools will be in the top 10, I am going to guess that Operation Football will be in attendance (they usually come to 2-3 East home games a year). I do believe BNL is much improved, I just think the gap this year is pretty wide (35+ points). BUT BNL is very young, and like @fkfootball has said in the past few weeks, this BNL team will not be one you will want to play next year or the following year. Columbus East is about on par with last years team. The offense is probably better then last years team (they run it at a much quicker pace). How will BNL's fan base travel for this game? I'm guessing they will bring a huge crowd. Not sure if you guys have played at East since they redid the bleachers, but away teams sit on the side of the press box now. If you plan on coming up early, I would suggest Zwanzig's Pizza.
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    All fair points, just bad football for most of the game. Not a chance our staff is happy as well.
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    After much consideration, I agree with Coach Nowlin. I see no reasonably good reason why Indiana should have a play-in playoff. I would like to see seeding in the sectionals but I've learned to live with what we have. I lived through the cluster era and it was a cluster, well you know what. Let's just enjoy what we have.
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    To suggest that it does is also not very factual. Studies are all over the place on this issue and it seems to just be easier to blame equipment and playing surface than to actually believe that kids might put their body in bad positions that cause injury.
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    Kirby Smart and his staff are absolutely tearing it up on the recruiting trail. They are going to make a legitimate run at Alabama and could even overtake the Tide over the long haul with Smart at the controls.
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    In my opinion, a very good team starts with line play. Our kids play hard but at a number of positions on the line we are undersized for the SAC. On a running play the line needs to be able to drive the defense back 2-3 yards. That is not happening. Also, our play calling is at times suspect. Our defense is good but when you're on the field all night, you wear out and good opponents will roll you. For example against Homestead we never moved the ball effectively all night. End result 42-0. I hope I'm wrong but expect this to be over by halftime.
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    Looks like Great Football weather up in Southern IN. I can really see the Miners making a BIG statement in this game. Like I said Miners call the score.
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    I Could like or up vote or heart that post JOE KANE 100000000 times I would
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    I'm a few years younger than you https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-Generation_X
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    in 8 games this year that pitted a team from each conference against on another the MIC won the series 8-1 and the only will for the HCC was a 1 point win for Zionsville over Pike in week 1. So to say they are on their heels is a bit of a stretch if i say my self.
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    Eastern Greene's Caleb Hamilton picked up an offer from Indiana State
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