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    You're reaching. The kid said nothing wrong.
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    Fire Fox Promote Fangio that is all
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    I LOVE ME SOME MIKE LEACH!!! I could listen to him all day everyday!! Though he may have gone a bit far at TT with this doozy
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    Move along, nothing to see here...
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    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO math!!!!!!! We like football that's why us coaches became Social Studies and PE Teachers
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    It hit our gunner's heel. He even deeked me and played it off real cool like not to bring attention to it. Issue was that the guy who I questioned didn't throw a bean bag on either punt "fumbles' The 1st one I thought was a miscall as the ground caused it when his elbow it, but supposedly a bean bag was thrown. Either way, got to PLAY WAY BETTER anyways which we did not but we did what we had to to finish the game and get the victory when not playing our best football. AGAIN: KUDDOS to LCC and their peeps. That field was IMMACULATE Thanks 8th grade team finished undefeated, I think they also were undefeated last year as 7th graders. They have a chance to do good things in H.S. but need to continue to commit to weight room and get a FULL UNDERSTANDING that their middle school schedule, has gotten better, but its not a "Hoosier Conference" schedule and they should be very proud of their accomplishments on a great year, but plenty more work to be had!!! You are so correct on WL defense, I think #45 Kidwell and #87 Stanton have had UNBELIEVABLE years!!!
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    Thoughts on Western offense - QB runs the ball 40 times per game, often into the mouth of the defense. At some point does this become too much to ask of a hs kid who will most likely be a div 1 baseball guy if he doesn't get broken down in football? Granted, he's a tough kid and physically can hold his own. I just can't imagine asking a hs kid to do this week in and week out without being concerned about the physical toll it is taking on his body. This is not a slam on the Western staff by any means. They physically kicked our butts - we knew Knep was running the ball right at us and not a thing we could do about it. Has anyone else seen an offense where 1 player is featured so heavily, getting 40+ touches per game?
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    Why should Cathedral's schedule somehow grant them more importance in games? What's the point of qualifying if you only eliminate 50% of teams? Round 1 of Sectionals does that already, with a whole lot less work.
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    Well, as you and others have stated, the current system renders the entire regular season irrelevant, but I would argue that most players, coaches, parents, and others closely involved in football on a daily basis find the regular season anything but meaningless. I was just wondering where the meaning is for you.
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    I'm curious more than anything--in your view, what is the purpose of high school football for the 320-some teams playing in Indiana this year?
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    Interesting that you acknowledge Indiana as a nationally recognized basketball state. Don't we use the same tournament format for Indiana high school basketball that we do for football? How then is a change in the football format required for increasing national recognition in that sport? I challenge you to go to an Indiana high school basketball discussion forum in February and suggest limiting the state tournament field in order to increase fan interest in the regular season! Really! Do it! I'd like to see how that goes over.
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    Show me evidence that college coaches are avoiding Indiana as a result of our system?
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    So you believe that D1 college coaches do not recruit the state of Indiana because we allow blowouts in our state tournament. That is a very interesting idea! How many Indiana players - would you say - don't get D1 opportunities each year because we allow blowouts in our tournament? 20 or 30 kids? Are those the ones that don't go to combines and rely on the second or third week of the tournament to get noticed? Do you seriously believe that scouts do not look at Indiana players at the combines because they perceive our system to be one that prevents quality football? Seriously?
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    I don't care for national exposure, lot of greed and corruption comes from chasing national exposure. I am not sacrificing 160 teams in order to get a few national votes for the largest of large schools. National exposure doesn't mean crap to 99% of the state teams.
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    Why is this important for high school football?
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    The flip side of teams 3-2 and 2-3 battling for their playoff lives is teams that are 0-3 0-4 have nothing to play for and have no incentive to try and improve if their season is over half way thru. Also if you have locked up a top 2 seed, what is to prevent you from losing on purpose to hurt someones else's SOS to keep them out of the tourney? I think it can lead to teams trying to manipulate the system to help/hurt teams they would like to play/avoid later on. We are at a spot size wise where we can easily run an all in format and be done on Thanksgiving. If we get to the point there are to many schools and we would have to add a week to the tourney, then we can discuss a qualifying system, until then, why limit teams and kids opportunities if we do not have to
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    I don't believe that Indiana lacks any recognition or exposure because we fail to exclude schools from the playoffs. In fact our format seems to be unique and fits us OK. There are some, like you, that believe that exclusion is cool and makes for a stronger playoff. I believe that the cream rises in the current format just fine. I'm not pleased with the blind draw but I can live with it versus excluding schools, No shame in giving all school a fresh start.
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    Again, you asked, I provided. I will never say that those kids were not afforded that opportunity. There is nothing more to say on it. Again, I am in favor of seeding top 2 teams, in some capacity. I am dead set against anything from an all in format. I am for seeding entire 6a and 5a I do not want computers to dictate what schools get into any sort of qualifying tournament format. Nothing else to say other than I wish everyone a great and hopefully dry Friday Night of H.S. Football Action and all come away clean and healthy.
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    You've completely missed the point. You said bad teams don't get excited about playing sectional games. YOU ARE WRONG. In addition, playing those two games propelled our team to a winning season this year! They played their best football in those games, gained confidence and decided during the summer that they wanted to be good. Would not have happened without an all in, blind draw playoff. Based on your support of Cathedral, I surmise that you have no clue what it is like out here in rural 1A Indiana. The state is more than powerhouse Indy area schools! We like to play football out here in the boonies too! You're concerned about your potential college athletes getting to play one more game before losing to the state champ. Out here in the boonies we have other things to worry about.
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    Come now, you have to admit this looks classy and professional:
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    Boy, ain't that the truth. I feel like the line between coach and player is becoming more blurry every year. Some will argue, "That's just a way to get kids motivated these days." But you can hear kids cussing with their coaches from the stands in some games. I've been around the game a long time and I just don't get it. Maybe these kids just need to get off my lawn, but I've always felt coaches are so afraid of disciplining kids to the point where they'll just ignore things that have gone on just so they don't upset the kid. It's sad to see.
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    Look at the conference that LCC plays in. Compare that to other 1A teams. Oh wait, there is no comparison to other 1A teams. By your explanation LCC could practically go winless and make the tournament every year. So how many Hoosier like conferences are going to accept 1A teams as members? Let's be a little realistic and admit this points system still won't work. Undefeated teams get left out of the Ohio tournament. Of course (like the media) we don't want people to know that do we? How would you like to go 20 - 0 over 2 seasons and get left out? Do you just casually blame it on their "weak schedule"? Blame it on the conference they play in? Sorry I'm not buying that bunk.
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    in 8 games this year that pitted a team from each conference against on another the MIC won the series 8-1 and the only will for the HCC was a 1 point win for Zionsville over Pike in week 1. So to say they are on their heels is a bit of a stretch if i say my self.
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    If you're talking about having teams qualify to play in the tournament, that's an entirely different discussion in my opinion and I would be open to it although it seems unlikely that they would do anything to cut into revenue. As far as seeding teams go, there is not a great way to compare teams in all of these sectionals. Particularly in the smaller classes, the sectionals can be spread out across a large area and the top few teams may have few common opponents, if any. Why reward some team and screw another based on an inexact science? Let it play out on the field. That's what it's all about. And if Roncalli or Cathedral have to go home a weekend or two early some year as a result, I can live with that. The tournament should be played to determine the best team, not set up so that the teams some people have already determined to be best have as easy a road as possible.
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    I have a suggestion for what to do with the former Brickie Bowl. Regrettably, decorum precludes me from describing it in detail here.
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