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    I wonder what would have happened if the school administration had told the seniors that turned in their gear in protest that they had in effect quite the team and were no longer eligible to play in the Penn game and that by quitting the team they also did not finish the season in good standing and thus would not be eligible for any post-season awards such as varsity letters etc. I feel like if the coach had to be held accountable for his actions then these senior players should have been held accountable for their actions.
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    I'd generally suggest reading all of the posts first though it might not change your opinion....but, at least, act like you are paying attention. Thoughts as regards some of the other "great" points having been made: 1. Lots of stupid rules p#ss me off...some a helluva lot more consequential in my life than not being able to go to a game I couldn't play in. Some cost me 100s of thousands of dollars. Some cost my kids more than you could possibly imagine in hurt and pain...newly made up rules in their case. Life is jam-packed full of stupid rules. Believe me, missing a football game in the stands is pretty miniscule. This "standing by my "bros" crap" excuse I have seen from others is...well crap. Some of this drama/tragedy seems like something I'd attribute to a bad soap opera. 2. Reschedule the surgery if you want to stand by your "bros" - it would appear your season is over anyway. If you can go to the game that same day it must be minor surgery...kind of like wart removal. Though, apparently it is season ending...apparently. 3. The season had at least one more game at home. Didn't Penn play Valpo AT Valpo (maybe I am wrong)? It wasn't like the week prior was the last game he would EVER see his "bros" at his home field. NOW, I have made just as an uninformed response as some of you. I admit it is just as fully uninformed...but, at least its logical based on the information we have seen cited. As I have said, there is likely SO much info we don't really have here. I am arguably the biggest sentimentalist, teary-eyed guy here but I think Gonzoron may well be right as regards an "Entitlement Attitude". I truly wonder what most of the kids on the Valpo team will say 25 years from now. Will they say "We had a team that had a chance to make it to a State Championship except for a bunch of "prima donnas" who forced our coach to resign because he refused to break the school rules for a player who wanted him to break them "? Will they say, "I am so proud that we lost a chance to go to the State Championship because I threatened to quit the team because the coach refused to let a player sit in the stands because the coach was following the school rules and we forced him to resign"? Extreme alternatives, maybe. But don't tell me its about the "kids". My guess is there might be a few more kids on that team than the one who wanted to sit in the stands (and could have stood on the home sidelines the following week) and those who walked out - and they ain't the Founding Fathers. Sorry. I get teary-eyed about the rest of the team.
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    And Then There Were Two Western @ Mississinewa Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook Going with both CIC teams to win Sectionals
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    GID friends, I hate to sound needy. But in all honesty, I’ve got a tough week coming up. This coming Friday I expect to work a sectional final someplace. That game will mark the end of my 40th - and final - season as an on field official. Officiating has been such a significant part of my life for such a long time. It’s hard for me to visualize what life will be like without it. As my last game approaches, I know I’m going to be bombarded with many different feelings, Although I’ve known this was coming, it’s still hard for me to believe. But it’s getting real now. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as the week wears on. I have an awful lot of people to thank. But right now I’m alternating between disbelief and a mild depression.
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    “You are what your record says you are” ― Bill Parcells
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    You get bonus points for your humility.
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    Definitely agreed. I don't think media was needed at that game because everyone knew that game was in doubt the second the ping pong balls were drawn. Why rub it in further and drag Broad Ripple football through the mud? They had an extremely long and uneventful season. Feel sorry for the majority of the Broad Ripple players but the decision to field and play a varsity schedule should have never been allowed. Going 0-10 and being outscored 507-90 is about as low as it gets, the fight on the sideline to end Broad Ripple football was simply the result of weeks of frustration and a failed system that allowed them to be there in the first place, in my opinion of course.
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    So because it wasn't covered heavily it wasn't a big deal? There's a murder a day in Chicago that doesn't get near the coverage that kneeling NFL players get, does that mean one is a bigger deal than the other? Let me put it this way, how many times have you seen a player (especially at the high school level) punch out his own coach on the sideline and then subsequently have the game called because of it? If you've seen it a lot than yeah I can understand why it might not be a big deal. But the fact is this doesn't happen often, it's a big deal and a black eye for the school and IPS in general.
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    Just build their own stadium? It's going to take a HUUUUUUGE donation(s) in order to accomplish that. Cathedral is a privately funded and independently operated school. Building a multi-million dollar stadium just to appease a Center Grove fan posting on a message board really isn't high on the priority list for Cathedral.
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    A bye works to your advantage if you have a bye and 2 teams are playing each other. In that aspect you have 2 weeks to prepare. However Cathedral, Roncalli, and Tech all had bye's. Tech's bye should have given them 2 weeks to prepare for DC, but they didn't really have the horses to compete with Decatur Central. Cathedral's bye only allowed a 2nd week to get players healthy. Both Roncalli and Cathedral had 2 weeks to prepare to play each other. Cathedral and Decatur Central both only get 1 week to prepare for each other. There is no real advantage both teams played last Friday. I will state that there are several coaches (I have spoke to) that would rather not have the bye week. There can be too many distractions and they want as many reps as possible and nothing you do in practice matches reps you get during a live game On your P.S. there is nothing in the IHSAA by-laws that states that a team must have their own football field in order to host a tournament game. That being said a simple look on google maps would show you that Cathedral does have their own football field. BTW it is very obvious you have a hatred for Cathedral by many of your posts. Does that have to do with their win over LaPorte a few years ago. I mean I have seen you even post it is hard for any public school to beat a team that can recruit players going to Ohio St, Alabama, and Notre Dame. You do realize these kids were not committed to those schools when they enrolled as Freshman right?
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    Tech might not be Cathedral's actual field but I bet it's nicer than 95% of the facilities around the state. The only ones better are likely the 6A mega schools. Why do you care?
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    But my point is, how many head coaches in Indiana make more than $70k a year when combining a teaching salary + stipend. I'm guessing not many. Most, if not all head coaches basically work 2 full time jobs. It's unrealistic for it to happen but I would imagine you'd start to see a) the quality of applicant pool increase and/or b) coaching turnover decrease if coaches were employed strictly to be a head coach. It's tough for a coach making $50k who also has to teach full-time. You're talking about 12-13 hour work days during the season. Why would someone down vote this? It was a genuine question.
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    MISSISSINEWA over western; I think this will be close but will give ole Miss the edge. EASTBROOK over cass; Cass is capable of hanging with Eastbrook, but Home Field, Coaching, team speed and tradition propels the Panthers in this one.
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    Ole Miss by a TD Eastbrook by 2 TDs
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    Martinsville should be commended for their 6 game win streak. When you've been losing as much as they have for the past few years, its not easy to get over that mental hump. But it should also be noted that during that 6 game streak, they played Franklin (1 win) twice, Mooresville (was 0-8 when they beat them), Whiteland (2 wins), Manual (enough said) and Plainfield (who was playing a 3rd string QB). They took advantage of a very advantageous schedule to finish the year. I think they have a shot to be very competitive against South but doubt (even with South's obvious personnel problems and "down" year) they have enough to win the game.
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    My first game of the season I was able to attend. I really think this is the best team Kelly has had since arriving. The speed on the field is something to see. I think a couple changes made by Kelly is the difference. Hiring a legit OC and the new DC hire have worked well. I have hesitated saying it having been disappointed in the past, or just knowing they were not that good; this team is a good football team; a really good team.
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    So maybe, just maybe, coach thought that if he knowingly violated a school rule he would have been reprimanded. In today’s society, ANY rule that is even close to being broken is grounds for suspension or expulsion. This is the monster of these modern times. Seems to me he was in a no win position.
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    Their offensive line is playing just great. Some of those holes, well, I’m not saying I would have scored. But even I could at least get through some of those. They just imposed their will on NC State.
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    You can tell by your message what HS football has meant to you and how sincere you are. Best of luck to you and thanks for everything you have given to the game.
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    2009 sectional semi-final, Tri-West at North Putnam. I played at North Putnam. Rained all day and during the game. The field was a total swamp. The final score of that game was 4-0 if that tells you anything. Fun Times!
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    this continues to be one of Indiana's best kept secrets!!! WHITING!!!! Home of the world renown Pirogi Fest, soon to be open Mascot hall of fame and of course the OILERS!!!!
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    My favorite bad weather game is from 2015's semi-state at home on Lake Michigan. It snowed and sleeted all day and we basically played on frozen turf. I attached a couple of pictures - one is us celebrating the win but you can see the field in the background covered in snow. People tried to shovel off the yard lines and hash marks... it was a chaotic evening. People dubbed the game, "The Ice Bowl". We won 14-7 to propel us to the state championship. The other picture was taken by a father who owns a drone. You can see just how close we are to Lake Michigan. We frequently get terrible weather in late October into November. Back in 2005 we were playing our rivals Clark HS in a torrential downpour. We won 6-0 but it rained constantly all evening - sideways rain. Later that evening, I heard the weatherman talk about Lake Effect rain - never heard of it before. It didn't rain anywhere else that night but Whiting. Kind of crazy.
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    My Panthers were too much for the rats this year. Eastbrook wins 42-21. The defense was outstanding as they caused several turnovers. Unless a wheel falls off, the CIC was won tonight. Oh yeah.... and we got FRANK (the milk can) back where he belongs. GO PANTHERS!
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    I would agree that every CIC team has Eastbrook circled on their schedules every year. Kudos to Coach Adamson and his staff for building a football empire. Mississinewa, in recent years, has been the lucky recipient of a lackluster conference. Put them in a 4A conference with a 4A schedule and they're a .500 team at best. Credit Coach Funk for putting Ole Miss back in the mix of conference contenders but when your enrollment is nearly twice that of some of the schools in the CIC then you're naturally going to have a better selection of players.
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