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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3... don't ever count out the Tigers from LBC! Stink can go way back to the days where Stink Town played Memorial in back to back years. Those were some slug fest, both going into overtime and Stink Town going for two for the WIN, to only come up short both years! The crew and I and the "Arch Street" gang were on the hill again, 10 toes up...but I still remember those games like it was yesterday. Memorial this Memorial that, who on their schedule has a down hill running attack? Stink Town will not roll in there and play football in gym shorts. Stink Town will come down hill and punch Memorial in the face. Has anyone done that to Memorial or has it been run side to side and sling it around? I think all the E'Ville folks will be shocked how PHYSICAL the Tigers are. Stink Town has an outstanding defense. Statically one of the best in the STATE! Stink is not drunk enough "yet" to think my Stink Town Crew will shut EM out, but I think they can get stops. Stink really thinks the game goes like this: Stink Town will need to pound the ball like the Crew & I do every Friday night! A few here and a few there, add up to a lot in the end. Stink Town will need to control the clock, "play keep away" and convert on all their drives. If Stink Town can keep the ball away and get a few breaks, it may be a game. With all that said, the Crew is leaving for E'Ville on Friday @ 9:00 A.M and it will be go time. Look for the Clown mobile to roll into The Pony or XCess and get after it! We will be there for a good time. I hope the Private School Folk don't get too mad when we roll up in smoke. Public Schools FOREVER -- Private Schools NEVER!!!! as a famous Tiger Coach once said, "we are the public school champs"
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    That's how #64 got hurt slipped on the turf, which could happen anywhere, but you do wonder
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    I remember our referee was not popular so we made our linesman the crew chief, so a new name appeared on ballots. We did see an improvement in our rating even though the crew was the same. Another time we were honored to work chains at the state finals. However, on the field was a longtime crew, but the back judge was working his first state title game in his first year refereeing football. No grudges about it, just two examples of how the setup is flawed. Dan
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    That is excellent news! The Cathedral vs Center Grove games have provided some of the most entertaining games the past 4 years 2014 CG wins 44-38, 2015 CG wins 7-0, 2016 CG wins 44-41, 2017 Cath wins 21-14. Every year it seems posters on here mention that they expect the Trojans and Irish to rest players for the tournament, but every year both teams go all out! Coach Streiff and Coach Moore are among the best coaches in the State, and I admire them both. As for the CG at Avon game. I look for a close game. Center Grove does a great job eating clock with their offense which can limit Offensive possessions for Avon. They also have a solid defense. Avon has an offense that can get yards in big chunks, they have a very good QB and RB and a solid defense. This will be an excellent game at Avon with 2 fantastic coaching staffs lead by Coach Bless and Coach Moore. In this type of game turnovers and special teams can be a difference maker!
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    6 4A schools for an average of 44ppg. But hey we only score against 2 and 3 A
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    56-2 For Angola to beat Northwood AND CMA, that's saying something. Dwenger's wins were good against Wayne and NH, but I don't think as impressive as Angola's. Whatever the outcome, Dwenger has their work cut out for them...especially with their starting running back out since mid-season (Hudson) and recent injuries to their starting QB (Morris) and kicker (Garrett). BTW, weather may be a factor - s/b the coldest night of the year.
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    I like what Dave Mosbey did in the PAC thread..so mine will be sort of similar. Last Season Standings 1. Washington 6-0 2. Mt. Carmel 5-1 3. Jasper 3-3 4. Mt. Vernon 2-4 (tie) Princeton 2-4 (tie) Lincoln 2-4 (tie) 7. Boonville 1-5 ______________________________________________________ 2017-2018 Preview (rosters are based off max preps, unsure of accuracy) Boonville Pioneers- Returning varsity roster: 1 senior, 3 juniors, 2 soph (roster on max preps seems incomplete) Boonville looks to have a pretty young roster once again following a 3 win season last year. They will have a new head coach Brian Schoonover. The Pioneers could have a long season ahead. Jasper Wildcats Returning varsity roster: 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 1 soph I expect Jasper to be...well, Jasper. They seem to have a good group of veteran players every year. They're well coached by John Goebel, play sound fundamentally, and will make you earn what you get. Despite losing Nottingham, I think the Wildcats will be a factor in the conference race. Unfortunately, they make the jump to 4A and will be up against the likes of Reitz and Castle come sectional time. Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Returning varsity roster: 4 seniors, 5 juniors The big question mark for Mt. Carmel is whether their stud Marcotte will be able to play. An injury before football season sidelined him. Not totally sure what it was. (ACL?) With Marcotte, this team is the unquestioned Big 8 favorite (and a probable Illinois state final favorite), but even without him I think they will be strong contenders. Mt. Vernon Wildcats Returning varsity roster: 6 seniors, 1 juniors, 5 soph Mt. Vernon seems to return a wealth of experience. I expect some improvement from 7 wins a year ago. Based on the recent history though, I'm not gonna call them a contender yet...will have to see more. Princeton Tigers Returning varsity roster: 5 seniors, 4 juniors Princeton has a lot of experience coming back as well. Unlike Mt. Vernon though, I'm gonna say the Tigers will be a force in the conference. They had several close losses last season that they could flip in their favor this year. Vincennes Lincoln Alices Returning varsity roster: 6 seniors, 4 juniors Coming off their first losing season since 2010-11, Lincoln looks to rebound in a big way for 2nd year coach Josh Thompson. They return 4 of 5 starters and 4 others who played significant varsity time. This group struggled to score last season under a new system, but looked really good at times. Despite only winning 8 regular season games, the Alices were able to make it to the sectional championship. I think they can build off that this year, and they should with the talent they have back. Lincoln will definitely be in the mix, but the conference is so experienced it's hard to say where they will finish. Washington Hatchets Returning varsity roster: 3 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 soph Unlike most of the conference, Washington looks to have minimal varsity experience coming back this year. They lost a great bunch of seniors that led them to the 2016-17 Big 8 title. I think the Hatchets will be competitive as always with Coach Miiller at the helm. But with the rest of the conference on the upswing, they will be middle of the pack at best. This is a very general summary of each team. I don't claim to have any inside knowledge other than VL. This is all based off of the teams I saw play last season and the projected rosters. PLEASE CORRECT ME IF YOU SEE AN ERROR. ______________________________________________________________ So there's a lot of experience, but a lot of uncertainty in the conference in 2017-18. This could easily be a year where there's a 2 or 3 way tie for 1st place. If I had to choose now, I would say Mt. Carmel is the favorite. Even without Marcotte, they still return most of the team that went deep into the Illinois tourney and lost to Chicago Orr. They've got a good coach in Tyler Buss who has been there a while. I feel like they've got the right combination of experience, coaching, and familiarity going right now. Of course, I can see Lincoln, Jasper and even Princeton rising to the top.
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    You guys can all reminisce about the past glory days, till your heart's content. But the facts still remain, Irish are coming to town with a steam roller running attack with 300lb line men, and Panthers have a light weight D line. Now what?
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    Who wants to see who is down voting or up voting?? Who just loves our site SOOOOOOO much that they want to become a Booster for $20? I do I do I do http://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
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    Imagine the mayhem if Fishers were to pull off the upset. Not happening, but is a crazy thought.
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    Final Standings Rambacker 88 WWFan 87 Npatman 84 JQWL 81 PiratePride 80 Jgib8371 60 WCGrad 59 CameoJoe 59 Sparks 59 oldcoach 56 BtownQBCoach 54 Lions55 53 CoachSnyder 34 BillyBob 26 Sean8680 14 Silvertone 8 Gozoron 7 eagleeye 6
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    They are showing up in smaller and smaller numbers at every level, in every state and in every league. Take your blinders off Woody. There may be a Clemson linebacker sneaking up on you at any time.
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    Yeah, has always been disappointing to not try and take advantage of the one open week we have worth conference play + CN. Luckily though soon enough (either 2018 or 2019) we'll have one more open date. Better get good competition for that one at least.
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    Surely ADs, admins and school boards will be dissecting and evaluating all options as we embark on the post season.
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    That wont be a contest, go on down to the VILLE and watch a good game!
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    Helps Lowell played Portage and their dynamo QB early in the season, that is for sure I like Lowell at home
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    I have no doubts that LaVille has improved since week 3, but so have the Panthers. Our younger kids have really stepped up the last few weeks as the competition amped up playing Carroll and LCC. I also don't foresee the Panthers putting the ball on the ground 5 times this go around and having three turnovers in the redzone.
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    Not sure I'd call the field at Spuller "real grass".
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    I don’t think I have ever heard the SAC called a little pond... Snider, Dwenger, Luers are multiple time state champions and Concordia won a state title last year. I agree with you, the game will be a double digit victory for the winner. I have watched enough game film of both teams to say that pretty confidently. Snider 38 - Carmel 20
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    Are they really saying that or are some saying it may make some sense to use certain studs both ways? Every team has a couple/few athletes that truly can be difference makers on both sides of the ball all game long. And maybe employing such a thing might help them overall. There's usually a significant difference in talent from the kids Im talking about to the others that are locking down some key positions. This is 3A ball after all. And I'll repeat, not saying use a ton of two ways but to use those special athletes. Memorial did and those kids were dominating both sides all game. Maybe that was the difference or at a minimum an important factor that gave them an edge.
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    @Binford GS has long believed you can wear people down by only going one way. It's 3A. Put your studs on the field until someone gets hurt. Don't over-complicate 3A ball.
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    Yes I have noticed how arrogant you guys are about your superior humility. It's quite impressive.
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    Not in boys basketball. FootballKing 16 ran a test pitting Sagarin's anticipated results vs. actual results when a team in the top 1/2 of the Sagarin ratings played a team in the bottom 1/2... the results, "Of the 53 match-ups in classes 1A-5A this past weekend, 2 (TWO) upsets occurred." And those matchups were between something like #25 and #32; hardly upsets. Qualifications in football may help to eliminate the inevitable blowouts that happen in round 1 or 2. Flip over to hoops... last year only 3 of the top 10 2A teams won a sectional (and none of those won a regional). #1 Howe lost to #58th ranked Speedway on opening night. Crawford County started the tournament ranked somewhere in the middle of 2A and went clear to the championship game. South Knox finished the year at #24 after having got past Linton and BarrReeve, both top 5 teams. They too likely started in the middle somewhere. Lots of parity in hoops... Would anyone want to do away with the opening weekend in March Madness and just start w/ 32 teams? Someone is wearing the glass slipper every year. No qualifying metric needed (or wanted) in basketball...
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