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    There may be something I’m missing here, but I wanted to offer the following as food for thought: change the JV eligibility rule from 5 quarters to 3 halves. The current rule is often sighted as to why starters have remained in the game late into blowouts. This would easily solve that issue at seemingly no cost. Thoughts?
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    I am predicting a Tigers victory for this one, no real basis for my prediction, just a gut feeling, but I feel pretty strongly about it!!
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    It is only Wednesday and the lines are being drawn. If we don’t settle this soon, the kids will just have to go ahead and play the game Friday night.
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    Agree, football is better when there is s chill in the air.
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    It was actually 1998 when the Giants' all-time record climbed above the .500 mark (defeated Indpls. Northwest 38-20 in the sectional opener on October 23 of that year). That put Ben Davis' record at 300 wins, 299 losses and 12 ties, the first time in history (save the season opener of 1937, when the Giants beat Warren Central 32-9 at Indpls. Washington, during the first year of Ben Davis' modern football history) that the program had been above .500. The Giants are now 485-355-12.
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    To be clear, I'm not arguing or judging....just reporting my own limited experience. That said, if it all ends up like AAU Basketball...then the end is near....of all that is good (I'd say "holy" if I were especially religious)
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    The Ridge has brought more tears to Catholic eyes than the Spanish Inquisition.
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    Asinine. I can't speak for other schools, but here are the starters for P/P Roncalli against Cathedral in the sectional. Listed is the grade school they attended. Every starter attended a south deanery grade school. Anyone that tells you that coaches from Roncalli are knocking on their door to get their kids to come there and are offering money (which, also, is not happening) is lying to your face. By the way, this Roncalli team (which was ranked Top 10 in Sagarin and beat Scecina 38-7) has ZERO division 1 football commits. Unfair advantage my backside! QB Conner Gore- St. Jude DB Ethan Newett- Nativity RB Patrick McManama- St. Jude DB Brandon Berger- Saints Francis and Clare WR Jacob Luedeman- St. Jude DB Sam Sedgwick- Our Lady of Greenwood WR Michael Dill- Nativity DB Dylan Williams- St. Barnabas WR Murphy McManama- St. Jude DB Cameron Fath- St. Barnabas TE Hayden Moran- Our Lady of Greenwood LB Cade Morgan- Nativity LT Dominic Clouse- Holy Name LB Jones Asher- St. Barnabas LG Simon Dias- St. Jude LB Luke Hanley- St. Jude C Sean Hornek- St. Mark DL Tony Schott- Saints Francis and Clare/Center Grove MS RG Simon Dias- St. Jude DL John Harris- Our Lady of Greenwood RT Nathanial O'Mara- St. Jude DL Ethan Lockard- St. Jude
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    I'm starting to feel like I was young when the Andrews Sisters were topping the charts.
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    I honestly have low expectations for the Lady Tigers this season. New head coach and coaching staff. With no disrespect to Coach Krebs who seems like a great guy and has brought some good energy to the program and community, he has a .426 winning percentage in 14 seasons. All 5 starters will be replaced. Last year, all 6 seniors who graduated accounted for 974 of the 1,192 points (82%) scored. Granted, the JV team was very good last year, but that seems to be the norm for most of the Tiger athletics programs. We'll see JV and Freshmen teams be extremely successful, and then when it comes to Varsity competition it fluctuates. It's only 1 game, but the Lady Tigers lost on Saturday to FW Bishop Luers 42-30 and only managed to score 10 points in the 2nd half. The Lady Tigers beat Luers (who went 7-16) last year 63-50. The Manchester game should be a good one tonight, as they are 2-0 on the young season but haven't played and probably won't play a team like Warsaw all season. Without knowing too much about the rest of the NLC and just basing it off last season and history of the programs, I'd have to say Warsaw finishes 3rd behind Northridge and NorthWood this season, and could even be 4th or worse depending on what is happening at Plymouth, Memorial and Wawasee.
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    I was in attendance, and from the stands, you couldn't really see much and didn't know what happened. All people knew was the one of the best players in the game suddenly was no longer in the game. Pretty unfortunate.
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    Around 30 degrees forecasted for kickoff Friday BUT wind is suppose to be just around 5 mile per hour, and 0% of precipitation so shouldn't effect our high flying football teams Friday night. Weather does tend to play a role some rounds in the playoffs. should be a cold but GREAT night of football
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    I plan on bringing my brass monkey come Friday.
  14. 1 point
    Man...I grew up listening to Jim Scott. WSAI, WLW. I know radio paid poorly back in the day but...poolwork?
  15. 1 point
    I recall a certain Hamilton County school club President citing club fees of $650.00 about 3-5 years ago for a sport requiring a lot of equipment - which no one seemed to blink at. A sport requiring much the same equipment as football...whatever that sport might be. In this club world future as regards football, my sense is that a coach might benevolently "guide" a kid to certain universities via their shoe contracts and that the club fee for "that" kid might (as in "ABSOLUTELY") be "waived"....plus a truly, truly nominal (lest there be any doubt...outside of the IRS) referral fee for the "coach". Travel and club soccer (men and women), girl's softball, etc., etc., would, no doubt, be as clean as a whistle. Boy's football, basketball and baseball.............well.......
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    Just not gate receipts, but the whole 'pay to play' movement in government high school sports. Here is an example: https://www.a2schools.org/domain/1642 I can virtually guarantee that if the Pay to Participate fee at Frankfort High School was $200+ you would see participation plummet, most families simply do not have that kind of disposable income.
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    Tipton's QB got cocky and got shut down easily? He's the most humble kid I've ever been around. He also had over 300 yards of offense that game and was hands down the best player on the field. Also, you clearly haven't seen WL play or even checked their scores. Whole different animal!
  18. 1 point
    Chuck Pagano should be available. I am just throwing it out there. GB
  19. 1 point
    Your man Jay Graves going with the Trojans yet again. Im still thinking avon but ....... may be a real close one.
  20. 1 point
    This is a football forum, so naturally people will be biased towards the sport. But it is entirely true that "some" kids would not have any other way to learn the life lessons that they are able to through football. Why? Because football is the only sport/activity/hobby/interest that they enjoy. Just like there are "some" kids whose only way to learn those things are through band, chess club, cheerleading or any other sport/club you can think of. If some kids didn't have the opportunity to play football, they would make it in other ways by finding other things to do that interest them and they'd be okay. But I'd be willing to bet that a healthy number of kids wouldn't find that outlet in any other way and it could shape their lives in a completely negative way by not having the support that the game provides them. I am quite positive that is what Coach Ellenwood is getting at... I don't want to speak for him so I could be wrong, but I think most football coaches would agree. If a school has a program and can sustain it, be it through public funds or self-raised, they should have it. Just like they should have chess club, academic teams and any other sport imaginable. If it gives kids an outlet, it is a plus and should not be taken away.
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    Don’t disagree with the personnel being the same. However, the offensive approach and offensive play calling is night and day different this year, at least in my opinion. Everything is ultra-conservative. 3rd and long, we run draw or a route 4 yards from the first down marker. It’s almost as if IU is playing to have the defense win them the game. It’s a complete 180 from Wilson. Wilson was a riverboat gambler. It backfired more times than not, but you could be assured he was going to beat his opponent before he let them beat you. Case in point was the MSU game this year. IU leads 6-3 early in the 4th and is faced with a 4th and G from the 2. Allen and Co. kick a FG which I vehemently disagreed with. You’re a TD underdog on the road against a ranked team, win the ball game right there. Wilson 100% would have gone for it. Im sure there are more specific examples but to me the offensive approach is just night and day different.
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    Really?!? Awww, man! LOL I joined a couple years ago but usually only get on during tournament time. I spend hours reading this stuff! I wish there were more Concord fans on here, and the NLC in general.
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    Big congrats go out to the Spartans and Coach Bean on their 1st sectional title since 1993!! Good time to be a Spartan. Good luck next week against Woodlan!!
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    I won't say that CG will win, just because their play has been inconsistent. However, if CG does lose by more than 1 score, I will be very surprised. The only team to do that this year has been Ben Davis. No matter the outcome, I hope this is another classic between the two schools.
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    Based on someone's perspective of the situation or the information you may or may not know (I am not implying that I know any more about the situation than anyone else) I think someone could take this position for either Coach Coyle or the players involved...
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