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    As a big fan of HS football (have attended tourney games at Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Cathedral/Tech, Greenwood past 4 weeks), I'd love to be able to go to 2 or 3 Semistate games next weekend. Heck, 6 of the 12 games next Friday are within an hour of my house. And with the NCAA encroaching upon HS football with televised football games every Friday night & MANY basketball openers last night, fall Friday nights do not belong to HS football anymore. I am aware that a few tourney games are played on Saturdays due to distance (example: Ev Memorial-Lawrenceburg today). So how can we convince the IHSAA to work with all of the member schools to institute a 2-year trial with a staggered schedule for Regional & Semistate football? It would be great for neutral fans & coaches/players of area teams. I sat near some Roncalli players on a bye week at Beech Grove & some Whiteland kids at Greenwood. Most importantly, it would make it a lot easier for visiting fans to make a long drive (sometimes with a time zone switch) for a Saturday game instead of a Friday night game. And since the IHSAA gets the gate receipts for Reg/SS/State, it could benefit their coffers too. Wouldn't this be FANTASTIC next weekend? Avon at Ben Davis -- Fri 7pm. Columbus East at Cathedral -- Sat 2pm. Penn at Carmel -- Sat 7pm. I would absolutely go to all 3 of those games. Here's my idea. Keep the Sectional as-is since extended travel is relatively rare. But at the Regional & Semistate levels, split games into 3 time slots: Fri night, Sat early afternoon, Sat night. They already do something like this for Semistate basketball games so why not football? After a team advances & knows their next opponent/game location, each team submits their time slots ranked 1-2-3 to the IHSAA by Sunday morning. At that point, the IHSAA football committee gets together to determine the following week's schedule based upon each team's time slot rankings, travel distance, days between games for each team, nearby tourney games & nearby college games. On Monday, the IHSAA announces the day/time of each game for the following weekend. I think the positives would outweigh any potential negatives that could be viewed as an unfair advantage (1 extra day to rest & prepare for 1 team over the other, the opportunity to scout in person if you win on Friday & your next opponent plays on Saturday). Obviously, the football committee would need to get buy-in & approval to try this out & agreement from all member schools to accept the committee's scheduling decisions.
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    Agree 100% tango! Win or lose, respect is the name of the game, Memorial is a classy quality football team, and so is Lawrenceburg!! My hat is off to them for having a great football season... best to Memorial next week!
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    I like reading BobRef's opinion and really respect all that he has done for the game and his judgement is usually spot on. I disagree on this one 1000%. Once the kicker dropped the ball and started to move to his right it was not certain that he was going to kick it. The defender coming in is trying to tackle him like he would a runner. I've asked several officials and everyone that I've asked says "no call". It is a bang bang call and in real time you have to make a decision but once he drops the ball like that and starts to move it's gonna have to be really late to be a foul. This doesn't, to me look like a foul.
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    Prior to the season we knew Cathedral would face a tough schedule, but look how it has turned out. I would venture to say this is one of the top 15 schedules in the nation. Here are there out of state games and results… (10-2) Saint X, Kentucky- Lost 28-35- They are in 2-0 in playoffs and two games away from state title. (11-1) King, Michigan- Lost 35-38- They are 3-0 in playoffs and in final four. (11-1) Pickerington Central, Ohio- Lost 20-25- They are 3 seed and play the 5 seed rival they already beat for chance to go to final four in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division one class. (11-1) Saint X, Ohio- Lost 7-31- They are the 1 seed in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division one class and 2-0 in the payoffs. (8-3) Ryle, Kentucky- Won 24-17- Ryle lost first round in an upset. (10-2) Saint Edward, Ohio- Lost 10-38-Lost second round in Ohio’s ultra-tough Division 1 class in a mild upset. Look at the teams they’ve played in state and in the post season.. Chatard and Center Grove who are always tough. Roncalli- defending state champs. Decatur Central 10-1 impressive team, and now they face Col. East! WOW…I am not tooting their horn on purpose but dang. Does playing this type of schedule hurt them in the long run with injuries and having to battle it out against future college football players nearly every single Friday night?
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    Good Lord! LB was a great team. #7 was a beast....LB fans were very gracious. #respect
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    *highest rated skill position player. Emil Ekiyor and McGrone from LC are the two highest rated players in the state but would guess they don’t have a shot at winning. My guess is that it goes to Reese Taylor from BD.
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    I see your point but most losses were very close. And to lose a close game against several nationally ranked teams is not a loss in my eyes.
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    stinky stinky stink 1...2...3 we thought you ,were going to be nas-ty .. We should have given ,you a tip splung some caves on your way to salvage your trip cause when you got here the trauma did start And we tore your little team apart
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    So what? Cathedral’s schedule has absolutely no bearing on where they are classified. Cathedral could play the Colts every week or Broad Ripple every week and it still wouldn’t change the fact that Cathedral is a 4A school playing in 5A due to the success factor. Cathedral did not accumulate the necessary points to stay in 6A. Cathedral is not the only school under this criteria either.
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    The east side holds 2,500. That was our side the last time you all came to Town. This year we switch sides to the west side. It holds 2,000. Be safe driving to Fort Wayne. Good luck to the Red Devils. Where can one find video of some of your games? You can see some of ours on YouTube. Search for summitcity sports. I love to study film before i give my 2 cents.
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    Regardless if you love or hate them, you have to give them credit. They could schedule all indiana teams, weak teams, etc... and likely go undefeated or only lose a few games each year. But they don’t, they test themselves.
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    Concordia Lutheran's Fred Zollner Memorial Stadium: West Side, Home Bleacher seating: East Side, Visitor Bleacher Seating:
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    man this looks like it could be a 6A schedule and the Irish are just a tiny 4A school. How ever do they survive.
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    The problem with objective standards is that they are subject to the will and opinion of terribly unreliable human brains, which are wired to different humans.
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    I’ve now looked at the punt play. That’s roughing, not running into, the kicker. If you’re going to hit the kicker while attempting to block the punt, you better get the ball, too. Here, although the contact is on the kicking leg, which is not considered as serious as contact on the plant leg, the severity of the contact warrants a personal foul. The kicker never did anything to give the impression he was going to do anything other than kick the ball. That makes it roughing. Yeah. And we should make the QBs wear tutus. And while you’re at it, get off of my lawn.
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    I looked at the video. That is a dead ball personal foul for unnecessary roughness 100% of the time. Keep in mind that one of the specific examples of a “defenseless player,” is “A runner already in the grasp of a tackler and whose forward progress has been stopped.” Thus, what we have here is a defenseless player getting his head slammed into the turf. Easy call.
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    It just reminded me of Major League Baseball umpires who really think fans pay to see them with their antics. Joe West, Las Diaz, Angel Hernandez come to mind. The game is suppose to be for the kids with officials mediating to keep things fair and objective at all times. if anyone really thinks that players, coaches, and to a lessor extent fans want to see a micro managed game with a slow pace of play because of multiple marginal penalty calls then they are sadly mistaken. Again, Carmel won congrats to them, no sour grapes from me on that, my issue was with the crappy quality of officiating and inconsistent at best enforcement of the rules. If a punt is partially blocked, running into the kicker can’t be called. Holding can’t be called on one play and then you let a holding go that results in a long run when literally the offensive lineman tackles a defender trying to make a tackle. When a player is clearly on the ground and a defender dives into a defenseless player helmet first, last I checked that was spearing. No, all these calls were not against Snider so save that argument. As I have said from the beginning, it was a poorly officiated game for BOTH sides.
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    Congrats to Eastbrook for advancing to the Semi-State. Congrats to Mississinewa for a great season. Many thought they would never get out of sectional and to take a very good Greenwood team to wire was impressive. Greenwood players said that Mississinewa was the best team that they had played all year. Coach Funk said "They got the respect of Indianapolis football tonight. They know who Mississinewa football is now." Mississinewa advanced starting several sophomore's and junior's. The future is bright for Mississinewa.
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    Are the underlying digs and snide rude comments really necessary on a Sophomore QB? I've seen several snide comments from you and its immature at times. I don't see anything positive out of degrading backhanded comments. Support your team. Brag how you feel your teams big o-line will play or how you feel your team will win. Heck spill your dislike of the opposing team or even make your predictions. Just remember there are 15-18 year old kids playing and there is absolutely no need in making degrading backhanded comments about players.
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    I remember a game, 2007? That Tyler Eifert about beat us by himself. They have been good games. Hoping this will be a Saturday game. Has anyone heard anything?
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    Wow, Webo fans showing some true colors here..... Ronnie, I know the Tipton QB and he is one of the most humble kids that I have ever met. You're acting like the Tipton QB stole your girlfriend.....
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    Yep. You heard exactly what I heard, Indyyjr.
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    I disagree!! I don't think Eastbrook will lose for the rest of the season!
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    Romeo and Garland both are looking more and more like IU may be at the top of their favorites, or at least their parents preferred choice. Crossing my fingers IU can pull in both great prospects with hoosier ties.
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