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    Pre Season favorites: 1a: Pioneer 2a: Mater Dei Southridge 3a: Memorial 4a: East Central 5a: Columbus East 6a: Warren Central
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    Just curious if anyone noticed anything "odd" about the 2 point conversion? It was just brought to my attention yesterday. hint: right tackle.
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    Leaving Harrison HS out of the topic of Lafayette area football? shameful. Terry Peebles is doing great things with that program.
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    This practice is so widespread thats it's a ridiculous notion to start identifying specific programs by name. I see it at every level every time I watch a game. High school, college and pro. I am watching less football now than at any time since I became a fan. The Bro/Highly Politicized culture of todays game has turned away many of the casual fans, myself included.
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    Congratulations to all the honorees!! It would be truly awesome if somebody (maybe Titan32?) could get a charity game scheduled between the All-SIAC and All-PAC teams at Reitz Bowl. That would be a heck of a fun day and could help fill up food pantries, coat closets and/or toy chests for a lot of people in SW Indiana who really need help this time of year. Are there rules against that sort of thing? Two thoughts about All-SIAC... I know the vote took place either shortly before or during Wk 1 of the tournament, but I think Memorial's RB Kenyon Ervin deserved 1st team honors. He got very little recognition all year because of the huge yards being put up by Evans from Central (who is a tremendous RB). IMO Memorial does not win state without him, and maybe wouldn't have gotten past Gibson Southern in the Sectional. He is a tough, selfless player, the best blocking RB I've seen in quite a while, and will be very, very difficult to replace next year. Also, any kid who thinks it is too late to come out for football need look no further than Memorial's Max Spradlin. He hadn't played for 3 years, and a few of us started putting an all-out press on him about this time last year to convince him to come back out for football. When we lost our #1 WR for the year in Wk.1 against Jasper, his decision to come back out became huge and he had a very solid year.
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    Nick Hart hired in at Gibson Southern in 2012 at 26 years of age. He is 67-9 in those 6 seasons. No Bro culture here. http://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2017/07/26/hart-back-another-year-3a-power-gibson-southern/104012162/
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    The adrenaline dump, playing condition climate, fluid intake...all has to be taken into consideration when playing later into the year at LOS. Better believe experience plays a big part in preparation for those. This. What is legal, is legal. OL coaches teach proper technique/angles for issuing and DL coaches teach proper technique for defending...Or in most 1A/2A football, the line coach handles both
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    Start naming programs that have young head coaches that have allowed themselves to be ran by the players and the bro culture? I just don't buy this in any way shape or form. Some will point to KV this past 2 years, but those issues were ongoing with a seasoned guy in Coach Stewart. Danville? Lafayette Jeff? A couple young 30 somes doing some good work there. Sam Zachary, last year at this time was a College student at SJC, currently in his 1st off season as HC at Tri County at age 22 or 23 . Was his success this past year because his "bro culture" ?? How young is young in these comments ? 30s? 40s? 20s? Do not misinterpret excitement for bro culture Example: PU/IU game right before kickoff, these are 18-21 year olds mostly and both sidelines are up and after it EXCITED for the game. I see this in HS level too. Is that meaning those teams that are excited fall under the category of Bro Culture? Again, not buying this in any form.
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    A 1 year statistical anomaly, would normally generate study into the cause if it's once in a ten year cycle. Since the stakeholders haven't changed you can logically conclude they had minimal impact personally on the change. To your last line, thank you for proving my point that attendance drop is largely due to the location of the teams involved this year. Since we are talking about this as an issue 1 out of 10 years the smarter course of action would be to not alter the system to adjust for the 1 year, while ignoring the successes of the other 9 years.
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    There are several factors for the decline but the most noticeable was the lack of Indy Metro teams in the tourney this year. In 2016 there were 5 teams from Marion or a Doughnut county in the finals, this year only 2 and 1 of those was a private school. That has a major impact on the number of attendees. A 60% drop in local fans is not going to be offset by the increase in fans an hour or more away from the metro area...just isn't.
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    Comparing any State Finals to 2008 is disingenuous. Lucas Oil Stadium opened in August of 2008, so the huge inflation in attendance in 2008 State Finals is a direct result of the first year it was held at Lucas Oil Stadium and the interest of people even with no affiliation with the teams playing of seeing games from Lucas Oil. Attendance is down I agree with that, but you likely will never see the numbers matched from 2008 State Finals unless another new stadium were built down the road. I actually 100% disagree that the declining attendance of the State Finals has to do with overall antipathy or football participation. I think a majority of the reason has been discussed less teams from the Indy area (to some people from afar it is not in their budget to drive to Indy and pay the money). I think it also has to do with some of the teams being from small town who have a great following from their town but it's just a small town. The 2 teams that brought big crowds were Ben Davis (Indy area team) and Evansville Memorial (any Evansville area team usually brings a large crowd). I think a big reason why there was a larger number last year was because Center Grove and Carmel were playing each other both brought large followings. Now the reason I think attendance is down is convenience, the games are televised and some people would rather watch from the comfort of their own home rather than: spend money on gas, spend money on tickets, spend money on the very high concessions. Just my opinion, but I definitely do not think it has anything to do with antipathy towards football.
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    My personal opinion is that much of the rise of Indiana HS football can be tied to the overarching influence of Peyton Manning...you guys up North and South can feel free to disagree but his influence in Central Indiana (accordant with the Colts success) was seminal in my opinion to the growth in popularity v. Basketball. Frankly, my opinion is that he provided a launching pad. How we stay in orbit is another question.
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    Westfield lost at Regionals in 2015. So they only had 5 success points, 6 are needed to move up due to success points. When Columbus East first moved to 5A it was for both enrollment and success factor reasons, so it can happen, just not in Westfields case. Really the only difference is if success factor was one reason you moved up, you will stay in new class if you obtain 3 success points, regardless of enrollment. We did get that, but our enrollment also kept us in 5A (even if we were upset in sectionals and our enrollment dipped to 4A, we'd continue in 5A due to success points from winning state, won't happen our enrollment will keep us 5A again and may go to 6A bc success factors, but just showing hypothetical). Westfields enrollment is well into 6A. No going back for them.
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    My biggest question is when BD wins another, where do they put it on the north fieldhouse - it's full. :)
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    Final standings. Congrats @Gonzoron Gonzoron 77 Old Bruin 76 ED78 75 franktonite4life 74 djbowzz 74 Giantbeareagle80 72 PantherPride 71 Blitzkrieg 70 Indiansfootball2013 61 Jrlittleman 60 RiverRat99 59 CIC Football 59 Chiefflyinbearcatinsox 58 ArgyllNation 53
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    I don’t think the reason the success factor is in place is any secret. Do I think it has been good for high school football is another question entirely. The answer to me is a qualified yes. I don’t think it is a perfect choice, but I have not seen a better alternative. Do I think it has been effective? Again, a qualified yes. Will it go back to business as usual when teams return to their original class? In some cases the answer for now is no. Is the object of this rule to prevent PP schools from advancing in the state tournament? No, I think the object is to make it more difficult for them to advance EVERY year or most years.
  17. 1 point
    I was once told with a straight face, “We just have better coaching”. If everyone uses the same success factor, why do you think it targets private schools?
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    Or the “work harder” phrase the public teams were told.
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    The promotion and regulation we have is not at all similar to what @Muda69 is/has suggested. In that format, similar to that of the English football league system, teams are promoted and regulated based on their on field results. The difference between that setup and what we have now is the fact that Indiana high school football does not "regulate" teams/schools based on their on field results. Example, if North Central (Indianapolis) would go 0-10 year after year, they would never drop to 5A, because their ENROLLMENT is what keeps them at 6A. And with an enrollment of 3,772 students (3rd biggest in the state), it'd be A LONG TIME or some sort of great migration north side of Indianapolis before they ever dropped to a 5A level. With the English football league system, currently the bottom 3 (out of 20) teams from the Premier League (the HIGHEST league) are regulated to the 2nd division, the English Football League Championship to compete the next season. The top 3 teams from the 2nd division are then promoted to the Premier League to compete for the next season, and so on and so forth.
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    Appreciate it bro. I want all teams to get in because there is no qualification system that is unbiased in high school football, I'd be in total favor of a qualification system that really did the job right but to this day I haven't seen one. And I don't see how I'm trying to get it both ways, if you want a shot at a state championship then sign up for the playoffs and go, but if you don't want your Hot Dawgs to be in the playoff because they might be beaten badly they don't have to, play your 9 regular season games, get your participation trophy and strap on those basketball sneakers big guy.
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    I do think fewer Indy teams is a factor in low attendance. The Pacers are always in town the same weekend, and the holiday festivities on the circle are the same weekend, so casual Indy fans, with the nice weather, probably chose other options for the weekend this year. Smaller communities being represented in the finals would also contribute to lower attendance. As far as Westfield moving up; attendance may have gotten them to 6A, but they won State and lost in the Semi State the year before. Snider HS moved up to 6A and did the exact same thing.....oddly enough, crossing paths with Westfield both seasons. They lost to them in Semi State last year and won State the year before. The success factor moved them up to 6A; so I don't know how it would not have done the same thing to Westfield.
  22. -1 points
    Yes please. It's often not a fun situation for either side in a blow out.
  23. -1 points
    Has to be one of the most retarded post I've read on this forum . I guess we play the games on paper now . Alabama was better than Auburn on paper too .
  24. -1 points
    I guess the wink emoji didn't convey the message. No sour grapes here. We had a great season and beat some very solid teams..... like Rensselaer 😉 (that's a joke for all you bozos that don't understand). My prediction for next year is the winner of Sectional 35 will be playing in the Semi-State. 👍
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    Uh, we will never, ever look past Gibson Southern. In fact, like this year, I think that will be the game in the back of everyone's mind starting in August... Good Lord... 55 seniors? That is almost beyond belief...
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