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    If you were a Big 10 caliber player and had options, why would you go to Indiana or Purdue anyway?
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    My wife and I use one of these at home....oak provincial headboard and all. I find her to be more coherent and lucid. Thanks Guardian!
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    LOL! Man, things change fast in 1 year. I guess my $3,600 stipend was holding them back from some real improvements. Glad to see they could put the money to good use! It is a good job, with great administrators. But believe me; for the 6 years I was there, things weren't nearly so progressive. Best of Luck to whomever gets the job!
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    This is the 3rd strike for this kid. Suspended after an arrest for weed before the start of the 2016 season. Suspended the first 4 games of 2017 for a violation of team rules. Now this. It never ceases to amaze me how some kids seem determined to squander a golden opportunity. I hope he gets his act together. I just don’t think it should be at Notre Dame. http://www.wndu.com/content/news/Stepherson-Holmes-suspended-from-Notre-Dame-football-team-following-arrest-465505893.html
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    This is primarily an aftereffect of the talent deficit in Indiana. No real surprise. The Duneland Conference hasn't produced a Power 5 calibre player in years. Merrillville used to have 2 or 3 per season. Huge talent dropoff
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    Some pictures of new stuff going in at MV.
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    Very proud to have 5 Michigan City players named 5A AP All-State. Wolves QB Michael McCoullough Jr. was also named offensive player of the year by all four area newspapers, The Times of Northwest Indiana, Post-Tribune, Michigan City News-Dispatch and La Porte Herald Argus. Michael is either going to attend the University of Indianapolis or Ferris State which is really cool with me because Grand Valley State plays and I am going to be a GVSU season ticket holder the next few years. It is also worth sharing that the entire Michigan City Wolves football team and players were named in an official proclamation of recognition this week.
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    Not too long ago the pipe-line to IU and Purdue was pretty apparent. While both struggled to get 5 star in-state guys, they normally would fill close to half of their class with in-state guys. Especially Indiana. Yesterday however, it appears that only 7 in-state players signed with IU or Purdue, and 3 of those players were from one school (Ben Davis). 7 out of 46, is pretty disappointing.
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    That is the question, how many total compared to previous years, or compared to average over a time period. Perhaps the talent at the HS level in Indiana is above average, so kids are getting better offers than bottom dwelling B1G teams?
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    https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2018/all-teams/Football Reviewing the attached rankings upon close of early December signing period, the Big Ten recruiting results are clearly broken down into 4 distinct tiers, as follows: Teams with average star rankings, : Tier 1 - Elite Ohio State - 3.86 (Meyer just continues to reload) Penn State - 3.73 (Franklin is a master recruiter) Tier 2 - High Mid Michigan - 3.32 (Meyer and Franklin are kicking Harbaugh's behind) Nebraska - 3.31 (Very solid considering late coaching change) Maryland - 3.22 (DJ Durkin is making a killing in recruit fertile DC area - program is on the rise) Michigan State - 3.20 (Dantonio quietly continues to get the job done) Tier 3 - Low Mid Iowa - 3.18 (Solid effort by this staff, considering slim pickings in state) Wisconsin - 3.05 (They get the most bang for their buck) Minnesota - 3.04 (PJ Fleck keeping the Gophers competitive, with room to grow) Northwestern - 3.0 (Chicago continues to produce home grown talent and Fitz is getting them) Tier 4 - Bottom Indiana - 2.79 (Looks like a typical IU class. Can Allen coach them up?) Rutgers - 2.78 (Ash still trying to win New Jersey, not there yet.) Purdue - 2.63 (Not a strong result for Brohm, perhaps this held him back on other coaching opps.) Illinois - 2.63 (Abysmal. Lovie is not loving the recruiting game.) Other observations : * There are 19 5 Star recruits on the list. Georgia (6) and Clemson (4) signed 10 of them. WOW!. Kirby and Dabo are tearing it up. * Kirby Smart is in the process of moving the Georgia program past Alabama and into the top spot in the SEC. He is much younger than Saban and apparently outworking his former mentor. * Dave Doeren did a bang up job for NC State. Doeren tried hard to get out of Raleigh but apparently this class kept him around a bit longer. * Mark Stoops at Kentucky and Derek Mason at Vandy doing a nice job in a tough league. * Who greats credit for the great 3.5 rating at Texas A&M? Sumlin or Jimbo? * Tom Herman cleaned house at Texas. The Horns will be back on top of the Big 12 very soon. * Notre Dame and Miami running neck and neck . Catholics vs Convicts both on and off the field.
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    That my friend will probably never happen as long as they play in the NCC.
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    BTW That was a REAL fb game. Natural grass. Elements. TRUE student-athletes. LOVE IT! And, option fb.....none of this spread nonsense.
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    Nice article in the Daily Journal about Aukerman’s last game for Army Saturday in the Armed Forces Bowl http://www.dailyjournal.net/2017/12/21/alex_aukerman_feature__dec_21/
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    Congratulations to the following NLC players who made 1st Team or Honorable Mention AP All-State in their respective classes: 6A LB Lane McClone, Warsaw (Honorable Mention) 5A P Josh Gorball, Concord (1st Team) OL Grant Magnum, Concord (Honorable Mention) OL Steven Worlds, Goshen (Honorable Mention) 4A OL Elisha Tipping, Wawasee (1st Team) OL Michah Yoder, Northridge (1st Team) DB Connor Utley, Northridge (1st Team) DL Will Ingle, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) LB Nate LaFree, Plymouth (Honorable Mention) DB DeAndre Smart, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) DB Bronson Yoder, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) Awesome to see so many athletes from the conference honored at this level. Every team besides Elkhart Memorial had a representative, which is also pretty cool.
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    I think if a player wins the Mr. Football Award at his position, he probably ought to be good enough to be the class representative at said position for the AP All State team.
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    Coach KJ, Yeah, I'm pretty sure for now. 27 years is long enough for me. I'm not 35, or even 45, anymore. The 12 hour days were wearing me out. Just no energy for family life during football season, which now starts on June1st. Who knows, maybe when I retire from my "real job" I will be able to just focus on football. We'll see... But honestly, I didn't miss it at all this past season. I was able to do some color commentary for local radio and TV games, so I'm still involved. Coach Nowlin, You may know more about it than I do. Perhaps things changed after I left that you are aware of and I am not. When I was there, the only indoor facility we had was the gym during thunder storms. I'm just basing my opinion on the things I saw when I was there; water damage to the football building due to a leaky roof, mold issues in the building, a 40 year old sled and only 4 handheld dummies that were usable. The rest were broken, water logged or had no handles left. I admit the term "above average" is subjective, but I did use the word "above". As for how many "grades" above average, I guess I'll let you make your own decision when you tour the facilities. I assume you will be applying?
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    I played for Coach Monken at Concordia River Forest back in 1996. He was our OL coach. Good man. Helped me as a QB understand all facets of the entire offensive option scheme. He and Coach Britton taught me a lot about football. Man was I blessed!
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    Ill be happy to buy you a beer when these overwhelmingly positive results turn in to wins on the field. I'll give him credit when he has some tangible results to celebrate Iu and Minnesota are both in the top 40 more due to the qty of the recruits than the quality. A real concern. Maryland has "6" 4* recruits at this point. IU has one. This is a real point of differentiation, and one that will create big separation between the two programs. You need to dig a little deeper into the numbers before you start doing cartwheels over this class. By the time signing period is over, this class will likely finish 12th or lower in the B10 and around #60 nationally. BTW - I noticed that Derek Mason at Vandy also had a boatload of 4* recruits, and Minnesota had three. Its a big deal. Those are future NFL players.
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    Looking forward to seeing the final recruiting results. Hope they mesh with your optimism. Im skeptical. Allen's recruiting chops are even more critical to the success of this program than are his coaching skills.
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    You have these guys for at least 3 years, they can develop you know? What's wrong with having healthy competition to push yourself? I'd rather have 3 good QBs than 1 good QB who isn't being pushed for his job, how naive is that? IU just signed a 4* RB, the highest rated recruit IU has ever signed in the modern era of recruiting sites. Weren't you just bitching about RB's? IU returns all five of their OL next year and just signed OT who chose IU over MSU, Louisville, West Virgina, Virginia Tech and Pitt.
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    Its a question of recruiting philosophy. IU is not Ohio State. We will never have 4* guys backed up 3 deep at each position. Too much competition at one position can be counterproductive. IU has bigger needs than QB at this time. I thought Ramsey was supposed to be the next savior. Now we have a new QB to consider every week.
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    Yeah, we have heard this BS before. I'm not interested in seeing anymore 5-9, 165 lb corners in the IU secondary when we are facing 6-3, 215 lb wide receivers. Great matchup! Get a clue pal. IU is nowhere near "the best teams". We need to know and accept who we are and recruit accordingly. Find your QB and commit to him. There are gaping holes all over this roster. Great. We will have 5 big shot high school quarterbacks and a MAC level offensive and defensive line. That equates to 1-8 in the Big Ten all day long.
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    The Rivals 4-star QB chooses the Hoosiers over FSU and South Florida big get for Tom Allen and the Hoosiers
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    Definitely throws a wrench into scheduling since Washington and Marian will have to find new opponents for week 3 and week 1 respectively but overall I think it is a good move for the conference and those schools. NP wasn't gaining anything from playing the southern schools. They may not go unbeaten in the regular season but they will be better for it in the playoffs. Clay needed a lifeline and this is all the conference could do for them at this point. Contraction is a real possibility for Clay, especially with yet another coaching search in full swing and Clay not having any feeder schools due to Focus 2018. I think the writing is on the wall but time will tell.
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