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    Ehh....until you answer my question from weeks ago, what your bringing to the table just seems weak Plus the increase in school functions like graduation that can be held on them with no concern for wear and tear. I know schools that rent it out and make money, even one school that held a country music concert on their field. Many communities the field is open to the public to use when school teams are not using it. Tons of benefits...tons.
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    Maybe others from schools who have turf in already, but I do know that in the long run; over the course of say 10 years, the turf ends up being a savings. The amount of time and money involved in maintaining the grass; cutting, watering, seeding, aerating, etc. costs quite a bit more over that 10 year period than the maintenance of the turf does. I would add that getting the 4 fields done at once provides a significant savings to the district; to the point that we are basically getting a 4 for the price of 3 deal.
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    At what percentage is the crossover point from extravance to reasonable. When 25% of schools posses turf fields? 50%? There was a time I’m sure some viewed air conditioning and indoor plumbing as extravagances. Eventually convenience and function often win out.
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    Somehow this is all Memorial and MD's fault.
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    Im not aware of any indication that football participation has dwindled significantly in EACS, or NE Indiana in general. Perhaps there is, but I don’t see it. It would seem that prep football is as vibrant as it’s ever been around the area. I don’t see how NFL ratings have to do with prep football (which by the way I’m not sure if they are taking into account how many younger people consume content nowadays (social media, YouTube, etc)). If anything it has to do with oversaturated television programming by the NFL.
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    Get some new material it’s a new year.
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    I think it's awesome for them to see these improvements especially for a smaller school like Woodlan. I know my LCC (Lima) friends will enjoy making that trip that much more with a nicer playing surface. Hopefully that match up continues. The turf in general just promotes the additional use, for youth leagues, tournaments, if you share it with soccer, it just will be used all the time where it wouldn't This again turns to a philosophical debate on physical education, sport, and extra curricular benefits for students in public schools and how they're funded and it wears thin I know to some, but it is a good conversation. Views usually are very opinionated strongly one way or another and that's fine but common ground is the middle whether anyone is there or not. It's the balance. Regarding educating oneself on our state constitution on education in section 1, it says "by all suitable means, moral, intellectual, scientific and agricultural improvement". By all suitable means...doesn't say in a classroom box, in a flat roof school, in one with a terrazzo foyer, online only, by a teacher, professor, or doctor, it says by all suitable means, moral and intellectual improvement shall be provided. To me that reads very simply if you believe kids are learning something on the athletic field.
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    Kinda my point right? Is it wise to view everything through the lens of a pro-market libertarian?
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    You can believe what you want, obviously. I’ll pass on educating myself, but thanks for the suggestion. I understand where you are coming from, I just don’t think it’s wise to be entrenched in a one size fits all orthodoxy. My thoughts are still the same. The public school uses public funds provided by the public taxpayer, and the public taxpayer can initiate processes to counteract/respond to what is done by the public school if they don’t like it. If enough of them don’t like it, something can be done.
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    Because that is the whole idea of a “public” school. It is funded by taxpayer money, and therefore extensions of the school is also, and should be, funded by taxpayer money. If residents of a school system do not like how funds are used, or the decisions that are made, etc there are multiple ways to respond to it. School board elections, petitions, etc etc. That’s how a democratic public social contract operates. I don’t see an extracurricular activity being completely separate from the school experience, as it seems you may.
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    Why have extracurricular/non-classroom activities? For just a child’s game, a significant amount of people sure do care about it, attend the games, read Saturday morning press, spend decades dedicating themselves to it, and have discussions on an Internet message board.
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    In what way would you consider this to be a “wasteful spending” or an “extravagance”? Just curious. This. There have been talks/rumors of this for years in EACS for years now.
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    Where is the funding for such an extravagance coming from? EDIT: never mind: http://www.journalgazette.net/news/local/schools/20180102/4-eacs-high-schools-to-get-synthetic-turf-fields That is a lot of money to spend without public input on what such a project is to entail, especially with millions going to an extracurricular/non-classroom activity. hmm: http://www.eacs.k12.in.us/district_info/community_meetings_-_september_2015/responses_to_frequently_asked_questions/athletics "not re" what?
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    Or in Memorial's case...non-Catholics....lol
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    Giants, not even close. Mara Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> McCaskey Family. And then add in the Bears President, Ted Phillips, knows absolutely nothing about football, hard pass.
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    Agree on Alabama I think Georgia will be emotionally spent after the Oklahoma 2 OT thriller. Great game Might be a Tide blowout. Two very deserving teams. Atlanta will be on fire for the game. The concentration of talent at Bama, Georgia and Clemson is insane. They almost make Ohio State look like a JV team. Watching those two games might give Urban Meyer nightmares and chase Jim Harbaugh back to the friendlier confines of the NFL.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe it matters in High School football if the pass is "catchable" or not. Pass interference can still be called.
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    Neither team looked that impressive to me. Lots of mistakes, fumbles not caused by hits, bad passes on both sides. I think Chatard should be back on top in 3A after this game.
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    Hamilton Heights-43, Sheridan, 0 4:43, 4th qtr.
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    HH-36, Sheridan-0. early 4th qtr
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    The timing on this is a little odd. The big football stadium seating and field turf boom occurred over the past 10 years and has slowed recently. Lots of empty, overbuilt facilities now litter the states public school campuses. Participation is declining, which is clearly documented. NFL viewership suffered another double digit ratings decline in 2017, a clear indicator that interest is declining at all levels. Many schools around the country have decided to shutter their prep football programs. More are sure to follow. Some in Indiana will surely shutdown. Others have already. So with all indicators pointing down sharply, why does EACS choose to go in the opposite direction, clearly against the prevailing winds? Is it a decision that was heavily influenced by the recent success of some of these schools? Or was this a long term planning and budget initiative?
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    The issue doesn't go away It only gets more pervasive.
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    Quite the expenditure as we enter the contraction era. Good thing these schools collectively have a strong competitive profile.
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