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    I never made the claim that turf does. The burden is on you. I didn't even say it wasn't an extravagance. I simply asked you to tell me when an extravagance becomes the norm/acceptable based on function, similar to the examples I gave. For a large part of american educational history students walked to school. In recent decades the majority of students ride busses. Something in the 20's or 30's would've been viewed as an extravagance. Eventually function won out. Today districts have entire departments focused on transportation a major line item for a district. Something unheard of for 150 years of american education. I simply again will ask at what point does function win out. While turf fields are not cheap, they do offer districts a lot in return. While they may have qualified as an extravagance in 2000, in 2018, I'm not sure you can make that argument anymore.
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    https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2018/01/08/doyel-blackford-freshman-phenom-taking-whole-town-joy-ride/1013220001/ So the best players are not home grown talent, but move-ins. Something tells me the "something special" at Blackford will be relatively short lived. And getting a head coaching job by promising to have the families of two above average players transfer to Blackford? More proof that the IHSAA's transfer rules are a joke. These children's families enrolled them at Blackford to play basketball, nothing more, nothing less.
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    I thought your bro culture had something to do with how coaches interact with their players. This was a fight. How is this the same thing?
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    There would have been a better outcome if Brohio had played Broklahoma.
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    Also, depending on which side QB is on, or pass is going, maybe get some help from wing official. I know if wing official is on line and play is on opposite side, they can possibly help out and see where the lineman is when pass is thrown.
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    I realize that it is not an officiating rule, but would love to see the IHSAA drop the 300-mile ban on travel.
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    I would love statistical proof that indoor plumbing increases reading scores. Using this logic I assume you are against schools possessing pools, auditoriums, Weight rooms, and student common spaces.
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    just saw an amazing stat: If Bama wins tonight, every single player Saban has recruited since 1999 has won a National Championship. MERCY
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    We'll see....we still have some tough teams to deal with. We also can be very cold shooters at times.
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    Would love to be able to cut on the perimeter.
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    heard at our Region Meeting that 2 rules being talked about by the higher ups are...1) a change to Intentional Grounding...not sure what that change would be...and 2) discussions on making all cut blocks illegal no matter when or where they occur......I don't mind the 'down field' hold enforcement.....don't think a wr hold way downfield on..say..a 40 yard run should be previous spot...seems like a pretty harsh penalty...if it occurred close to runner being down..that could basically be a 50ish yard walk off...
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    Enforcement of a holding penalty that occurs behind the neutral zone on a pass play should be changed to the previous spot, not spot of the foul.
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    I miss Mugg-n-pye. Seems like people were either all dawghouse or all Mugg-n-pye. I was certainly a Mugg-n-pye guy and was sad to see it go. Still very good eats at Dawghouse! Dawg House's breadsticks though!!!
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    Maybe others from schools who have turf in already, but I do know that in the long run; over the course of say 10 years, the turf ends up being a savings. The amount of time and money involved in maintaining the grass; cutting, watering, seeding, aerating, etc. costs quite a bit more over that 10 year period than the maintenance of the turf does. I would add that getting the 4 fields done at once provides a significant savings to the district; to the point that we are basically getting a 4 for the price of 3 deal.
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    Dabo will most likely go back to Bama when Sabans tenure is over so I am not sure the storyline changes too much.
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    Judging from the looks of your schedule you might not ever find yourself attending a Monrovia Football game but if you were to head to Gordon Hadley field in the future Dawg House Pizza right on main Street (just a stones throw from the HS and field) is a MUST still the best pizza I have ever had pretty cool small town restaurant atmosphere as well. I live in Indy now but my wife and I get a little nostalgic about once a month and make the trek in for it!
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