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    Personally I think the battle of Antietam was a bigger turning point in the Civil War than the battle of Gettysburg.
  2. 4 points
    How does everyone feel about Bill Belichick? Personally, I've become a fan of his over the years. I got to see him speak at a clinic last year and he is outstanding. What does everyone else think?
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    Kramer is the most fascinating character on Seinfeld- Elaine is a close 2nd.
  4. 3 points
    Fuller House is a nice attempt at an old classic, but will never be Full House.
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    I agree the new version of Ducktales is significantly inferior to the original.
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    Grave Digger or Big Foot. Which is the better monster truck?
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    No they are all BNL Stars... just as they currently are for middle school golf tennis wrestling Very fair assessment however I’m not sure Farmers and Bearcats have had enough to have a full squad practice and it’s been iffy at times for Stonecutters as they’ve had to practice with 7th & 8th combined. When my boys were at Oolitic they had no problem fielding teams either. Shawswick has for several years. But overall enrollment is down as we’ll combine that with mothers worries about head injuries and kids gravitating to one sport and it’s becoming a problem. Thankfully Weber is very encouraging of his student athletes playing multiple sports. I’m not sure how encouraging other coaches have been though, although there are several young men playing both football and basketball currently.
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    I think the Amish are likely to get electric before an FWCS school gets turf. I like the idea for conference alignment and championship. I think the TRC does a conference match up based on in conference record. Seems like a fun idea.
  9. 1 point
    Bedford North Lawrence has officially combined the three middle schools into one football team. I find this to be a positive move for the program as the kids will be running the exact same offense from 7th grade on up. We at had a middle school running the Wing-T as recently as 3 years ago. Interested however in the pros & cons of it. Number have been an issue in the two smaller middle schools and there wasn't enough to field both 7th and 8th grade teams but the biggest positive is Coach Weber having complete control of the program. We've had a "travel team" that has played in Indy Public School league the past several years and that has been a huge success but not every kid can pay to play. It's made a noticeable diffence however IMO they will continue to compete in the spring league it appears which is very important becuase the parochial school St. Vincent's runs through 8th grade and doesn't field a football team so it has been very important giving kids an opportunity to play during their 7th & 8th grade years. https://www.tmnews.com/shared/free-access-school-board-oks-unified-football-program/article_3a072cea-fd43-11e7-a1f0-37630a25482c.html
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    He had already retired. Good fellows just set in his ways as was another problem with the three separate Middle School programs. Actually the last coach at OMS seemed to do his best to run the High School system to the best of his ability.
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    I have coached against Oolitic for the past 5 years. There have been years where they could not field one team and then years where there were literally 30+ kids on their sideline but they only wanted to play one game?? It has always seemed rather odd to me. What do you guys mean when you say that Coach Weber is just now getting his hands on the program?? Was he really not allowed to be involved with the middle schools at all before this consolidation? Alot of unknowns from an outsider.
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    The consolidation should've happened the first time they voted on it. The youth league could barely field 4 5th/6th teams last fall, at 13 kids per team. One team had multiple injuries, their games were 9 on 9. There will be less than 30 kids total playing in the 7th grade next year. Playing time, favoritism, the logistics of practice, and the 'feels strange' sentiment Trojan Dad mentioned are just some of the concerns I've heard from parents. I don't think any of them will be an issue after the first game.
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    It must be ND fans telling you this. Been to two under different coaches both thumbs down.
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    I understand the world changes....as a former STAR and Bearcat in middle school over 3 decades ago, we had no problems with numbers or fielding 7th and 8th grade football teams at Bedford, Oolitic or Shawswick. The "rivalry" games against each other were really fun and kind of a big deal for the kids and families. But, the world changes. Regardless of one or 3 middle school teams, they absolutely should be running the varsity program and the varsity HC should be able to steer the ship. At the end of the day, they are feeders to the high school. I do agree with IO....going to one program seems to cut back the opportunities for youth at a variety of positions to get needed experience in both practice and games, and seems to start the narrowing of players at key positions prior to high school. So if I understand this correctly.....one who attends Oolitic could be a "Stonecutter" in the fall for football, and then a Bearcat in the winter for b-ball? Feels strange....
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    I guess I can see it actually increasing the number of kids playing football. Although it is a 5A school yes it is a smaller one and there is something about being a BNL Star that excites kids AND not only are they running the same offense under the direction of the High School Head Coach but they don’t go into their freshman year “hating-in a sports sense” kids they have been bitter rivals against in 7th and 8th grade on the gridiron. Grant it that might not be a big deal in a bigger city but I’ve seen it be an issue in a small town. As far as contraction goes I’ll concede contraction but it’s in the overall enrollment at the school corporation. Not as many of young men to draw from as the Middle Schools has gotten smaller and smaller. The plan is one team and as number increase to add a “B” team or maybe even call it a Blue Team and a Red Team.
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    Is princeton OL as good as Centrals? He a great back, but we can all be honest. It's more about the line than anything.
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    Just read the article -- holy cow! Inspired coaching hire or spectacular failure in the making? I guess only time will tell. Mueller is definitely confident in his abilities as a leader & coach. Not sure he has a firm grasp on the fact that the teenage football players in his school district may not be able to physically beat the teenage football players from all of the other DAC schools, Penn, Snider, Carmel...& that's just the northern 6A Semistate foes. Should every coach have huge goals & big-time expectations? Absolutely. But I can't recall ever reading such bold statements from a high school coach. Will the young men in Valpo be able to live up to his standards?
  19. 1 point
    Schools should split into two five team enrollment based divisions and schedule 4 divisional, 3 crossovers and 2 non cons every year. I've said this for years. I fact, I've added that they need to add two teams; New Haven & Leo, divide conference into two divisions, not sure if you do on size or not. Then they play 5 games in their division, two rotating out of division games, leaving room for one out of conference game. The last game would be league championship week. Each division is seeded 1-6 base off of regular season results of all in conference games, then they play 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc place. They could play the three games on Friday and three games on Saturday at the newly installed field turf stadium.
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    Enforcement of a holding penalty that occurs behind the neutral zone on a pass play should be changed to the previous spot, not spot of the foul.
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    So you’re saying it was on their list? I figured it was.
  22. -1 points
    Agreed! I've seen some very good backs struggle as they were consistantly running into brick walls and some very good O-Lines make average backs look phenomenal.
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    Yes it is. Any reduction in investment in football operations is a sign of contraction. It is what it is. No sense in denying the reality. It's a good thing and will save the school district a substantial amount of money in coaching salaries, equipment, field maintenance costs, insurance expense, game day expenses, etc.
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    The essence of contraction. 3 programs contracting down to one. And it begins.
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