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    at this point when it becomes a grammar war its time to move on
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    Assistant Coaches are not to be bantered about either. If there is a something announced by a school so be it, but "i heard" stuff is always a no go around here with coaches and their jobs.
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    Saw Charlestown and Clarksville in a track meet the other night. Had some athletes. Ctown RB is going to be a problem for MSC.
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    The conference has set up two clusters of teams and you always play the teams in your cluster and rotate playing the teams in the other. This opened up a week for another non conference game> this had nothing to do with CI shakeup at all The reason we play THS again up there was to keep the schedule as balanced as possible. I think the BNL schedule will be very good for us next year to help get us ready for the tourney. playing THs and Martinsville along with the conference schools should be a really good test for us.
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    BigTimeDB the O line should be solid they only had 1 senior on the line last year. Going to fun to watch the next few years
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