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    I didn't realize it but you are correct. I have it down to 96% now so I am (temporarily) open for business again. Apparently I have a lot of housecleaning to do.
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    in most cases, talent finds the recruiters. They evaluate that talent. Level of competition comes into play, but after measurable information is looked at. I talk with D1 recruiters all of the time. Your last statement is more false now than it has ever been. At one time, 1A-3A players had a terrible time getting recognition. Now with recruiting happening the way it does, individual statistics matter less than they ever have.
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    Because high school transfers are supposed to be for non-athletic reasons?
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    This is not an accurate statement. D1 recruiters use 6A as a measuring tool. If you are a cut above at the 6A level, that is just more affirmation to them on your ability. However, talent is talent, and the level you play at is less important than it has ever been. IF he rushes for 3000 yards, and does so due to the size, speed, and skill he possesses, he will receive the same type of offer that he would have received had he been playing elsewhere. Please remember, if his skills match the level of the statistics he has put up to this point, D1 recruiters will find him. So long as he is going to the right events and getting noticed in shorts and t-shirts.
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    Clearly my beleaguered, non paying of debts Tigers fan, Coach G, is alluding to is that many around these parts want to claim P/P/Catholic schools get all the great transfers, recruiting etc, where this is one of many examples of public to public school transfers. I believe the term is being facetious assuming folks read the article, classic family move, wishing young man great final years, watched him on film a few times and love his running style!!
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    When your team is having success under center running option and then switch out to a 2x2 set that clearly isn’t the teams bread and butter that’s coaching. When you see a team in a terrible defensive set for the opponent they are facing that’s coaching. When you hear kids getting screamed at and belittled on the sideline when things aren’t going your way that is coaching. None of those things are caused by community, parents, etc.
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    I believe the HNAC order will go by best defense to worst. Panthers then Redskins then everyone else. If I'm at the bottom of the league my focus is developing a defensive scheme and running it 3rd-12th grades. I think too many teams spend too much time on offense in practice vs building really sound defensive fundamentals. No one has ever lost a game 0-0! Until a HNAC team builds a better defense than the Panthers, they will continue their all-time undefeated streak in conference play.
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    Bit surprised he didn't transfer to a MIC school. With those numbers, why not jump to the very top competitively? How does he improve if he is rarely challenged? If he rushes for 3000 yards and NP goes undefeated, does that improve his college options to any significant degree? D1 recruiters view anything below 6A in Indiana as "small school." Yes, there are exceptions. But they are few
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    Do recruiters find talent at the lower levels in Indiana? Certainly. Are there more recruiting eyeballs fixated on MIC competition during the regular season? Absolutely. D1 recruiters will naturally marginalize his stats due to the lower level of competition. Its a perception the player will have to overcome. Its human nature.
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