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    Southridge is open and the new coach is walking into a lot of talent as the Raiders return 4 starters including 3 double figure scorers. https://duboiscountyherald.com/b/obrien-steps-away-from-head-coaching-job
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    I know WLFI in Lafayette has a HS Coach Live every Friday night after games in studio as well, part of the Frenzy . Any positive exposure is a good thing.
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    I don't think it would, like any other tight knit family with issues, have to think it would've been kept in house and quiet. Or if it would have happened earlier in the year, but a last minute move like that magnifies things.
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    Tippmann is OL for Dwenger, not Snider.
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    Early this morning, Earl Bruce passed away. He was a great man, and a great Buckeye. May he rest in peace.
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    I ran in to Coach Bruce at an Ohio State pre season promotional event at a local mall in Columbus, Ohio back in 2013. Fantastic guy. I told him I was from Indiana and asked him if he had any old Bill Mallory stories. He said he had great respect for Coach Mallory and that those IU teams were very tough to play against.
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    Fairfield is a good job for a young coach looking build a resume.
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    We will definitely miss Coach Miller. As a player who played for him, and a coach (Varsity 06-08 and Jr. High 09 to present) in the program, I not only have learned a lot about the game, but as a man. Thanks Coach, Mr. Miller, Bob, for being a guide in my life.
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    Bill Belichick could coach Ben Davis, and DT would hate the hire. The headline... "Ben Davis hires Bill Belichick to coach Giants" DT... "Well, he did lose all those Super Bowls and never succeeded won one without Tom Brady. I think Coach XYZ would have been a better hire."
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    10-1 defense?? Ten up front and one safety?
  11. -1 points
    would never admit city based universities....location of the Univ of Minnesota?? Ohio State?
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    I have no clue what Allen's motivations were back then. I believe he was under a lot of pressure due to his mediocre record and the extraordinarily high expectations that came with following self described legend Dullaghan. Perhaps he was looking for an out and chose the small college route. Moving to another high school would have been perceived as a sign of failure.
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    DD is a legendary Indiana HS football coach. He lacks the humility of his peers unfortunately
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    Don't you think it's possible that Allen had his sights set on a college coaching career when he took the promotion at BD?
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    This is a discussion board. Opinions, thoughts, ideas, perceptions and random scenarios are encouraged. It keeps the site somewhat interesting. If we deal in nothing but facts and hard results, there is little to no need for discussion. Now wouldn't that be boring?
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