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    I don't know how this ultimately shakes out and I certainly am in no position to judge. That said, what Center Grove has been able to do under Moore is truly "herculean" (to steal your words). It really is quite unbelievable to me what this school does year in and out. Could not agree with you more. Also agree with Gamecock in that they have used some brains to get there using the Wing-T. Not to say they haven't had some "brawn" as well...they have had some dynamic players as well.
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    Anthony Winbush, Warren Central/Ball State signed a free agent contract with the Falcons.
  3. 2 points
    Nate Wozniak from CG also signed with the New Orleans Saints as an Undrafted Free Agent.
  4. 2 points
    Except for that drubbing that CE put on Cathedral last year..but...by all means... talk about games from 7-10 years ago LOL
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    Its a youth program.....Coach Moore could care less in high school if the player vying for playing time attended Power Club with they were 9. As I mentioned several times, it is for all athletes...not just football and track. You are really jumping to conclusions....
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    This has the start of a very enjoyable season. I am wallowing in all of the love.
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    yes! Glad to have him wearing Candy Stripes, that announcement deal was way over hyped, but still very glad to keep him home.
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    Meeting is May 10th so I’ll post it then per GID guidelines and his request
  9. 1 point
    Hopefully , Nagy can pull all 3 elements together and make the Bears a complete team finally.
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    Fact is, everytime CG is on the field with BD, Carmel and WC, they have less talent than their opposition. System and execution are their calling cards.
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    Robinson never really found a permanent position home at PU, which was unfortunate. He was too slow to play LB. Not tall enough for DE. And now not big enough to play interior DL in the NFL. I always thought he was more of a MAC level talent coming out of high school, and might have had a more rewarding career had he played at Western Michigan or Toledo. It is what it is.
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    as long as its been announced at the school/board approved have at it
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    Let's Go Hoooooooooooosiers!!!!!!!!!
  14. 1 point
    I think a lot of people will agree with me when we say that we are more worried about Coach Moore and his family more than the football teams status a few years down the road. They don't deserve this. WTHR didn't help either by posting a smear article, talking only negatively about him. Credit to them for posting another with supporters, but that should have been included to begin with.
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    Fountain Central has hired a new coach. The name will be posted when it’s official per GID protocol
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    Coaches technically get paid to coach their sport from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. There is not contractual obligation to coach a sport outside of the season to gain your stipend. The expertise they are sharing is with kids from all sports not just with football kids grades 1-7. ( I'm not talking about official off season football workouts here). Charge....because our time is worth something even if not much. I think my stipend for football comes out to less the 5 cents an hour. You all say we should be ok with that because it is the life we chose. Ok. Then you all should be ok with the products on Fridays regardless, because of what you are willing to pay. Most of you are way over served by the coaches and teachers in your community. I often wonder why in every segment of society people get paid for extra hours and doing extra things, but for some reason you all expect teachers and coaches not to get paid to do extra things outside of their contracts. Firemen get paid by the hour, Policemen get paid by the hour.... why not teachers? Are those professions eating at the public trough. I really wonder how many of you all do parts of your work for free. It's funny, you all think our jobs are easy and we are overpaid... yet teaching is one of the highest stress jobs in our country. You capitalist should take over, because there is a teacher shortage and the law of supply and demand says that salaries should go up. They aren't. By this thinking, teachers should be happy to do clubs and extra- curriculars after regular contract hours for nothing. (Betsy DeVoss)
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    favorite is the spike of the LSU player!!! Like a classic Undertaker CHOKE SLAM!!!! That is a BAD MAN!!!
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    Only if i open indystar in an incognito window. Lots of times i don't even search for news pertaining to indy area just because of the labor behind going to indystar . com. Only get a specified amount of visits there for free till she starts asking for cash. That is where the icognito has to come in. Then when you get there the ever present pop up videos with commercials badgers you to the point of why bother. .... .. . . . .
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