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    I don’t pay much attention to the news. Have all of these school shooters been Trump supporters? Were there ever school shootings before Trump was President?
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    Again that was not the intent. My motivation and others was to end the potential for a 1.5 multiplier. I was strongly against any plan that targeted certain types of schools. A class system is designed to put like schools together. That is exactly what our plan does (in an improved manner than before). New Pal and Cathedral were treated exactly the same in this plan. Didn't matter who their players were, where they came from, how much they paid, etc. I and many others are quite proud of this forward thinking, proactive plan. The drama has died without targeting a group. I know the reduced drama has decreased the attention your posts have received, so I understand your desire to try to find a way to stoke that fire when you get a chance.
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    I like this plan. It cuts to the root core of the competitive balance issue. Not like the politically correct Indiana version of the plan. Kudos to the Alabama State High school athletic Association. They are clearly ready and willing to take on the PP legal horde that is sure to attack
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    Not supposedly. They are the real deal. IMHO, they are in the same league, if not a step above, this past years (2017 fb season) BD squad.
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    Not sure about all the crazy shooters. The only one I know about definitively was the dude that shot up the Republican congressmen...he was a "Resistance" dude (Democrat). It just sounds so "Che Guevaraish" to say 'Resistance"....makes you one of the cool kids. Still, it's all Trump's fault...somehow. Its the upside down world we live in. Nonetheless, an awful thing. I understand the teacher who intervened was an-ex football player from Southern Illinois University.
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    Yes, you instituted a plan aimed at correcting competitive imbalance. It just wasn't the right plan. It was the politically expedient one
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    If you were involved, then you and your partners instituted a *Deleted*ized version of the original intent. Th original 1.5 PP Multiplier was the true corrective action that should have been implemented. The Success Factor is a watered down version that was created to avoid potential legal entanglement with the private schools.
  8. -1 points
    Muda, from the high school forum to the college forum. I predict next you will post about CTE on the NFL forum and finally will hit it on OOB. A+ for extreme perseverance and passion......F for being a broken record. Judge Wapner is on at 4pm.
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    But that class system is still 99% based on enrollment, which is a horrible was to classify athletic programs. The success of p/p schools over the decades has shown that. Promotion and relegation is the common sense way to implement a class based system for high school athletics.
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    Business as usual in TrumpWorld
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