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    Is this a joke? You are crediting Purdue's success this past year to the Success that LCC, WL have had. We wont even talk about Coach Fry because he has been having great success for a while and it doesn't look like its going to change. Coach Shanley has had 16 wins in his first 2 season. That started before Purdue was good. Coach Peebles also has a winning record at Harrison spanning before Purdue had success. McCutcheon has won 30 games the past 4 seasons. Thank Goodness Purdue winning a bowl game LAST YEAR can get the credit for the success of the greater Lafayette area.
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    Great Hire for the Marksmen! Aaron has worked as coordinator on our staff since 2011. He has been an integral part of the turn around at NCF and will be greatly missed! He will work very hard to get things moving in the right direction at TC. Congrats Coach Clements!
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    The Terre Haute newspaper says that the Scecina player Mac Ayres threw a total of 134 pitches during the team’s two regional games on Saturday. According to the IHSAA rules varsity pitchers are limited to 120 pitches in one calendar day. He will not be able to play in the semistate. Scecina will play Southridge in the semistate at Jasper this Saturday.
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    No and No. Conversation starter. SIAC: 1. Memorial 2. Central 3. Reitz PAC 1. Gibson Southern 2. Heritage Hills 3. Southridge BIG 8 1. Jasper 2. Vincennes 3. Princeton
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    I like how you think, but I am guessing their style might conflict with how things are done in South Gibson. I might be wrong.
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    You're right. The pitcher is absolutely not responsible for counting his own pitches. The IHSAA decision to completely suspend the player for 1 game but only issue a "stern warning" to the Head Coach & school is ridiculous. Like I said earlier, the Coach should be suspended for at least the remainder of the 2018 tourney.
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    Thanks for clarifying the rules. I still think too much of the onus is put on the player, who probably isn't aware that he/she is doing anything wrong. Personally, I think it should be a forfeit.
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    The regular season rule is that the game would be forfeited. During the IHSAA tournament this rule is used instead. 3-9.4 Tournament Series Procedure a. In Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball During Tourneys (1.) disqualify ineligible individual – but team advances (2.) State Finals championship or runners-up vacated and all team/individual awards shall be forfeited and returned to the Association.
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    I strongly believe that the IHSAA has made a big mistake by NOT ruling this as a Forfeit. Whether it was intentional or by mistake doesn't matter, they clearly broke the IHSAA Rule which mandates Forfeiture of that game. But if they are going with suspensions, I would suggest suspending the Head Coach for the rest of this year's tournament & possible the 2019 tournament in addition to the 1-game player suspension. After reading the quotes from the TribStar article, I also have to question whether Scecina self-reported the violation as the Asst Commish stated in the Indystar article or whether South Vermillion reported the violation & then Scecina admitted to it.
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    Why the player and not the coach? Is that specified in the rule? I could understand not letting him pitch, but to take away a semi-state game from the student/athlete seems harsh.
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    No. I am not. I'm simply stating that Purdue's success adds to a positive local vibe and environment. That also tends to lead to more interest, more investment. A rising tide lifts all ships.
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    Shout out to one of the great leaders of the Hoosier Conference as he steps away from his role as the Athletic Director of West Lafayette HS for the past 18 years, to become the Transportation Director for the School Corporation. Brock Toulokian has earned the privilege of spending more time with his family after leading Red Devil Athletics, guiding coaches and athletes to be successful on, and off their fields of competition. RDP my friend!
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    Here’s a crazy stat for you regarding Evansville teams. Mike Goebel (21 years at Mater Dei) Add up all the other 6 coaches tenure at their current schools and you get: Hurley (10), Hape (5), Schnur (3), Oxley (1) plus Burgess and Paridaen being brand new equals 19. There’s obviously experience at other schools and as an assistant as well, but just odd how the city coaching landscape has changed over the last few years.
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    No. Different time zones. No local connections. Lowell has played Lake county schools for over 100 years.
  15. -1 points
    School shootings are happening waaaaaay too frequently (one is too many). As these cowards continue to attack innocent people at soft targets, I am amazed at the lack of vision and depth of the public/media responses. It is so easy to demand action from our government. It is also easy to state the obvious - our schools (students/teachers) need to be protected. In other words, the solution always lies elsewhere on someone else’s shoulders. Accountability needs to go back to where it all starts; the home. It was understood for years the family is the foundation of society. As goes the family, so goes society. Our society long ago shifted away from these fundamentals. Parents need to get back to being parents again; not being friends or enablers. The shooter being “bullied” is usually offered up as a convenient excuse. Kids now are being raised since birth with inflated self-importance, entitlement, and the expectation that everyone will always be kind and the world will treat them well. When adversity hits these snowflakes are not equipped to deal with it. Also, the typical kid these days is so buried in virtual reality from video games that they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. Parents - get involved in your child’s life. Ask them questions, hold them accountable, set curfews, sit down at the kitchen table and have a family meal - BE A PARENT! One last rant - I am so sick of seeing people on the news disrespect, taunt, and antagonize police officers. Are the police perfect? Certainly not. What ever happened to respecting the law and respecting authority? We need to do away with this divisive mindset that everyone is a victim and get back to individual responsibility.
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