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    YOUNG. Culver Community will be very young this year. They lost a lot of experience on the line and in the skill positions. Their QB (JR this coming season) has gone back to Culver Military (great addition for us) and they graduated huge linemen in Alecks McBee and North All Star, Marcellus Anderson. All is not lost in Cavalier land, while wins could come at a premium for the next 1 or 2 seasons, the incoming Freshman and Jr High classes have some talent. As has been their MO for the last 15 or so years, there will be some big HOGS coming up the pipe. They will fight hard every game but will be fighting an uphill battle. I would be surprised if they finish any higher than 6th. I give them an outside shot at a 5th place finish.
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    Thank you for your response.. I do believe if we do what I mentioned, they will have a better chance of going further than Regionals in 6A if they were to petition for 6A, and be accepted.. As the Regional and Semi State are set up at this time, it will be a a good bet that Snider would be playing Penn in Semi State if they win our Regional.. There are a few Region area 6A schools that play Penn already in the regular season.. It would be nice to see our Ft Wayne area 6A schools, plus Snider, play top tier schools of 6A, and 5A from outside our area (similar to what Penn is doing now during the regular season) to have a chance to compete with Penn (or whoever wins their Regional), but first Snider (OR whoever our 6A Sectional Champion is) has to get past Regional (an Indianapolis area powerhouse).. It would also be nice exposure for Snider (or perhaps Homestead, possibly Carroll, and even Northrop, if they were to develop their natural talent) to play outside the area, including out of state opponents that are of similar caliber.. This needs to be done to have a better chance of competing against the Southern Semi State winner, which have been juggernauts in 6A .. The Northern Semi State teams need to do something like this to better prepare for 6A State Title.. IMHO. .
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    That is the thinking I'm after, but I'm guessing SAC will always (if they stay as is) have a 9 game in conference schedule. Snider plays well above their weight in 6A but have hard time competing when it comes to the semi and then state. They have fighting chance at regional but are then facing Indy area team in most cases. It will be interesting to see if they petition to stay in 6A after this year. Not sure what they need to do to obtain points to stay at that level, but I'm guessing they need to win semi state, which I think is a poor bet that they get far.
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    Snider doesn't need a tougher schedule to compete with the 6a's they need to double their current enrollment.
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    HF is definitely on par with BD and WC in terms of talent and athletes but I don't think they were light years ahead of BD from last year. They play Michigan City this year in Michigan City, last year Michigan City went over to their and took a beating, the only loss they had all year that wasn't a last minute one. HF will no longer be playing Michigan city after this year which opens them up for a good non conference non Illinois first game of the year and for them, quality of opponent matters for playoff purposes.
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    Jim Peters, from the nwitimes, is reporting James Broyles is the next hfb coach at kv.
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