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    Sounds like Coach Getts, who has a blue collar work ethic ( 2 sectional titles at Belmont) couldn't get the rest of the staff on board. There are certain elements required to compete at championship level. From Admins down to families, all must share the same vision for success. Wish Coach Getts a very restful fall!! Hopefully he gets scooped up again!!
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    I think everyone is just going by what the article said. Pretty much about the assistant coaches not the players. No need to prove it. Getts has a proven track record. I'm pretty sure there are a few here that could say what went down. As a fan do you know, or what you were told? I'm pretty sure Coach Getts will coach again. No desire to retire from what I was told. As far as proving it, I'm pretty sure Coach Getts has plenty of text messages from the players to prove whose a fool.
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    Wow, seems like there are several people here who know the whole story and understand how everything went down with this situation. Better for one to be thought a fool than to open his mouth and prove it.
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    I guess it is all about the assistants and what they wanted. Yes, very interesting.
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    I like the grass field at BNL. Of course I’m an old man 😂. I’m sure he boys would love to have turf but I kind of think it could be an advantage for the Stars.
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    No offense to anybody, but Snider is not a 6A school! They got bumped up due to that stupid rule. They will soon drop down to 5A where they belong. Unless you have a ridiculously loaded team, 1800 doesn’t beat 5000 with any regularity. With the addition of Carroll and Homestead the SAC is competitive enough for a 5A team. The teams that could complain are Carroll and Homestead. They are 6A and can’t complete with the big boys. Dwenger tried playing the big dogs out of conference for a few years and other than getting one win, we got our a$$es handed to us as well as the injuries. Snider has been on a run in the SAC lately but, these things tend to run in cycles. It wasn’t that long ago that Dwenger ran off about 40 in a row in conference.
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    If fans of the game from the 20's were to watch the game in the 60's, 70's or the 80's, they would not have been able to recognize it either. The fact is the game has changed over the decades and has changed often; all in the name of safety. Even as late as the 50's and into the 60's players used the head slap to keep a blocker off of them; spearing was a common way to tackle or take out blockers; grabbing the facemask was a common way of tackling as well; as was the clothesline. There was even a time when the forward pass was not a part of the game. The fact is the game has evolved for safety since its invention. As athletes are getting bigger, faster and stronger, it has to evolve. One thing that does not come up in the concussion discussion is just how many former players are showing no signs of CTE? or other issues? A few significant ones that come to mind are Troy Aikman and Moose Johnson. Aikman took a lot of shots, and Johnson played a very physical game. I am sure there are many more. I don't mean to down play what has happened to many others. Players know the risks. Some have walked away from the game before any damage or any further damage occurs. I don't blame them at all for doing so. It is a choice for each individual.
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    you are correct, transferring for athletic reasons is not an option on said paperwork.
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    I've looked at the transfer paperwork in the past and I do not believe there's a box to check that simply says "both schools are ok with this". There are certain criteria for a transfer to be eligible, and I would think the reason would have to fit those regardless of "who" it is or "what school" is involved.
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    I'd have to go with 06 Warren, even though it pains me. Last year's BD squad was special, but that '06 team was dynamite. Not sure there was a high school team in the country that could've beat them. Probably deserved some sort of "national championship." These are the best high school football teams I have seen in person: 1. '06 Warren 2. '17 Ben Davis 3. '02 Ben Davis 4. '91 Ben Davis 5. '98 Bloomington South
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    Snider should just drop the SAC..............period. If Dwenger, Carroll, Homestead, and Northrop want to schedule them, fine. If not, fine. The whole idea of a ten team SAC is ease of scheduling. Unfortunately, that does nothing for Snider's success at the 6a level. Will Snider have future teams worthy of 6a Top 3? No doubt about it. But if that tiny school of 1800 wants to compete with those 3000+ on a yearly basis, then they are going to have to do something about their schedule. The only team they played last year that was even remotely as good as Carmel, was Homestead. As a result, Snider bowed out in regionals to a team they should have beaten by 3 or 4 touchdowns.
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    Additionally, in regards to the HNAC, no offense but that has never been the measuring stick for Jack. He has always sought out higher levels of competition since he was in 6th grade via travel ball, camps, clinics, etc. It was obvious then that those kids he played against in 7th and 8th grade would be the best competition he would see in pads until AFTER high school when he played for Team Indiana against South Florida in the FBU Final Four in Naples, Florida. Every back on their roster already had multiple SEC offers in junior high. And those kids have continued to develop and dominate, many are top 5-8 recruits in the country. Last, when you are a linebacker and you go to South Beach to play 7v7 with Indy Select against 30+ elite teams from across the nation and actually make a recruiting blog and one of 15 kids noted, you must be doing something right that would give you the possibility of developing further. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/college-football-recruiting/2018/3/13/17109142/2019-recruiting-florida-state-miami-receiver-cornerback I know Charlie Tweeter argued way back when that ND may not be the biggest challenge of the options Jack had, considering Michigan State has a top 5 ranked defense coming back this fall. But I think as a total package academically and athletically, ND offers the biggest challenge as well as biggest reward. Go Irish!
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    Is it just me or does it seem like we have heard this same story repeat itself time and time again? What does it say about a football program that has no assistant coaches lined up 3 weeks before practice begins? What does it say about an athletic department that cannot fill these positions? What does it say about football in general when the new coach says he has to go out and "recruit" the kids? Has everybody jumped ship? Head Coach? Assistants? AD? Student athletes? This is the type of situation that ultimately can lead to total program shutdown. I'm sure Crawfordsville isn't the only school experiencing these issues. I would like to see the IHSAA step in and set some minimum participation guidelines and take more control of situations like these. Trouble is brewing in the heartland.
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