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    PENN will dominate any Northern Indiana conference they join.
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    A tremendous football family. Week 1 will be tough one for Momma Kirschner !!
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    Sounds like a difficult situation all the way round. I have always had a lot of respect for Coach Getts and the programs he coached at Wayne and Bellmont when I was up in Fort Wayne. We played some intense Columbia City-Bellmont games in that time period. I always admired how he would have his 3A Bellmont teams competitive in a conference with 4A and 6A teams, and then often go on a run in the playoffs. Best of luck in the future Coach.
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    Penn and EC would be better served to join the SAC than the DAC. Much better overall competition and they take their football much more seriously in Fort Wayne than they do in The Region The SAC produces much better athletes - talent than the DAC does. And it sits in prime recruiting ground between ND, OSU, MSU and UM. Great place for Penn and EC athletes to get maximum exposure. Penn would see Snider, Homestead, Caroll, Dwenger and Luers every year. That beats the crap out of what the DAC currently has to offer.
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    Thank you for your detailed answer, those are the kind of nuggets I frequent this board for.
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    I can't see MHS dropping Penn in football.
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    One of the likely "unspoken" truths about this whole move is the likelihood that Mishawaka desperately wanted to distance itself from Penn The departure of Bart Curtis, the new stadium improvements and the move to a new conference indicate a break with the past and a look into the future. I would not be too surprised to see Mishawaka keep Penn off its schedule going forward after the conference move is completed.
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    Great move by Mishawaka. They were the most attractive target for the NLC and kudos to the NLC brass for landing the big fish. NIC has two options. 1. Quickly go out and invite Laporte and Michigan City to join and shore up the conference. 2. Stand by and watch the conference disintegrate as members either leave , go independent or drop sports altogether.
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    Memorial will have the deepest group of offensive skill guys and DBs that I can remember. Not as much depth on Oline would be only concern. But overall athletic depth in skill positions is off the charts. There are 2 WRs that won’t start that could start on most teams. RBs will be really good. FBs will be best in town at blocking and catching football out of backfield. Have about 10 DBs that can rotate and not lose anything. Basically looking at finding good rotation on Oline to keep them fresh for tournament. Memorials QB who is difficult to tackle and contain will help give Oline time to gel. Obviously no team can replace an injury to a top player..ex Dunham last year. I don’t care how much depth you have. Reitz has depth all over but couldn’t overcome Dunham’s injury. I’d say same for Memorial. If key skill guys stay healthy I like the Tigers chances.
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    It's a delicate situation. As far as drawing local kids, there are some in the area that long to go to CMA. However, the yearly tuition plus the rigorous admission standards do exclude most of those that are interested. There is a common misconception that only "rich, trust fund" type of kids attend here. That is not the case. There are many on scholarship that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford the opportunity. Don't get me wrong, there are rich families that send their kids here but that is not the majority. Those that work in the Culver Community system are aware of which kids will be attending CMA due to a parent working there. Many in the community do not understand that so they automatically assume that CMA is poaching kids. As you have stated, a very small percentage of kids born and raised in Culver/Marshall County end up at CMA. Sports wise, many local schools will not play against CMA anymore due to the antics of a former basketball coach. He had visions of turning CMA into a prep school for sports and felt he could be above the law in "recruiting" athletes to come here. Many local schools also are involved in conferences so they don't have room on the schedule for CMA. The relationship between Community and CMA is strained at best. The people of Culver Community and CMA live as neighbors and attend the same community events. They just have a difference of opinion as far as sports. Not sure why as they don't compete against each other football (since 1988 I think) or basketball (since '07/'08). Many would like to see the 2 sides come together and support each other but I don't see that happening for a long time, if ever. It's like a rivalry but the weird thing is, they don't play each other.
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    "“I think many of the staff members from previous years will come back to serve on the staff because there probably won’t be as much of the demand from the time standpoint and it probably won’t be quite as strenuous." That looks like the head coach wanted to put more time in than the assistants. Ooh, a downvote. Someone help me out on my reading comprehension skills, Downvoteman!
  12. 1 point
    The ramifications of this is going to entertaining to watch.
  13. 1 point
    You guys are talking about turf. I've heard Floyd Central is trying to get a video board. Lol.
  14. 1 point
    Or maybe the Head Coach doesn't know how to treat people. Programs at Wayne and Bellmont were all on the way down after the coach was there. No one to coach with him! Good story!
  15. 1 point
    I don't think anyone (at least anyone posting on the GID) knows the numbers for the EM incoming frosh at this point... But based on prior years (and unless something radical has happened) the numbers for the incoming frosh and 8th grade classes should be fine. Unlike GS, at EM we have to compete for numbers with another fall boys sport that has had a lot of success too....
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    My gut tells me that numbers were way down and there was a chance of not even fielding a team. Can anyone elaborate on how many kids were out and showing up to workouts? A low number may have forced the administrations hand to do something. And the fact of not having a coaching staff.
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    Snider is a football school and the unfortunate truth is that the SAC alone doesn't prep Snider for the Indy big boys. It would be nice to drop a couple of teams and pick Penn and Cathedral back up. Yes they are. 6A is comprised of 32 schools and Snider is one of the best 15 teams EVERY year, Top 10 most years, and Top 5 some years. 6A needs Snider, and quite frankly, playing Carmel in the regionals is just a bit more intriguing than playing Westfield. No offense to the Shamrocks, but Snider/Carmel goes back almost four decades. Kinda like the 2004 team? Yeah, I agree with that statement. But they've made it to the state game (big boy class) 6 times. Won once, blew one, and fell to the injury bug in another. IMO, Snider was the best team in the state 4 times when the were in the biggest divison...........'87, '92, '97, & '04. It's special when Snider puts together one of those teams. And there is nothing better than taking down a Carmel, Penn, Ben Davis, or Warren Central. I would love to see a voluntary bump up to 6A for good.
  18. 1 point
    I think everyone is just going by what the article said. Pretty much about the assistant coaches not the players. No need to prove it. Getts has a proven track record. I'm pretty sure there are a few here that could say what went down. As a fan do you know, or what you were told? I'm pretty sure Coach Getts will coach again. No desire to retire from what I was told. As far as proving it, I'm pretty sure Coach Getts has plenty of text messages from the players to prove whose a fool.
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    Is it just me or does it seem like we have heard this same story repeat itself time and time again? What does it say about a football program that has no assistant coaches lined up 3 weeks before practice begins? What does it say about an athletic department that cannot fill these positions? What does it say about football in general when the new coach says he has to go out and "recruit" the kids? Has everybody jumped ship? Head Coach? Assistants? AD? Student athletes? This is the type of situation that ultimately can lead to total program shutdown. I'm sure Crawfordsville isn't the only school experiencing these issues. I would like to see the IHSAA step in and set some minimum participation guidelines and take more control of situations like these. Trouble is brewing in the heartland.
  20. 1 point
    I guess it is all about the assistants and what they wanted. Yes, very interesting.
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