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    As a Penn parent, I assumed you would know that isn't how things work. The Zolman money for the concession stands, the TCU money (naming rights), the Booster Club, etc help with these things. And, I am sure that there is other money that we don't know about. On the flip side, if bringing in teams that travel with 2 to 3,000 fans or more happens, that would help as well. How much money can be collected to benefit all of the programs through ticket sales, parking fees, concession stand sales, etc. The 50 people that came from the South bend schools were actually hurting the other sports and arts associated with those.
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    Bobby has no say in this for regular season games. None of the regular season gate goes to the IHSAA.
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    Man, We really missed the boat on this one since LCC pulls from the entire WLFI coverage area. And Yes, Ross Corcoran was the other player.
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    There are a ton of sponsors that are content to donate without having their name mentioned. Including several NFL alumni. Do you know how much money the football team makes that goes back into the school?
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    Oh Lord, please tell me FC’s youth league doesn’t play against CE’s and I’m not about to read how the 3rd grade highlanders beat the brakes off the 3rd grade olympians 😬
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    Steve Brett is the new Lincoln coach on interim basis.
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    Ever been to Penn? They may not have all the money in the world. But they’ve got enough. Clearly, Penn has a longstanding commitment to having a top tier program, and they have the required administrative support. They also have community support, and that includes financial. If they end up deciding not to revamp their program to become an independent like Cathedral and do big time travel, the deciding factor won’t be $$.
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    Since it's almost August I figured it's time to get some NLC Football discussion going. Anyone have any predictions for your schools, or the conference as a whole? I have been mostly out of the loop until the last week or two, so I have no real idea on how the conference might shake out. Northridge lost a whole bunch of seniors that contributed to last years conference title, but we do return our "backup/starting" qb that looked really good the last few seasons filling in for Nick Hooley. My way too early prediction for this season would be that we win 6-7 games and compete for the title, but I think the conference should be pretty even across the board minus possibly a couple of teams still trying to establish things.
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    Rizzo looks demoralized. A pure .300 hitter is now a regular .250 guy because of the darn shift. I hate the shift. Its not natural. There is nothing more pure in baseball than a natural left handed hitter. The shift is taking that away.
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    Ban the shift in MLB. Its killing the leftys. I like them both, so I rotate.
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    Stupid comment. I havent bragged about anything. Just gave information. I get that you guys dont like me. That's fine.
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    Our students pay an activities fee so their ID is their ticket to any home sporting event. Makes things a lot easier.
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    Michigan City would destroy Riley. Valpo would crush SB Washington. Merrillville -EC would have about 5 fans
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    Hi Gentlemen, Most everyone that you speak with, says conference will be very average at best, with 3 really bad teams and 4 medicore to slightly above average teams. So you're point is well taken, NR even with losing allot will be right there. Concord has some offensive weapons back and QB, but lost all 7 of their best defensive players.. Plymouth lost a ton and not many years left for Barron, but does return a good fullback and QB. Also heard they will have a number of guys going both ways, so that will help IMO... Of course, it's well documented we lost a number of extremely talented players. Of course it should be and it will be the Yoder show.. We also will have a couple of surprises along with a great coach and staff. The Giant Wild card is Warsaw.. Heard various reports from people already hating the new coach to others lovin it.. Any ways, that's my two cents or less...
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    That’s 1 case. And it’s a rivalry. FC’s program isn’t CN’s.... CN’s is a top tier.
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    I meant Indianapolis Cathedral not Terre Haute North.
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    IMO, Cathedral went back down in attempt to collect more hardware. Whereas, Snider would want to stay in 6A to play the best when it comes to winning hardware. Though may lose more regionals and semis, but every once in a while they may be able to get a state championship
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    7/24/218 fkfootball said: Geez dude, which is it? It matters or is doesn't?
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    With ya' man. Excited as heck about this upcoming season and many of these games. ...just a few weeks away. Love this time of year.
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    Shouldn't you be referring to him as Koach Broyles?
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    I expect Julius Graber to be one of the best players in the conference, I've heard of some offensive changes being made not sure what that will look like but it should be a solid season despite the loss of seniors.
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    The '72 Dolphins always gather and pop champagne every season when the last undefeated team in the NFL loses. I envision DrivenT and Muda69 meeting in a basement somewhere in a similar celebration whenever a team drops football.
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    This is crazy. Cutting out the bottom schools will only lead to other teams becoming the bottom. For every win there is a loss. If you eliminate the programs that consistently go 0-10, you will find that other teams that used to go 3-7 or 4-6 begin going 1-9 or 0-10 because the teams they used to beat are no longer playing. And their football interest will begin to decline. The mismatches will still exist over time. You're looking for a fantasy world where everyone goes 5-5. Just ain't going to happen.
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    Sorry....after watching a TON of the World Cup....I think this is funny as heck.
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