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    I remember the scouts in school, you'll have to forgive me, but I'll stick with my teammates.
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    But it's one of the largest.
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    I’ll be the good looking guy in the white hat.
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    I thought the idea was to get the best teams into LOS on Thanksgiving weekend, regardless of where they are from. I’m perplexed.
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    With Indiana being a bball state, it could well be the mentality that you have a basketball game for every one football starting team that doesn't take the field ... so there's less love for the idea of anything other than "traditional football." On the other hand, in a football-first state like Texas, the idea is to find any and every way to play football ... thus the affinity for less-than-traditional football.
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    You seem to want to end one of the largest, if not the largest avenues that teach things that you seem to champion.
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    If they cannot field a full varsity team and are that young, out of respect to their opponents they need to cancel their varsity schedule and play a JV season. This stinks for the seniors, but at the same time what about their opponents that will not be able to schedule an opponent on weeks notice. On Caston's away games the home schools will lose gate and concession revenue and the home players are robbed of a game. Caston's situation is unfortunate but they shouldn't be allowed to drag other teams down with them.
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    Good stuff here from Jon Gruden. "We love high school football and you know I think it’s smart for everybody at this level, pro football, NFL, to give back to youth football. We’ve got a problem I think in this country. The game is under siege by a lot of people who don’t think it’s a safe game. They don’t think it’s a good game anymore and I think that’s hogwash. We’ve got to encourage kids to play, get the benefits of being on a team, and try to support these programs because they’re not getting much support anymore. We want these kids to come out, see some of the guys they look up to, get some autographs and get excited about their season,” said Gruden. Gruden was then asked if he believed the pro game was affected by attitudes toward youth football, and if he felt fewer young people were getting into football. “I don’t know. I have a strong opinion on that. I just drive around the streets and I don’t see kids playing in the yards like they used to. So, that’s for another day. I just want to encourage kids, if they do play football, you’re going to learn about mental and physical toughness and teamwork and sportsmanship and accountability and all the qualities that make a young man a man,” he said.
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    Borderline hilarious you say it's become a problem only in government schools. Only see what you want to see dont ya?
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    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is far superior than Honey Smack
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    Why aren’t there 8 man or 6 man teams? My guess is that there is a round ball that only requires 5 players that draws too much attention in Indiana. And it can be played year round as well.
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    Cole is playing and is the QB
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    I will also add that Pioneer has been there before, and it can be turned around with time. In the fall of '88 Pioneer had 19 players on the roster - just 3 seniors - started 4/5 freshmen - and were not able to compete with other varsity teams while going 0-fer. I was one of the seniors. It was not a fun season at all.
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    And American tackle football is not the only venue for instilling those values in youth.
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    Best argument ever against seeding. Seeding would kill any remaining competitive balance left in the tournament. Outside of possibly the first round sectionals, bad idea.
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    High school basketball absolutely does have a success factor in Indiana. Every sport with classes does. Baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, etc. The only sports that don’t are the one class sports (wrestling, track and field, etc.) because there isn’t a class to bump to.
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    Chatard had roughly 45 boys on the Freshmen team last year. Typically, they seem to run in the 30s to low 40s. Typical Freshmen class will probably range between 80-90 boys. Frankly, Freshmen teams allow for a smoother transition from Jr. High to HS WITH your classmates versus being mixed in with Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors since there is no separation between JV and Varsity in practice.
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    The only thing I disagree with is the nudging of Gene Smith. The NCAA is paying a LOT of attention to OSU athletics. There are multiple issues and programs being investigated; all on his watch. Now, he may beat them to the punch and resign; but if he tries to stay put, he will be fired.
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    Meyer and the big bucks OSU boosters are playing a masterful game of "wait and see" and forcing the initial shock of this issue to pass over. The Trumpian news cycle environment we live in is so fast that even an issue such as this will pass by quickly. The investigative council assigned by the University will chastise Meyer but not fire him. He will likely see a 3 game suspension and be back in time for Big Ten play. Win - win for all. Zack Smith gets fired and walks away with a pile of University cash, to be shared with his soon to be ex wife. Buckeye players and fans keep their coach. Meyer keeps his job. Gene Smith is nudged into retirement and taps into the Buckeye slush fund. The OSU machine rolls forward.
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    In 2A, Bremen had a lot of potential last year, but failed to live up to expectations. I think with virtually everyone back, they will makes some noise up north.
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    Can anyone post the 3A preseason rankings please
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    To LC Bears 04 As they said in an old movie “lighten up Francis”
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