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    Keep pointing backward........NWA, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy!
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    It's just exfoliating the dead skin out if your moth. Just gotta let it soak in the milk before u eat it.
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    Last year when we moved it, it killed the pick'em. I'd like to keep it here.
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  5. 2 points
    Not a triple option guy huh........ I would take that offense than any silly Spread/RPO But hey I am double tight Single Wing Gun type of fella
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    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is far superior than Honey Smack
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    Tonight are the authorized controlled scrimmages that officially kick off the football season. Good luck to all 3 teams on the field. Stay safe out there. This is an adaption of one of the Play of the Day scenarios sent out each day of rhe season by the Indiana Football Officials Association, a great teaching and learning tool. First and 10 for A from its own 20-yard line. Receiver A1 sprints from his 20-yard line and cuts sharply toward the middle at his own 30-yard line. A1 makes no attempt to block defensive back B1 who is standing on the 30-yard line. B1 pursues A1 and pushes him from the side using his open hands. Contact is made on A1's upper arm before the pass is thrown. A1 was moving away from B1 when the contact occurred. QB A2 subsequently (a) throws an incomplete pass over the head of A1, or (b) is sacked at the A 15 yd. line. Ruling?
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    I apologize for his music choice... I would point him to Lil Wayne (before 2004), Cash Money Millionaires, Nas, Lil John and The Eastside Boyz (Kings of Crunk)... if he wanted some better Rap lol.
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    Not an apples to apples comparison. PP freshman teams are preloaded with guaranteed feeder systems, which most public schools do not enjoy. We all know and acknowledge this fact. It is what it is.
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    Roncalli's freshman Team numbers are usually 35-40. I haven't seen the final rosters for 2018. Freshman team serves as a good transition to HS football, allows lots of playing time for all, and it bonds the class since Roncalli has 9 middle school programs.
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    Good debate gents. Washington DC could learn a thing or two from the GID, that’s for sure.
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    Field looks awesome. Congrats to brownstown!!
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    my gawd this is amazing!!! Cheers GID
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    Yes! And the counterpart cereal Quake ... although Quake was just a Cap'n Crunch knock off. Especially since HS had a salmonella recall over the summer.
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    What? It's got lots on your "boy". It doesn't shred the roof of your mouth when you eat it.
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    That was a great game by 2 great teams. East would've easily rolled New Prairie as we did. It was a pleasure watching both teams. Highest regard for the high consistent high level of play from the East program. My kid was the senior RB for New Pal on that team, only time I've seen him smile coming off the field of any game ever. Lol. I think there's a realistic shot of a title game matchup this year. Good luck to East this year, here's hoping we meet at Lucas Oil!!
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    That's quite impressive considering there is no Columbus East Middle School.
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    You ruin most threads or attempt to. Not overly sure why you post here or are allowed to.
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    I feel like I need to cheer for any team from a town named Bourbon!
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    My modern experience (not counting my leather helmet days) is that Freshman football's FIRST priority was to keep kids loving the game and having fun doing it. Don't run kids away from the game. By playing with those of similar size and age (and developing a sense of class unity), they have something to build on and develop comradeship and pride in their class. Its goal is to keep that certain small kid engaged so that when he has that 6" and 50lb growth spurt he hasn't left the game behind two years previously (or the short heavy kid that adds inches and turns into a tight end). There are so many stories about what kids looked like Freshman year versus what they became as Seniors. I get it if you frankly just don't have the numbers but I think you are at a severe disadvantage (at least in 3A upwards) if you can't or don't field Freshman teams. Its great to win games, etc., but if you really think that is the real priority of Freshmen football, I think it's a mistake. It's to keep kids in the game and playing the NEXT year.
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    Congrats Muda, you got it all figured out. I'm still choosing my teammates, no matter how much you bully me.
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  23. 1 point
    Trinity Lutheran and Southside Home School (Indianapolis Crimson Knights) are 2 separate teams. When Trinity Lutheran dropped football after 2014 season, the remaining Trinity players joined the Crimson Knights for 2 seasons. (And pretty successful, only losing 3 games in 2 seasons, and finishing #3 in the Nation among homeschool teams the 2nd season with an undefeated regular season with most games being against IHSAA teams.) Trinity Lutheran restarted their program for the 2017 season, and separated from the Crimson Knights. The former Crimson Knights Coach, Mike Wilson, leads the new program at Trinity Lutheran, while Jerry Rasberry took over the program for the Crimson Knights. Both programs are still considered a "club' team, as Trinity Lutheran will not join the IHSAA yet. Both teams accept players who are Homeschooled, or whose high school teams do not offer football. Both are great programs with some great leadership, and potential to grow as more High School programs drop their teams.
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    Looking forward to Eastern Hancock's match up with Fountain Central. New quality opponent for EH and on our home field !!
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    The main story I see here is that we should all aspire to be the AD at Cathedral...some serious jack to be found in the athletic department on East 56th Street....apparently. ....and I had hoped my kid could aspire to run a hedge fund on Wall Street to make a shekel or so...
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