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    As I watched the “game” against Michigan, I was shocked by the overall lack of effort and energy. Looking like they did last night, they may not win another game this year. As frustrated as people were with Crean, he never had a team this bad. I cannot remember a time when an IU team lost 6 conference games in a row. Not sure what is going on, but there must be something off the court or in the locker room going on. Sure Michigan is a better team, but not 20 plus points better.
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    Big congratulations to my niece Caitlyn Phillips and the Crown Point Lady Bulldogs, who just completed a 23-0 regular season and head into the tournament as the #4 ranked team in Class 4A. Caitlyn is a 3 year starter for CP and the floor general from her guard position. Caitlyn has had a spectacular high school career, playing a key role as a sophomore starter on the 2017 Crown Point girls state championship softball team. I am hoping the Lady Dawgs roll to semi state and meet up with #1 ranked Hamilton Southeastern, who is coached by my old next door neighbor in Highland, Chris Huppenthal. Chris is one of the all time top high school coaches in state history. Of course, Ill be pulling for CP 😀 Go Lady Dawgs!
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    Feeling a bit nostalgic this morning I remember very clearly the first time I came in contact with the Gridiron Digest. It was the spring of 2004. I was in my office at Galyans in Plainfield as we were in the process of being bought out by rival Dicks Sporting Goods. I was on the transition team, and we had a lot of time on our hands so I stumbled upon the GID as I was surfing the web. Hard to believe 15 years have gone by. We've all changed. I immediately entered the Holy War against the PP Horde, taking an aggressive position against Catholic high school football hegemony in Indiana, and especially in Indianapolis. Growing up in The Region of Northwest Indiana, Andrean and Bishop Noll were never considered a threat to the powers of the Duneland Conference, and a mere nuisance to the better schools in the Lake Suburban, including my beloved alma mater, Highland High School. Noll did have some solid teams in the late 70s, but we handled them . I have no doubt that the loud chatter we created on The GID during that glorious period (2004-2007) helped to raise awareness of the gross competitive imbalance between PP and public schools, and lead indirectly to the formation of the Success Factor, which I have always just considered to be a politically motivated and watered down version of The Multiplier. Here we are now in 2019, and a new breed of posters /forum members are driving the new and hopefully improved GID. Its also time for some sharp young posters to step up and drive forum discussion with relevant topics and content that is important to your demographic. The GID server crash opens the door to a new beginning, and also some endings. Semi retirement looms soon on the horizon, and I gaze with wandering eyes westward, and a new beginning in Arizona. I will always follow high school football, and will remain a minor contributor here as topics catch my attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter between us over the years. Its been great fun. With regards to the contraction issue, I feel strongly that we are entering into a period where admins will pull the plug on high school football programs across the nation, citing issues such as lack of competitiveness, low participation, high operating costs, and serious injury ramifications. The trend has already started, as several Indiana programs have already closed their doors, and many others are on the brink. Id like to see Indiana settle in around 280 football playing schools. This will improve the overall competitive profile across the state, and eliminate programs that cannot or will not compete. All the best in 2019 to all the forum members, and hope to meet up in a GID thread again soon DT
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    Heritage Hills jumped out to a 10-0 lead and led 24-2 after 1 quarter, At halftime it was Heritage Hills 49-22, After 3 Heritage Hills 64-29 and final 85-39. Free Throw shooting Heritage Hills 12 of 20 and South Spencer 6 of 10. Patriots hit 9 three pointers and Rebels hit 5 threes . Heritage Hills was called for 11 fouls and the Rebels 17. Patriots improve to 16-1 Heritage Hills scoring Becher 22 Sisley 17 ( 3 dunks ) Liebering 15 Career High Scherry 11 Sigler 6 Begle 6 Kratzer 3 Lashley 3 Turner 2 South Spencer scoring Bartlett 13 Donoho 7 Johnson 6 Ling 6 Smith 4 Rogier 3 HH JV wins 64-37 and improves to 13-2.
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    I stopped by Paul Brown stadium at Washington High School in Massillon yesterday just because I was in the area and I hadn't seen it in almost 30 years. ...still an awesome place. see it here: https://massillontigers.com/facilities/paul-brown-tiger-stadium/
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    Or he was just unfit for the job in the first place, and did a poor job (as was expected) once in office, and this allows him to “save face”?
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    ...damn right, they're better than yours.
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    I’m not much of a BB fan, but occasionally I’m forced to watch, because my wife is. I watched the first half last night. My comment to my wife was I don’t think it would be too difficult for me to find 12 high school girls around here who mentally and physically tougher than what I saw in the first half from IU. They’re lazy, they don’t play hard, they act like they’re scared to death. Have no idea what the problem is, but I would guess Archie better figure it out soon, my guess is his seat’s getting a little warm.
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    Definitely will miss you and your conversation and topics DT... Wish you the best on your future plans and westward travels! Thanks for all your input over all these years. Dan
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    I think first and foremost, some people do not really understand the amount of work and effort that go into head coaching. I believe that many new head coaches get blown away by the amount of organization, managing, and balancing that must occur in order to change or build a culture once the really get into the thick of it. The grind can wear people down. X's and O's are just a very small percentage when you look at the bigger factors involved in building and maintaining a culture. It is mostly a thankless position, and sometimes when you win, you really lose.
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    Another official gave me a great analogy. You are part of a sales team and you've received a request for a proposal for one of the largest contracts you could ever get (conference championship assignment). The due date comes and goes because you forgot to make a note of it (inexcusable error for someone normally really good). If you had bid on it your firm very likely gets it because you are the best in the industry and you are one of the top sales people (top 3 official at your position to be assigned to this game). That's a big financial loss for your company (huge PR nightmare for the NFL but not a financial loss for the league). Are you fired over that one mistake? Probably not because of your proven success in doing the role. If you are a newer sales guy or one that hasn't performed well you likely weren't given that lead just like a newer or lower rated official wouldn't have been given that assignment. The 3 officials involved in that call were rated in the top 3 over the course of the season and had previously worked multiple playoff games including 2 Super Bowls. They just had a really bad, very public error at the most unfortunate time of a critical game.
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    That didn't take long. GID is officially back y'all.
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    I never stated that the taxpayer funded aspect was my only concern, aka "care about". Providing something for "free", like a post-secondary college course, will tend to have an affect on the demand for the course.
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