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    Yes. i agree that TA’s original intent was to have a “free” site. But if you’re not already voluntarily contributing at least $20/yr. for site upkeep, you’re freeloading.
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    Actually, Voting By Laws that have been established by the "brain trust" are so well hidden that I am not sure I can resurrect them, they are THAT privileged
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    No! Goid god man, I thought you passed the baton????
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    just so everyone is clear 1) Not looking into this in any capacity 2) We are not sending out distress calls on the financial end of the site This is just 1 member high horse he continues to ride, when we let him ride in our community
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    NO And considering that truly only 2 people votes actually matter in this made up vision....... I would say it is pointless to think otherwise.
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    I would say that Michigan City has beaten Lake Central 3 times in a row under Mason and has outscored the Blue Indians 115-20 in their last two games.
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    I would rather give $100 freely than be forced to pay $20.....I have a thing with "the man"...LOL.
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    No I have to stick with the creator's intent TA never wanted it to be a paysite; he wanted it to be free. It will always be his site, so that rule should stand pat.
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    Per his Twitter account. Congrats to KJ and the Tipton Fans.
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    Where was that strategic business and marketing oriented thinking when you ran your own Indiana high school football forum? It was not around for long. How long exactly did it last before you closed it down?
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    Dude, it’s an interenet forum, we’re not launching a new retail store in Circle Center.
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    Full disclosure, what I posted was not my idea, just something someone else said. Also, I asked why COULDN'T they do that. Saying "this is they way they have done it before" is an answer to why WOULDN'T they do that. I also am interested in the answer to Knight82's question, since I have very limited knowledge on the Muncie situation, too.
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    Great comments I know I am being flat out greedy, but wouldn't it be awesome to get a Pro Bowl type DE/OLB that can rush the QB in the 5th or 6th round? aka Robert Mathias. What a steal he was and that doesn't happen often.....a true diamond in the rough.
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    Exactly. There's already a precedent set as to what they'll do. Also, who cares if the combine Elkhart schools stay in 5A for 1 year. I'll be surprised if it truly matters all that much. If they go on to win the 2020 5A State Championship.... then I guess that'll make for good banter/conversations on this forum!
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    If the way the IHSAA has done things in the past holds, the combined school would remain in 5A for 2020 and then move up and be reclassified for 2021-22. After absorbing Muncie South mid-cycle, Muncie Central competed in 4A (football) and 3A (basketball) with 1,600 students for one year. I believe a bylaw change would have to take place for that to change, so keep an eye on the IHSAA board meeting. I wrote a proposal and submitted it to my principal to be considered (that a school that consolidates mid-cycle would be reclassified with its new enrollment), but I'm not sure if it was ever submitted to the IHSAA.
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    TA's vision was always to keep this a free forum and an open community and that will always be the case. This was, is and always will be his. Voluntary contributions are always better than mandatory contributions. In hoops, after Hickory Husker went pay-only for the forums, most have migrated to Harrell's free boards for basketball discussion. Likely would happen here, too. If you feel like you can do things better, start your own competing site. Wait, you tried that. It failed. You then came crawling back here and have repeatedly tried to take over this one.
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    Considering he will be a national recruit, I would say those school you listed are not focused on QBs who just finished their freshman year. Michigan can wait. So can OSU and Wisconsin.
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    I know I am not the only Colts fan that has been saying since the early Manning days that we need to focus on the defensive side of the ball, and even given the way this defense overachieved, I still think that is your focus. I think the discussion around TY and whether he is a #1 receiver seems silly to me because the Colts' focus this year was on multiple formations out of multiple personnel groups, especially with multiple tight ends, and TY is able to fit into just about any of those groups. He is your #1 because first, he has the ability to play it multiple positions and second, because the focus of the offense is on tight ends. Also, what happened to the perimeter screen game? It seemed like that was a huge part of the offense in spots this year, but they kind of got away from it late in the year. That was an area where TY thrived, maybe the ankle injury took away from this? Back to the defense, there were two times this year where injuries made me nervous. One was Ryan Kelley, but Evan Bohem stepped in nicely. The other was when Leonard went down on literally the first or second play against the Dolphins. Forget all the talk about the Pro Bowl snub, whether he is the DROY/DPOY, all of it; if he doesn't come back there the Colts are done. The d-line is good for what they needed to do and that is keep Leonard clean, they deserve a lot of credit for those 190 or whatever tackles. As much as I loved Dwight Freeney, and I mean loved, I don't want a player like that for this defense. Freeney took himself out of the running game a lot, not because he didn't like contact or anything like that, just stylistically he was so fast up the field that a lot of times you didn't even need to block him. For a pass rusher, I would love to see an outside linebacker type, a la a Dee Ford actually, someone who not only has the edge speed needed to give elite tackles issues, but also the awareness to understand when to use that speed and when to stay anchored to the LOS. That or a big time "pocket pusher" in the middle, like one of the Clemson DTs (names escape me now), someone who can push the pocket and make QBs antsy with their feet, but also still draw doubles in the run game. The DBs had a surprisingly good year, Hooker is solid when he is healthy, and Kenny Moore had a pretty great year as well. On both sides of the ball Ballard's genius was that he gave Reich and Company players who could do multiple things well, that needs to be the focus. I agree that Antonio Brown as a player would be nice, but this has never been an organization that puts up with a lot of off the field issues (call them distractions). Not that I begrudge AB, or anyone for that matter, for being a big personality, but when it becomes detrimental to an organization, that is a problem. Same kind of deal with a Le'veon Bell. I'm sorry, but Trent Richardson is still fresh in my mind. I know it is a different situation, with a different GM and much better, more proven back, but you are still talking about a big name running back in the modern NFL where running backs almost always come in pairs anyway. With 9 picks, I would almost like to see them try to trade a couple of them to move up, I mean like top 10 or top 5, to take a guy that they really like. Again, don't go crazy, I'm talking like 2, 3 picks max, to move up into that top area and only if you are going to get a guy you really feel can be a long term guy. I love that the Colts have simply pieced things together, and it has worked, to an extent, for a while, but every now and then you've got to make a big move, not a desperate move, but a big move.
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    No. I don't pay for online forums. I would understand if the administrators did this, but I would likely not participate if this was done.
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    Add 2 more....Purdue and Cincinnati today!
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    YES Its a good value and my $20 contribution will help offset new hardware and software expenses.
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    gee and did not both of those just "move into WHS"
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    This is the shortest retirement in history. DT tells us he's leaving and "passing a baton" he only held in his own mind, and now is back trying to appoint himself the content curator of the GID.
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    I think it's points. Lookin' to triple-down this season.
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    I give this comment a D-
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    or flip side, they hired a relatively young, experienced HC who has multiple State title appearances both as an Assistant and HC and want to build around THAT guy for years to come.
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    3 sectional titles in 5 years though.
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    Pike has accepted their reality as an alsoran in The MIC.
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    Why not take this opportunity to turn this into a pay site? You guys deserve to be compensated for your efforts. TA would understand. He was a reasonable and realistic guy and would understand that circumstances change. This isnt 2007. 450 members currently at $20 annual subscription covers all your expenses and gives you some compensation I would think it would be worth $20 a year to the members to have this forum/outlet/connection. Its important to them.
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    Agreed. The late, great Tim Adams once said to me in a PM, and I paraphrase, "People with strong/contrary opinions, like you and DrivenT , help drive traffic to the GID and therefore valuable discussions."
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/moral-case-for-capitalism-fight-progressive-premises/ It is a scary time for America. The progressives must not be allowed to implement their socialist agenda upon the American populace.
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