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    Do you get paid to post on the GID. If not, I would definitely stop.
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    He posted the following on Facebook: Southern Wells Community Members and supporters: I have decided to resign as Head Football Coach at Southern Wells. I would like to thank our administrators, staff members, community members, coaching staff and most importantly our players for the support throughout the last year. Being a Head Football Coach brought about a lot of challenges that I didn’t expect. At this time I feel that it would be best for a new leader to take over and lead this program. This was a extremely difficult decision to make but one that I think will be best both for myself and Southern Wells Football. I look forward to finishing the year off at Southern Wells as a teacher. In the future I would like to try to find employment closer to my family in Michigan as being away from them has been increasingly difficult. I would like to wish Southern Wells Football the best in the future. I will definitely always be rooting for the Raiders.
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    My original post portfolio was permanently deleted following multiple bannings from the site Subsequent post content was lost during prior shutdowns
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    I believe we were up for approx 6 months. Peaked around 500 members. Was unable to monetize the site relative to developing revenue streams so decided to shut it down. I don't work for free.
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    I haven't seen them, but I don't really care if someone has posted more than me or not. Please explain why you think this is relevant. Again, I haven't seen that many. Must have been prior to 2010. No way to prove or disprove at this point. They must have been educated in government schools. A true IT professional educated in private schools should have been in charge of archiving. Know any?
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    Whatever you say to him it's like trying to drive on 465 in the snow. Nothing sticks and the conversation will end up being a wreck.
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    Dude, it’s an interenet forum, we’re not launching a new retail store in Circle Center.
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    Agreed. The late, great Tim Adams once said to me in a PM, and I paraphrase, "People with strong/contrary opinions, like you and DrivenT , help drive traffic to the GID and therefore valuable discussions."
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    There is no attempt here to storm the gates, conduct a military coup, or otherwise overthrow the braintrust of The GID. I simply see this point in time as a pivot point for The Digest. Given the shutdown, significant loss of membership, and new cost burdens associated with the hardware and software makeovers, all options should be considered. Should the site go the pay route, I would consider being an investor, as long as there is potential ROI to be realized at some point. But that takes strategic business and marketing oriented thinking, which I have in abundant supply. Just my 2 cents worth. I figure after 15 years and tens of thousands of posts, I've earned the right. 😀
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    I would rather give $100 freely than be forced to pay $20.....I have a thing with "the man"...LOL.
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    Still hope for us as a country ... and as decent people: https://abcnews.go.com/US/1000-mourners-attend-funeral-unaccompanied-veteran/story?id=60675971 FTA: The funeral of an unaccompanied veteran in Killeen, Texas, was attended by more than 1,000 people -- including hundreds of bikers -- after a cemetery put out a call on social media asking strangers to come pay their respects. The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery asked the public to attend Air Force Veteran Joseph Walker’s funeral on Facebook after failing to reach any of his family members or friends.
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    Bruce Caitlyn Jenner's Uncle Buck.....
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    A Charter School Moratorium Will Not Fix What Ails L.A.'s Education System: http://reason.com/blog/2019/02/01/a-charter-school-moratorium-will-not-fix Bingo.
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    And negative press about your site was spread by a number of GID and pro-pp zealots in an attempt to smear you. I remember those days.
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    Where was that strategic business and marketing oriented thinking when you ran your own Indiana high school football forum? It was not around for long. How long exactly did it last before you closed it down?
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    DT certainly had more posts with actual content that you did, Gonzo. And I believe him when he says that counting the prior two iterations of the GID his post count was 10k+. I'm pretty sure my count was in the 14k range. Pity that the GID technical support team didn't put any priority on actually backing up the GID site data from time to time.
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