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    @DT For someone who doesn't work for free, you're putting a lot of effort into a discussion that is fruitless.
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    Yeah if the ROI for paying $20 to a football discussion site is reading the musings of one person who thinks every school who has a couple of bad seasons should get rid of football all together and one who believes schools have no business having football teams to begin with let alone build any facilities, I'll definitely pass.
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    It's there prerogative to have the one high school or multiple high schools. I doubt athletic success is a major factor. Even if they had 2 schools I'm sure both would be extremely competitive in most sports. The drawback is fewer students get an opportunity to compete at the varsity level. There is only 1 starting QB, 1 starting PG, 1 leadoff hitter, 1 #1 singles tennis player. They have several swimmers who would qualify for state at other schools, but can't get into the varsity heats for Carmel. I'm not a huge fan of forcing districts to split into multiple schools. That should be a local decision.
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    Millennials are consistently searching for convenience which is why they will pay for delivery of fast food. In the same way they won't pay $20 for a pay site when there are just as convenient options that also happen to be free.
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    One idea we have had at our school is to try and recruit officials for all sports from within out halls. We have looked at creating a class in the PE department that will look at team sports, rules, and game play. This class will hopefully be on the schedule for next school year. One part of this class will be helping students with the skills and information needed to take and pass officiating tests to allow them to be licensed officials after they have graduated. We have a lot of students who love the sport but may not want to or be able to play at the next level. Giving them this skill and comfort level in knowing rules, situations, and how to handle situations with coaches and fans will hopefully draw a new and youthful group to officiating in all sports. The goal it to have them look at two or three sports they may be interested in to help add depth to the officiating pool.
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    Really curious word choice here. I'm not sure what description you are trying to apply to Carmel, but "vulgar" doesn't make much sense in this context. Maybe I'm missing something.
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    Whatever you say to him it's like trying to drive on 465 in the snow. Nothing sticks and the conversation will end up being a wreck.
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    1. Should be very interesting to see what Bart Curtis can do in year 2 at Warsaw. The Tigers had an outstanding season in 2018 under Curtis, and one can can only assume that the program will burst forward in Year 2 as long as the talent holds up. Warsaw has a potentially huge numbers advantage over other NLC schools, anticipating that more kids come out and want to get in on the action. I look for a similar trajectory for Warsaw under Curtis as what we saw at Mishawaka. Big question for Curtis. Can he move his program into state title contention in Class 6A? Thats a big mountain to climb, but you've got to think its on his radar. 2. Got a feeling we are going to see a similar program breakout from Homestead very soon. These two programs could be positioning as the new big school standard bearers in NE Indiana. Yes, Snider will have a say so in this argument. The long term trends however favor the bigger suburban schools. 3. Not a big fan of the new Pike coaching hire, but Red Devil supporters seem to be pretty psyched about the hiring of Pat Echeverria. I was expecting a bigger splash, given Pikes challenges in The MIC. The program needs an identity. It really has none at this point. What is Coach E's signature imprint that he will put on the program that gives it a chance to move up the pecking order in The MIC? 4. Lake Central is having a miserable boys basketball season, and we are hearing about the same lack of talent excuses that we heard about the football program. This is a school with 3000 plus students, far and away the biggest in NW Indiana. Where have all the athletes gone? LC used to be a perennial threat in both sports, with plenty of D1 athletes spread out over the years. Kids just are not playing high school sports like they used to. LC might be one of the bigest victims of this current trend. 5. Has Laporte named a new HC? This should be a gem of a job. 6. John Rodenburg enters year 2 at Lawrence Central on the heels of a disappointing 4-7 season in 2018 in his first year at the helm of the Bears program. Certainly expectations will be ratcheted up in year 2 for Rodenburgs program. LC is blessed with an abundance of top level athletic talent. At the top of their game, they have been able to compete toe to oe with the top MIC powers. This is clearly why Roden burg chose this job in the first place. Now, the pressure is on the staff to harness that talent and make a move i conference and post season play. 7. Fans will be watching for progress at Greenfield Central under first year HC Travis Nolting. Nolting had a great run at 1A North Central Farmersburg. Now, can he work his magic at the 5A level at a program that has sunk to all time depths? Observers note that their is plenty of talent at the school. Will they buy in to Coach Nolting's recruiting pitch? 8.
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    Is that wind as in wind like a spring, or wind as in hot air?
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    I don't believe that. Nor this. I'm over 60, I use all of those except Snapchat. That's only because I'm too old for Snapchat, too young for LifeAlert.
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    He gave up on shutting down the government until he got his wall. Ann Coulter called him a wussie because of how weak he looked.
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    That's.... a stretch. Per MaxPreps website Last 10 years: Bradley record 64 - 42 (60.4% winning percentage) Davidson record 101- 24 (80.8% winning percentage) Last 5 years: Bradley record 42 - 14 (75.0% winning percentage) Davidson record 42 - 17 (71.2% winning percentage) While Bradley has certainly gotten better and had a heck of a 3 year run, it's not like Davidson is doing THAT much worse. For what it's worth, Davidson advanced further in the OHSAA playoffs this year AND defeated Bradley this season 17-10.
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    Not necessarily true. Hilliard Davidson used to be a big school multi year state champion. Hilliard Darby is also in the same town. Now Hilliard Bradley opened 5 years ago, and Bradley has eclipsed Davidson as the top football program in the community Definitely a change in overall competitiveness when Bradley came into the picture and built their program from the ground up.
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    This was on my desk this morning...I think it is a sign!
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    Just Rules is correct. Carmel, similar to some Columbus suburban schools, would have just as much talent among two or three high schools if they split. The splits in Columbus have not decreased their competitiveness. My enrollment beef is not about unfair competition. It's about 5,000 kids and one point guard much like Just Rules mentioned.
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    Jasper gave HH a new wrinkle defensively and it worked pretty well. I thought Carson was again a great spark. A very good win that I think a lot can be learned whne the break down the video.
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    Destin was one of the great guys on Dave Blacks football staff at BC that was always a gentlemen to opposing coaches and during games. I spent a lot of time talking with Destin about coaching, teaching, education, etc over the years. Destin was one of my favorite people to visit with before and after games. We spent time trading film and talking. He was a tireless worker and from what I saw students loved him. BC has not been the same since he left football or the school corporation. To North Newton staff, community, and students our prayers are with you. God Bless!!!!!!
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    A few message board posters doesn't reflect economic reality, and the admins do take donations from those who wish to chip in a few bucks to keep this thing running. There is a bit of a selection bias in who's posting and who isn't. The lurkers and occasional posters - who make up the majority of the people here - aren't chiming in and most aren't paying. Increase the price to the end user from zero to *anything* and you're going to lose a substantial amount of your traffic. Lose the traffic, and you lose your reason for existing. That's the Law of Demand in action, which you learn in the first month of any first-year econ course. Unlike the Indianapolis Star or other media that charge for content, we don't have a staff producing proprietary original content. It's not even close to an apples-to-apples comparison. This is a message board, it's a community, and if people can't get that here for free (which is well-moderated and has pretty good community guidelines), they'll get it somewhere else (like Harrell's board, like Facebook, Twitter, et al, which are much less moderated and can be unreadable). That's *exactly* what happened when Hickory Husker went pay-only. It also pretty much shuts down the possibility of new traffic, because as soon as the newbies see the paywall, they're gone. They haven't had the ability to develop the value in it. There are a lot of free online message boards and social media options that people will go to. The opportunity to make this a pay site was a dozen years ago. Tim refused to do so and refused to sell out to Rivals and 247 *because* he wanted to keep it free to use.
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    Another small act of kindness between generations ... this one from older to younger: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dad-says-man-bonded-toddler-airport-showed-kindness-compassion-001127653.html FTA: On Saturday, Kevin Armentrout, a public speaker in Las Vegas, wrote a Facebook post about a traveler named Joseph Wright, a field sales manager at Samsung in Oklahoma, who took joy in entertaining his 16-month-old daughter, Carter Jean, at the airport. “Last night, while waiting to board our plane, [Carter Jean] was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say ‘hi’ to everyone she could, until she walked up on this man,” Armentrout wrote. “He reached out and asked if she wanted to sit with him. He pulled out his tablet and showed her how to draw with it, they watched cartoons together, and she offered him snacks. This wasn’t a short little exchange, this was 45 minutes. Watching them in that moment, I couldn’t help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends. This is the world I want for her.”
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    Opportunities for small acts of kindness present themselves every day ... just have to keep an eye out for them: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/police-officer-films-three-young-men-helping-elderly-woman-street-grandmother-122702539.html FTA: Officer Kenesha Carnegie of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office in Bronson, Fla., was in Williston on Monday when she saw the friends helping Rose Griest, 89, get into her car, which her 100-year-old husband, David, had parked at a gas station. The couple of 20 years stopped to use the restroom on their way home from Perry to Orlando, where Rose had a medical appointment.
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    "Why shouldn't The GID convert to pay, like everyone else has or is in the process of doing?" What examples do you have of a forum going from free to pay site and succeeding? Another alternative to Harrell's board is starting a subreddit on reddit which is the worlds largest forum which also happens to be ... free.
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    Another Hoosier Conference school QB at the helm at UIndy?
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    Since we are talking numbers, perhaps "prodigious" is a better word. Now, Imelda Marcos's shoe collection was... vulgar... beyond prodigious. Thanks.
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    Do you get paid to post on the GID. If not, I would definitely stop.
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    Dude, it’s an interenet forum, we’re not launching a new retail store in Circle Center.
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    It would not be like Trump to simply give up.
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    I may go against the grain here, but I really have never cared for Girl Scout cookies.
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    Yep. Here is some more: https://tomluongo.me/2019/01/27/democrats-begin-eating-themselves-prepping-for-2020/ And Ms. Johnstone is also correct that Bernie himself, keeping his 2020 aspirations high, has helped the very thing being used to smear him now, RussiaGate. But, this smear campaign has a cause, and it isn’t just the lunatic Left smarting over the rejection of their lunacy by desperate, ten-toothed deplorables. Because the DNC are delusional enough to think that it was Bernie, like Ralph Nader in 2000, who cost the Democrats the presidency. It couldn’t have possibly been a terrible candidate, lack of message, and appearing as the party of the unelected oligarchy who were too busy strip-mining the country to notice that a lot of people were really angry about it. No. It was Bernie’s fault. Self-reflection is not a strong point of ideologues. You see, Bernie could have been a Manchurian Candidate all along as part of Putin’s nefarious plot to thwart the imperial aspirations of the anointed femi-Nazi Hillary. These are talking points created by the Clinton wing of the DNC to discredit Bernie by painting him with the guilt-by-association brush. There are few things in this life that made me laugh louder than this. But it is also very dangerous. Proxy Wars Turning the mob on Bernie is exactly the same type of thinking that led to funding the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. It’s the same misguided planning that created ISIS to overthrow Assad. Use proxies to undermine your opponent. Accuse them of things patently untrue and raise suspicion of them and their motives. Then create an army of radicalized, frothing-at-the-mouth, unthinking lunatics to do your bidding on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter whether its the Syrian desert or the digital ones of Twitter and Facebook. What matters is keeping people hating The Other with an intensity that defies reason and ensures that no outside information makes it through the filter of the cult. Alinsky 101. And who is the chief Alinskyite of the DNC? Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake that’s because Hillary still thinks she can win a rematch in 2020. Still think Hillary isn’t running? So it’s just coincidence that days after Kamala Harris (D – Herself) announced her candidacy Willie Brown breaks his silence on their affair. This is prima facia evidence that the Democrats’ crazy has jumped the shark, however. In their single-minded quest to beat Trump the Clintons and their allies do not see the damage they are doing to not only the institutions they think they deserve to control but also to their own feathered nests. The problem here is the unintended consequences of unleashing forces you can’t control. Proxy wars (political or military) create knock-on effects that grow beyond you. They take on lives of their own. This is especially true among leftists who have rejected all other forms of limits on their behavior. They have been encouraged, by people like Clinton, to view culture as despotic. Pelosi calls walls immoral. New York has made infanticide a legal right. The MAGA hat is the new Swastika. It’s not about ideas anymore. It’s about purity. And the left turning on Bernie Sanders was already in full swing before Hillary mobilized a few of her media quislings. This mania leads to people becoming so insane they think it’s okay to incite violence against 15 year old kids for standing still and smiling inext to grown men act like jackasses in public while cheering on pre-pubescent transvestite drag queens. Do you think Hillary has the chops to navigate this insanity for a year and a half? She couldn’t handle Trump in 2016… or campaigning for that matter. Eat the Rich Your clue that things have reached that point is none other than everyone’s media darling, Marxist lunatic Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez. Machine Democrats lost seats in the primaries to ideologues like Cortez. She’s not stupid, folks. She’s Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton 30 years ago. And she’s going to run their playbook better than they ever did. Pelosi has no idea what she’s up against. She still thinks she’s got this under control. But she is in a fight for her political life with Trump over the border wall which he will win if he wants to. Because he’s laying the groundwork to declare the emergency after raking them over the coals politically. He can’t lose this fight to her now when he has all the tools to make it happen. She’s the one with no cards to play now that the government is back in business looting people. All it will take to beat her is a small cadre of Democrats to cross the line and cut a deal with Trump. He already offered a politically reasonable trade. Does anyone think AOC won’t lead a small insurrection against Nasty Nancy over this? Or, at least, demand even more concessions from the party vis a vis committee appointments. The Hildebeast Hillary is the queen of slash and burn politics. She is Emperor Palpatine without the charisma. And she’s also, like all generals, fighting the last war. Sending her media shock troops out against Bernie Sanders, a man already reviled for selling out to her in 2016, is an admission that she’s completely out of touch with the realities of 2019. What Hillary is missing is that the political calculus of her past is over. If you don’t speak for the people you cannot win today. She will not be able to remake herself into a populist. She is damaged goods at a fundamental level. The kids who voted for AOC will never vote for her. The Deplorables no matter how upset they are with Trump, if he stands firm on the wall and throws them some crumbs on foreign policy, will happily vote for him over her. Hillary’s not stupid, however. She knows the Democratic field is a puddle rather than a lake. So she is looking to destroy up front those candidates she thinks are the strongest. It’s why Fauxcahontas will get a pass because she’s a laughing stock and even more unlikeable than Hillary is. And that’s why Hillary’s throwing her hat in the ring now, via her proxies. But, between now and when she actually announces she will let her opposition Democrats fall on each other like zombies on the last corpse. Hillary 2020. It's just a matter of time.
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    Who's Afraid of Howard Schultz? Just About Everyone, and They're Right To Be: http://reason.com/blog/2019/01/29/whos-afraid-of-howard-schultz-just-about The heckler speaks in only slightly more graphic terms than many folks on the Democratic-to-left side of the political spectrum. For instance, New York Times columnist and former Nation scribe Michelle Goldberg pleaded, "Howard Schultz, Please Don't Run for President: A bid by an ex-chief of Starbucks would be reckless idiocy." She calls his potential bid "a narcissistic spoiler campaign." The fear, which is widespread on the broadly defined left, is that Schultz will somehow take votes away from any Democratic challenger and thus hand Donald Trump a second term (this fear is wrong on multiple levels, not least of which is that it's wrong about electoral history). But here's former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau wheezing out similar anxieties while also slagging Schultz for being rich. Schultz, adds Favreau, "is afraid that if he tells half the country's voters what he truly believes, they'll reject him. So he's buying his way right to the general." Actually, no. Last night and in other interviews, Schultz is perfectly clear on why, if he runs, he will do so as a "centrist independent." He openly disagrees with a lot of ideas that dominate Democratic Party discourse and he doesn't want to be forced into accepting those policies. Specifically, he's criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren's asset tax on "tippy-top" earners, and a whole host of tax-funded giveaways that he says we can't afford. For instance, he spoke about the cost of single-payer health insurance plans, which will almost certainly be part of the DNC's 2020 platform. He noted that California's total state budget is currently around $150 billion but the cost for Gov. Gavin Newsom's version of single-payer runs toward $400 billion. Even as he talked forcefully about growing up poor, with parents from the Greatest Generation who failed to participate in the post-war economic boom, he refused to say government should be all things to all people. In his various interviews over the past week or two, he never misses an opportunity to talk about how a $21 trillion debt is the single biggest problem we need to reckon with. He's right to say it not only ties the hands of government (and the ligatures get tighter as interest rates rise) but also that it inhibits broad-based economic growth, the best way to increase living standards. He also refused to be penitent about being rich last night, at one point saying he helped to create a great company and wasn't going to apologize for his or anyone else's success. He called the class-warfare rhetoric used by so many Democrats "so un-American"! In other words, he doesn't fit very well in today's Democratic Party. Cue Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is running for president herself: Well, that's what elections are for, to hammer out definitions of what's ridiculous, right? It's an odd thing, really, to see Democrats and progressives mad as hell that Schultz won't run as a Democrat but than never missing an opportunity to put him down as latter-day robber baron who is so out of touch with the little people that he should go back to sipping lattes on his mega-yacht. Over at the Center for American Progress, a liberal political group, Neera Tanden calls Schultz's possible run as an independent "disgusting" and calls for a boycott of Starbucks if he goes through with it. "Schultz," sniffs the Times' Goldberg, "appears to share the conviction, endemic among American elites, that the country hungers for a candidate who is socially liberal but fiscally conservative." Ah, now we're getting somewhere, aren't we? It's not really that Schultz is threatening to run as an independent, it's that he's already thinking as an independent. At Barnes & Noble, he hit any number of great notes beyond fiscal responsibility. He stressed the need for economic mobility, made a practical and humanitarian case for immigration, questioned both Trump's and earlier presidents' foreign policy as often reckless and open-ended. Mostly, though, he was raising topics for actual debate, rather than as occasions to bark out increasingly shrill or stupid talking points. He was at times emotional but never shouty or irrational. He also stressed that voters who identify as independent are the single largest group. He's also betting that people are tired of contemporary, increasingly tribal politics. When he ran Starbucks, he was regularly pilloried by conservatives for all sorts of irredeemably liberal things, such as refusing to use the phrase Merry Christmas on their cups to Schultz's endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the current context, liberals hate him because he actually believes in free market capitalism. Which isn't to say he isn't angering folks on the right. As Scott H. Greenfield observes, Schultz's economic realism mixed with liberal social ideas is to progressives what garlic is to vampires. At the same time, Schultz "is the real deal of the businessman-president model, because he's actually a wealthy, successful businessman." That helps to explain why Donald Trump was quick to call Schultz out when he appeared on 60 Minutes: Others on the Republican side of things are more welcoming, and not because they think he will drain votes away from the eventual Democratic nominee. Writing in National Review, John Fund notes: Based on what I've read so far and what I saw last night, this is exactly right. Schultz is certainly not a doctrinaire libertarian, even if he is "socially liberal" and "fiscally conservative." He almost certainly believes in a government that is bigger and more expensive than I'm comfortable with. There's almost no way he can actually win, especially if he runs as an independent, but since when should getting elected be the main goal of politics? He's staging an alternative conversation to the increasingly awful one that Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, insist on having while the ship of state bears down on that deadly iceberg on the horizon. Schultz is pointing in a new direction, one we should all be heading towards unless we are committed to self-destruction. As one of the comments to this excellent commentary by Mr. Gillepsie says:
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    Ms. Harris is on the socialism bandwagon right from the start of her campaign: Under Medicare for All, If You Like Your Insurance Plan, You Can’t Keep It: http://reason.com/blog/2019/01/29/kamala-harris-medicare-for-all-private Scary.
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    Uggh. He wouldn't get my vote. The only sensible thing he put forth was getting the U.S. military out of Afghanistan.
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    Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax Is a Stunt Policy That Other Countries Have Tried and Discarded: http://reason.com/blog/2019/02/01/warren-wealth-tax-unconstitutional-2020 If this horrible tax would ever become law, it would be an abject failure. I can see loads of household suddenly with "only" $47, $48, $49.5 million evaluations.
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