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    A yard full of these would be impressive.
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    Yeah if the ROI for paying $20 to a football discussion site is reading the musings of one person who thinks every school who has a couple of bad seasons should get rid of football all together and one who believes schools have no business having football teams to begin with let alone build any facilities, I'll definitely pass.
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    76% align with last night's SOTU address and direction https://www.cbsnews.com/news/state-of-the-union-2019-most-viewers-approved-of-trumps-sotu-address-cbs-news-poll/ MSM working hard today................ Regardless how one feels about Trump, to see those 2 WWII decorated veterans and survivors of DDay, along with Buzz Aldrin receive their just praise from their government was beyond awesome and inspiring. Eyes watered up thinking of my Dad and his brothers that fought and survived during WWII. I was a pallbearer in my uncle's funeral last year....the last of Dad's 8 siblings to pass from this earth. My uncle Art and Dad were really close, so I was with him and my cousins a ton growing up. Dad always cautioned me about bringing up the war. He told me to just listen if my uncles discussed the subject. My uncle Art (Navy and fought in 6 major engagements to include Leyte Gulf and Okinawa as a gunner) never, ever said a word. At the funeral home, I saw his Bronze Star displayed by his coffin. Had no clue that he was a recipient.....he never mentioned it. The greatest generation.....what an inspiration.
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    Ahh, those were the days. And with the benevolent TA looking out for it all.
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    The season is much too long. Glad it's over. Time for baseball
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    Football season can't get here soon enough 🙄
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    Great point. And hilites a huge challenge for the GID. The Millenials need to step up and take the baton from the aging veterans and provide some fresh new content to rejuvenate this site and bring it back to relevance. Is there another young DT out there ready to stir things up? Is there another Muda ready to challenge the status quo? Is there a PP zealot ready to fill the void left by RebelDad, TW, Stryker and The Horde? We charged nothing. The model was based on projected advertising and sponsorship revenue, which did not pan out.
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    Over. Too much scoring by one team creating “downtime”
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    IMO HC at Jasper is a premier job in just about all their sports. Jasper football has been a dominant program in SW Indiana. Only .500 1 time dating back to 1994. Not sure any team around has been as consistent as Jasper over a long period of time.
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    I live in the middle of Homestead country and I've heard the same thing from Homestead fans for 20 years. Meanwhile Carroll another suburban school has surpassed Homestead in my opinion.
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    One idea we have had at our school is to try and recruit officials for all sports from within out halls. We have looked at creating a class in the PE department that will look at team sports, rules, and game play. This class will hopefully be on the schedule for next school year. One part of this class will be helping students with the skills and information needed to take and pass officiating tests to allow them to be licensed officials after they have graduated. We have a lot of students who love the sport but may not want to or be able to play at the next level. Giving them this skill and comfort level in knowing rules, situations, and how to handle situations with coaches and fans will hopefully draw a new and youthful group to officiating in all sports. The goal it to have them look at two or three sports they may be interested in to help add depth to the officiating pool.
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    Darn It Tom! Now I have to like you! Seriously, loved his open response to a question from a 7 year old boy during SB week. Straight from the heart............
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    I would break down the GID Forum membership into 3 groups : 1. Those who actively participate in conference and game threads. This is the true hidden asset of the GID. Loyal followers of The NIC, The NLC, The Hoosier Hills, The Hoosier Conference, The PAC, The SAC, etc , etc This group is responsible for a massive amount of page views and thread posts. The conference threads are extremely important to this group. Faced with the possibility of permanent loss of this connection, I surmise that many would "pony up" and kick in the $20 annual fee in a heartbeat. The vast majority of this group have been riding along free for 20 years. They will see the value in maintaining this connection, which they will not find anywhere else. 2. The Lurkers. This group is read only. They like to peruse the content and focus in on the topics that have particular interest to their school or their affiliation. Conversion of this group will be a challenge. Perhaps the GID could offer a tiered membership. $25 for full posting privileges. $10 for read only. 3. The Topic Followers - this is the group that follows and participates in topic related discussion/conversation, led by forum drivers like DT, Muda69 and others. Issues such as playoff formats, contraction, Success Factor, demographics and socio economics, participation, PP and Public issues, etc are discussed amongst this group. Conversion rates should be strong as this is an active and aggressive-progressive-opinionated group of forum members Food for thought for the powers that be, provided Free of Charge by the one and only DT! 😀
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    Hey coaches...do you have any funny stories about your get back coach?
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    @DT For someone who doesn't work for free, you're putting a lot of effort into a discussion that is fruitless.
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    NPR - slightly left of center. To trumpian conservatives anything to the left of Paul Ryan is "fake news"
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    ? Not even Disney World? What other places won't you take your family?
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    Is Elwood on the list?
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