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    The ONLY way Hillary runs is if the Mueller investigation drops some bombshell that shows that Trump literally stole the election from her, through colluding with the Russians to hack voting machines in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. I rate that to be as likely to occur as Swordfish quitting his job to volunteer for Greenpeace to fight climate change.
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    I think that goes to the brilliance of Samantha Morton’s unbelievable acting skills and facial expressions. Love Ryan Hurst, Beta, but his body size does not do the character justice. Beta was a former pro hooper in the comics. Enormous. Think Kane/Shaq esque. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. 😉 😉 imho, I believe the ending of season 9 has been told to us about all season. We have heard about it and saw the preps tonight. Aaron even foreshadowed it.
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    And there is Alpha. Amazing. Beta is the muscle, as if she needs it. He is very intriguing. I would presume next week shows more. Dont forget the Whisperers biggest weapon..... Not one group, including the saviors had this much “ammunition”, “man power”, “heavy machinery” at their disposal. Hmmmm..... So many awesome little Easter eggs tonight. Thought this was one of the best episodes in YEARS. The groundwork is just getting laid. The Whisperers weren’t a HUGE arch in the comics....nowhere near ALL OUT WAR (Negan), but still very, and I can’t stress this enough, VERY important. Ill stay from spoilers, but if ya like those, send me a pm.
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    Possibly. Probably not that much different as when Mr. Reagan ran for his second term.
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    More political than ideological would be my guess ... despite being sensible. Similar to GOP blanket hold-ups/denials of many Obama judicial nominees. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the world that we've bought ourselves for the foreseeable future ... or unless there's a mass cleansing of both chambers, which isn't realistic at this point. Like a drug addict, we haven't quite gotten to the rock-bottom point where we're ready to seriously consider rehab on our own.
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    A couple of valid points in there. Should be an interesting next few years!
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    Trump Just Might Have Won the 2020 Election Today The president's speech at CPAC was a bedazzling mix of bravado, B.S., humor, and positive vision no Democrat will be able to top.: http://reason.com/blog/2019/03/02/trump-just-might-have-won-the-2020-elect 109 people are talking about this You can cover a huge amount of material in two-hours-plus, and Trump certainly did that. After speaking sympathetically of immigrants who want to come to the United States and saying that we need more people because the economy (well, his economy, as he takes credit for it) is doing so well, he immediately dismissed the Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Hondurans traveling north in caravans across Mexico. In a bizarre display of simultaneous empathy and contempt, he talked at length about how female migrants are being systematically "raped" but also how the caravans were filled with criminals and drug dealers. It was "sad to see how stupid we've become" to think that the caravans are filled with good people. As he has been doing since his State of the Union address, he has been laying out a partial, inchoate case for a skills-based immigration program. He explained walking away from the table with North Korea even as he noted yet again that he has a great relationship with the dictator Kim Jong Un. In a long riff on trade policy, he invoked the "Great Tariff Debate of 1888" and how China "and everyone else" had been taking advantage of us until he started pushing back. He took time to talk about how no, really, the crowd at his inauguration was in fact historically large despite all publicly available evidence. All in all, it was, in the words of Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, "one of the least-hinged speeches Trump has given in a long time." It was indeed all over the place but like the weirdly wide-ranging and digressive speech in which he declared a national emergency, it was also an absolute tour de force, laying out every major point of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats (abortion, the Second Amendment, and taxes, among other things) while tagging the latter aggressively as socialists who will not only end the private provision of health care but take over the energy sector too. Those charges take on new life in the wake of the announcement of the GND and comments, however short-lived, by Democrats such as Kamala Harris, who at one point recently called for an end to private health care. And over 100 House Democrats have signed on to a plan that would end private health insurance in two years. For all the biting criticism and dark humor in today's speech, Trump has mostly ditched the "American Carnage" rhetoric that marked his first Inaugural Address, pushing onto liberals and Democrats all the negativity and anger that used to surround him like the dust cloud surrounds Pigpen in the old Peanuts cartoons. "We have people in Congress right now who hate our country," he said. "We can name every one of them. Sad, very, very sad." At moments, he seemed to be workshopping his themes and slogans for 2020. "We believe in the American Dream, not the socialist nightmare," he averred at one point. "Now you have a president who finally standing up for America." The future, he said "does not belong to those who believe in socialism. The future belongs to those who believe in freedom. I've said it before and will say it again: America will never be a socialist country." That's a line that may not work forever, but it will almost certainly get the job done in 2020. None of this is to suggest that this speech wasn't as fact-challenged as almost every utterance Trump has given since announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination (go to Daniel Dale's Twitter thread for a running count of misstatements of fact). He hammered trade deficits in a way that will remind anyone with an undergrad economics course under their belt that he fundamentally doesn't know what he's talking about. He misrepresented both NAFTA and the new trade bill he crafted with Mexico and Canada, and at the exact moment that hundreds of wearied listeners started leaving the ballroom at The Gaylord Resort and Convention Center, he claimed that not a single person had left their seat. But the 2020 presidential race is not going to be decided based on which candidate is more tightly moored to reality. It's going to be decided, like these things always are, by the relative health of the economy and the large vision of the future the different candidates put forward. As the economy continues to expand (however anemically compared to historical averages) and he continues to avoid credible charges of impeachable offenses, Trump is becoming sunnier and sunnier while the Democrats are painting contemporary America as a late-capitalist hellhole riven by growing racial, ethnic, and other tensions. Trump isn't the creator of post-factual politics in America, he is merely currently its most-gifted practitioner (oddly, his ideological and demographic counterpart and fellow New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may become a challenger to him on precisely this score). Trump may have next to no credibility in profoundly disturbing ways, but American politics has been drifting away from reality for the entire 21st century, when the 2000 election was essentially decided by a coin flip, the United States entered the Iraq War under false premises, and Barack Obama took home Politifact's 2013 "Lie of the Year" award and dissembled unconvincingly in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations. That Trump didn't invent the current situation doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned about it, but if he can continue to perform the way he did today at CPAC, it remains to be seen what Democratic rival can rise to that challenge. Mr. Trump will never have get my vote, but I tend to agree with Mr. Gillespie here. Mr. Trump is doing a masterful job at solidifying his base, a base that took him to victory in 2016. And unless the other side of the uni-party finds a way to sway that conservative base or bring independents into it's fold I'm afraid 2020 is a foregone conclusion.
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    The team to beat, yes. But I don’t see any one team “dominating” on an annual basis. You’re basing this belief on the past, which is understandable. The Big 8 has been mediocre over the past decade, save for a few exceptional teams. Meanwhile, over that same time period, GS has been the model for consistent excellence on the gridiron. So it’s easy to assume that this trend will continue. But based on what I’ve watched over the past two seasons, in particular with VL and Boonville winning conference championships, I expect the Big 8 to return to its 2000’s form in the near future. We’re already seeing the escalation with the aforementioned teams forcing Jasper to move on from Tony Ahrens. The Cats won’t be down for long, I promise you. And with the VL/GS youth programs seemingly an even match, I expect some damn good battles down the road.
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    hey the state put TIPTON in the SOUTH the last 2 years, TIpton is farther north than TRI WEST
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    An advantage is they don't have to worry about contraction. 😃
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    It will not matter... Snider, Northrop and North Side will not get out of the sectional for the next two years. Just saying 😉
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    It. Is. Just. A. Game.
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    That is very odd, although not surprising. I don't think you're ever "too good" not to treat someone with respect. It's not a sign of weakness to be kind.....also aren't we as coaches supposed to live out the values we teach our kids? Respect the opponent, the game, and yourself.
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    Let's move on from DT and contraction talk. Let's all unite around one common theme. Hating Plymouth. jk
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    DT would make a great coach! He runs a screen and gets the defense to relax a bit. He comes back with the end around. Then wait......it looks like a jet sweep....but at the last minute, the ole CONTRACTION trap play right up the gut. Gotcha! Except in his scenario as soon as it didn't work 1 or 2 times in a row, he would "contract" that play out of the playbook. No DT, Dugger shouldn't have. It is a school by school decision and there are thousands of young men raised in Indiana who are grateful that they had the opportunity to play this game regardless of wins or losses or final scores. Why? Because they had the opportunity to learn life skills that are still helping them today, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, friendship, camaraderie, etc. I know because my son is one of those kids. He is now a Seaman 2nd class on a submarine somewhere in the Pacific defending this great country. The last time he spoke to me, he related a story of being in a tough situation on the boat and hearing his coaches voice about "never quitting on a play". A 1A coach who said "if a kid is willing to show up and work hard we'll find a place for him to play". Football literally changed my son's life and his future. He never started, usually never got in except for mop up duty, was injured and never played a down his senior year, still showed up for every game, and belonged to something bigger than himself. I have been a read only guest for the past two years on this site. So I know you will offer your usual list of "reasons" why contraction is the end all, be all. But now I am a registered user and as soon as they tell me how to be a sponsor I will respond with a check. I appreciate you passing the baton, we'll take it from here. Nothing personal, just want to see football alive and well in Indiana, not contracting. Coaches coach, players play, fans cheer!
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    Im completely worn out. Almost made it to the end. Paragraphs , which we learn in second grade in the northern half of the state , would be extremely helpful. Much appreciated.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-suggests-cohen-hearing-contributed-failure-north-korea-015206778.html FTA: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that the Democrats' decision to interview his longtime fixer, lawyer Michael Cohen, on the same day as a meeting with Kim Jong Un may have led to the North Korea summit ending with no deal. Translation: Trump walking away apparently didn't poll as high as he thought the explanation would, Kim's story doesn't mess with Trump's, and for the first time in history the world seems to be weighing whether or not to believe a North Korean dictator or a US president. Time to blame anyone else but himself.
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    Not all Conservatives are racist, but all racists are Conservatives.
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    I just find it odd, we’re willing to let a group of law breakers off the hook, in order to make life more difficult for law abiders.
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