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    https://ifca.net/north-south-all-star-game/ Congrats to all those selected to play!!
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    And another convo devolved into a mind numbing, ad hominem, straw man, goal post shifting cesspool. Thanks for staying true to your school. #MyManMuda
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    @DannEllenwood always had you figured for a Jet!
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    SF doesn't recall there being any guns in this altercation......And that deaf chick is vicious with that slingshot......
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    Sorry to fact check you and all......but you are wrong. It doesn't ONLY happen in the movies. This was on the television. 😂
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    Per this story from Kyle Neddenriep, not only is the IFCA changing the Mr. Football voting process, but it is also "studying" 8-man football. I'd *love* to see 8-man football (or even 6-man) to provide more opportunities for players at smaller schools which might not have the enrollment to field 11-man teams. Several states do so for smaller schools.
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    Whoa! That took a sharp left turn. He was asking a question, not making a statement. I guess it's good just to be able to support a little ole 1A team in the middle of a cornfield and only have to travel 1 hour and 15 minutes to our most distant away game. Oh well, carry on. It's just a game.
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    4 in a row! I'm getting light headed in this stratosphere of success. Can we finally have a B1G tourney breakthrough? It's good to actually enjoy listening to a game again!
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    Neil Diamond....
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    Ahh, the Michael Scott method:
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    I am hearing Westfield, NC, Carmel , Zionsville are going to be together. Jeff going to region, Noblesville to Ft. Wayne and HSE/ Fishers go South.
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    The double knifes by Beta was a really cool throw back to the comics. When he was going toe to toe w/ Daryl.....1 knife to 1 knife I was like this is AWESOME....then bam, Beta whips out the 2nd and I was like TOTALLY BA call back to comics!!!!!!!!! Alpha is Beta: Beta is Alpha let it sink in...............tell me what you think as we go. And NO! This aint it! Now that that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day, I bid you adieu and you are welcome. 😂
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    Does she look like this yet? This white woman now believes she can have a black baby.
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    No. I'd love to see co-op programs established but that's not on the IHSAA's radar right now.
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    The ones at The Alamo didn't work very well.
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    Congrats to Linton and Bloomfield on their Regional Championships. What an awesome feat for the SWIAC to have two teams moving on to the semistate!
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    I think 8-man is a great idea if we have the schools that want to play.
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    I would NEVER lead anyone astray on this forum... 😊
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    My guess is they've seen one since I have! This ONLY happens in the movies. I assure you, NO ONE wins a knife fight, hint...hint.. carry a gun.
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    Then allow me to rephrase...I don't remember any festivals in Springville during my youth. Better? Nope...only one Dante. I'm just a man....
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    "When's the last time any of you have seen a movie?" That may be the funniest moment of this entire series.
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    And the title of the article is a little deceiving, as if the Big 8 had a choice in the matter.
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    So glad this day has finally come. Always dreaded going across the Wabash to play. No visiting locker rooms, and they have less visitor seating at the football stadium than their basketball arena.
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    Richer? As Dann indicated, isn't this parents using THEIR tax dollars to send THEIR child to the school of THEIR choice? It's no different than with open enrollment a parent decides to transfer their child from New Haven to Homestead. It's THEIR tax dollars going the school of THEIR choice.
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    Already happens through vouchers. UNLESS, you make too much then you can't use YOUR tax dollars to send YOUR child to the school of YOUR choice. Isn't school choice wonderful?
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    Oh the memories of debating/arguing over the multiplier on the older iterations of the GID. Those were the days. That said expect legal action, probably by the parochial/Catholic schools, if this should ever pass and be implemented by the IHSAA.
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    It's a tribute to the Mudabomber
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    Nobody is pushing to shut down this "expression of ideas". But one should be prepared for debate and criticism once those ideas are expressed, or is it this debate and criticism that should be suppressed?
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    Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should support eliminating limits on campaign contributions: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/03/07/limits-campaign-contributions-hurt-newcomers-like-aoc-column/3083429002/
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    The Democratic Surrender on Anti-Semitism: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/03/democratic-surrender-on-anti-semitism/
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/04/us/politics/aipac-congress-democrats.html An ominous prediction. Of course I will probably be labeled as anti-Semitic for just posting this story.
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    Haha, my comment was in answer to SF, I didn't ask you to butt in. Just because I haven't lived under a rock and know "colorism" exists, doesn't mean I'm qualified to answer questions that should only be answered by those who practice it or have been subjected to it. If I was you, I think I'd be more worried about white guys being dropped off on my street and robbing my neighbors house. Crime has invaded White River Township, times there must be bad.
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    But you did answer my question and it was totally inconsistent with your response to SF. Personally. I don't care if you respond, as I know its coming anyway. You can't resist. Thus why you consistently lead in posting on GID. Qualifications on an issue HAS NEVER stopped you from commenting, so why worry now??? Not sure why you stated WHITE guys....some petty crime has occurred in WRC and its not been confined to one race or another. Not sure why you are playing a race card here. While we don't like any crime in my community, I'm not concerned that we are an outlier as compared to any of the Indy suburban communities. Actually, times here are pretty darn good. Once again you shoot off your mouth, and you are hardly qualified to make assumptions about my community. As I've stated, qualifications have never stopped you from flapping your gums.
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    FTA: Overbearing government regulations are the primary reason for these price increases, mostly from the unconstitutional entity called the EPA. And this "carbon trading/carbon credits" scam is just that, a scam.
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    http://reason.com/archives/2019/03/10/a-mild-mannered-radical An interesting interview. Mr. Daniels has always been on of the very few uni-party individuals that I would ever consider voting for. Unfortunately as one of the comments to this interviews states: "A reasonable man. In other words, unelectable."
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    *yawn* Nice hyperbole on a Monday morning. https://www.heritage.org/environment/commentary/improve-the-environment-look-the-free-market https://www.cato.org/blog/free-markets-combat-climate-change https://fee.org/articles/in-the-fight-against-climate-change-free-markets-are-our-biggest-ally/ https://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/405898-how-the-free-market-could-fix-the-emissions-crisis BTW, how are the winds farms faring in Hamilton county?
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    Ocasio-Cortez: Be 'Excited' About 'Being Automated Out Of Work,' Tax Corporations At 90%: https://www.dailywire.com/news/44473/ocasio-cortez-be-excited-about-being-automated-out-ryan-saavedra
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    Look back on page one of this thread. You'll read why. Sorry you have such a short memory. It always makes me feel good when I can educate those who are underinformed about the county in which they live. Like you.
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    Nope, I don't see an explanation. Just a question about wind farms in Hamilton County out of the blue. You didn't. You're even more uninformed than I am.
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