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    I feel like the number of assistant jobs posted on IFCA site are a reflection of there being a place to post assistant jobs. In the past most of the time, HC's recruited their area. Now Facebook and other sites allow for a much larger search area. Schools have always used lay coaches and will continue to because school faculties aren't comprised of coaches only. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in coaching at Crawford County, let me know. I designed some sweet polos for next season.
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    Not totally road related, his general lack of leadership in general. He also signed the bill that raised our gas taxes 10 cents a gallon last year, which I was in favor of, WHERE’S THE PLAN? WHERE’S THE NEW ROADS? WTF are we building a six lane interstate between Seymour and Walesboro? Understandably that project predates Holcomb. Where’s the plan to extend six lanes on 65 south of Franklin and north of Memphis? Is hate crimes law really our biggest concern in the state at this point in history? Why does he dismiss cannabis just on the face of it? Hemp farming? The dude’s a RINO!
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    I swear to god if the R's aren't smart enough to primary Holcomb, if the D's run ANYONE to the right of Lenin, I'll vote for them! And I thought Pence was bad!
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    That top one was proven wrong by Troj over on the pussy grabber thread.
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    Not putting any side on the moral high ground. Matter of fact, just pointing out that the side claiming the moral high ground and pushing the moral high ground, especially on this issue, has a very big beam in the White House in its eye.
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    I am quite surprised his choice of words are allowed on this site.
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    This should be great for the economy of the greater Indy area.
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    Not a member. No desire to go. I'll be honest I just don't do well around large groups of people. And I'm not really a fan of politicians or country music.
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    Penn has an open week 3 as well. That would be quite a good matchup. Perhaps they can arrange a neutral site in Indy to play.
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    I'm all in for Edinburgh this year. Bought my "Shake Weight" there. Best fitness device ever. You should see my forearms.
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    My children and grandchildren are doing just fine. I have children in 3 different generations, X, Y, and Z. And you are blinded by your own biases on everything you stated here. It's sad that you feel the need to lie to make a point. And you might just be a bigger hypocrite than Troj.
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    About everything. Your information is sorely lacking. Which makes sense if you received it from someone's blog on reason.com
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    No real responses from NightHawk, only insults, snide remarks, and down votes. Must be what his life in tiny Argos is all about.
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    Why yes, NightHawk. Unlimited property tax increases are always the answer.
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    Again, no real answers from Gonzo. Tell me, where do you get all of your "information?" CNN? Media Matters? If you can point out where something I linked to at reason.com is not factual, then please, speak up and provide details.
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    "They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected," You really want to defend that statement?
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    I don't believe the old GID "profanity or words we admins just don't like" filter has been installed on this new iteration of the forum software.
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    Since you are a simpleton, NightHawk, that makes it quite easy.
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